Terry Young
Terry Young's Speaking Fee $25K - $40K

Terry Young

As the fast gets faster and industries experience exponential change, Terry Young shares a new approach with audiences to understanding what’s now, next and in the future to gain the competitive advantage.
Futurist; Innovation and Brand Consultant; CEO Sparks & Honey

Expertise In:

  • Branding
  • Business Growth and Trends
  • Change Management
  • Innovation
  • Leadership

Audience & Industry

  • Corporations
  • Sales Professionals
  • The Manufacturing Industry
  • The Marketing and Advertising Industry

Terry Young works with Fortune 500 organizations and start-ups to track the subtle shifts in innovation that can lead to industry disruption through new product and service design, internal innovation design and brand innovation. He identifies trends that disrupt global consumers, reshaping organizations and industries. His most recent work looks at the impact of the crowd economy; the shift away from closed-door business to an era of open and transparent business, the Rise of Generation Z and how they are wired for collaboration, and the ways to connect and market to the emerging modified class. Young is a sought-after commentator on trends that will shape the future, and his views are often featured in The New York Times, Fast Company and Forbes.

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Terry Young's Speech Topics

The Future of Business Is Open

In an always-on, fast-moving world, it is business-critical to let the outside in. The traditional walled, top-down business model that results in the suffocation of ideas and ingenuity does not work anymore. We believe, instead, that ideas can evolve and make quantum leaps when they are shared, freed and built upon. We believe in a connected world, in open source, in collaboration and in co-creation. In short, we believe in unblinking, radical transparency. In this speech, Terry Young explores the key values embraced by open businesses and looks at how this fundamental shift will transform business over the next several decades.

GenZ: A Generation Wired for the Crowd Economy

This speech covers the rise of Generation Z, born after 1995 and wired for the collaborative economy. Terry Young compares and contrasts Millennials and Generation Zers and explores real-time shifts that are impacting this generation, from new semantics and the crowd economy to emerging technology and an evolving world view. This is a fast-paced discussion around the key trends that are shaping and disrupting organizations, industries and communities.

8 Cultural Trends Shaping the Now, Next and Future

This fast-paced discussion covers eight trends that are disrupting global consumers and, therefore, reshaping communities, organizations and industries. The issues that will be discussed include the crowd economy, driverless cars, new semantics, eSports, the future of health care, open business, Generation Z, armchair exploration and the modified class.