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Stan Phelps

Best-Selling Author of the Goldfish Series of Books

Stan Phelps inspires brands to be remark-able, showing them how to stand out in ways that customers and employees can’t help but talk about.

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Drawing on over 4,000 case studies in the Goldfish Series of books, he works with clients to create programs that are memorable, meaningful and on-brand. Stan focuses on the value of customer experience as a competitive differentiator, the role of employee engagement in building a strong corporate culture and the impact of technology in business. He keeps audiences engaged and delivers actionable ideas that impact the bottom line. An IBM Futurist, TEDx Speaker and Forbes Contributor, Stan has spoken on every inhabited continent, in over a dozen countries for Fortune 100 brands such as Target, ESPN, UPS, GlaxoSmithKline, Tesco, Ricoh and Citi.

Prior to focusing on writing and speaking, Stan held leadership positions at IMG, adidas and the PGA. He also spent seven years as Chief Solutions Officer at Synergy, an award winning marketing agency. At Synergy, he helped create larger than life brand experiences for brands such as KFC, M&M’s, Walmart and Starbucks.

Stan received his BS in Marketing and Human Resources from Marist College, a JD/MBA from Villanova University and a certificate for Achieving Breakthrough Service from Harvard Business School. He is a faculty member on ANA’s School of Marketing and also serves as an adjunct instructor at Rutgers Business School.

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Stan Phelps
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Stan Phelps
Purple Goldfish: Little Things Can Make the Biggest Difference

Stan Phelps’s Speech Topics

  • [CX] Purple Goldfish: Little Things Make the Biggest Difference in Business

    Customer experience today is largely about the little moments that impact loyalty. This program shares the signature ways to add value or reduce friction for customers. Participants will get equipped with the I.D.E.A. process for designing customer experience. They’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the need to exceed customer expectations and understand how to do the little things that make a big difference. The result is actionable ways to improve the customer experience, drive differentiation and promote word of mouth advocacy.

  • [Sales] Diamond Goldfish – Excel Under Pressure & Thrive in the Game of Business

    Business is a game and our ability to thrive is dependent on how we handle pressure. This program provides perspective and tools for winning in both sales and client management. Attendees will learn the Diamond Rule and the science-backed framework of Market Force. They’ll uncover the four behavioral styles (Control, Influence, Power, and Authority) and learn how to M.I.N.E. with prospects using the four-step process of Mindset, Identify, Neutralize, and Empathize. The result is increased sales and deeper customer relationships.

  • [Marketing] Pink Goldfish – Amplifying Weirdness & Embracing Weakness to Stand Out in Business

    How do you stand out in a sea of sameness? This program provides an unconventional seven-part F.L.A.W.S.O.M. framework for achieving competitive separation. Participants will get equipped with how to uncover weakness and weirdness in their brand DNA. They’ll learn how to design in order amplify uniqueness and gain a deeper appreciation for the need to defy normal. The result is actionable ways to enhance positioning in the marketplace in order to drive differentiation and promote word of mouth advocacy.

  • [Technology] Blue Goldfish: Using Tech, Data, and Analytics to Drive Differentiation and Advocacy

    Customers today expect brands to understand their individual needs and be more responsive. This program illuminates how technology can drive loyalty and word of mouth. Participants will get equipped with the 3 R's to leverage technology: Relationship, Responsiveness and Readiness. They’ll understand how to turn insights into actions and gain a deeper appreciation for the needs and desires of customers using analytics. The result is actionable strategies to turn big data into useful data to create a competitive advantage.

  • [Employee Engagement] Green Goldfish: Going Beyond Dollars to Drive Engagement & Culture

    Engaged employees create enthused customers. This program covers the little extras that drive engagement, empowerment and efficiency in employee experience. Signature ways “beyond dollars” to drive engagement such as onboarding, team building, flexibility, recognition and empowerment. Attendees will walk away with the knowledge of the key drivers of employee engagement and gain a deeper appreciation for the needs, desires and expectations of employees. The result is actionable ideas that will increase engagement, improve retention and reinforce culture.

What other organizations say about Stan Phelps

Stan did an outstanding job getting my team to not only understand the importance of exceeding client expectations but also provided tools so we could map out our client’s journeys and find the important touchpoints where we can give unexpected extras to surprise and delight our clients. His presentation style is engaging, interactive, and captivating and the day-long session seemed to fly by leaving us wanting more.



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