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Silvia Garcia

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Former Global Marketing Director of Coca-Cola; Former Global Happiness Institute Director of The Coca-Cola Company; Associate Professor of neuromarketing and leadership at EDHEC Business School and Université Catholique de Lille; Founder and CEO of Feel Logic

Silvia Garcia's speeches spark the journey to make people thrive. Sourcing from her experience as Global Director of the Happiness Institute of Coca Cola, she delivers powerful tips through real life examples on how to increase performance, creativity, trust, wellbeing, and resilience. Companies wishing to create a competitive advantage using the science of happiness to unleash their collective genius, boost trust, become more agile and favor collaboration and performance find in Silvia the perfect keynote speaker. Her uniqueness lies in the convergence of behavioral sciences and hands-on experience in complex changing business environments.

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Silvia Garcia'S SPEAKING FEE Under $25,000

Silvia Garcia Profile Photo

Silvia Garcia'S SPEAKING FEE Under $25,000

Silvia Garcia occupies a truly unique space at the intersection of success, happiness, neuroscience, and psychology. Sourcing from her experience as Global Director of the Happiness Institute of Coca Cola, she brings to you real life examples on how to increase performance, creativity, trust, wellbeing, and resilience.

Silvia’s uplifting and visually engaging presentations are laced with evidence-based insights, actionable takeaways, and inspiring real-life examples. Her lectures are fun and serious, data driven and enjoyable, interactive, and reflective, well researched and highly relevant.

In her articles for different media, she reveals science-based tips to be better leaders, improve creativity, build trust, navigate change, and use our untapped resources to find more joy, satisfaction and happiness in our lives and our work through things that depend on ourselves. Silvia is the living example of a serving, empathic leader whose speeches provoke lasting ripples of wellbeing.

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Silvia Garcia Profile Photo
Silvia Garcia
Silvia Garcia on Happiness at Work
Silvia Garcia Profile Photo
Silvia Garcia
Silvia Garcia on Positive Cultures

Silvia Garcia’s Speech Topics

  • Seven + 1 Ways to Boost Happiness at Work and Impact Your Business Results

    Silvia has performed versions of this presentation in more than 10 countries – and like few other leadership experts, Silvia captures the intersection between happiness at work and business results. She guides the audience to a better understanding of the competitive advantage that an emotionally safe workplace is and uncovers the seven + 1 ways to increase happiness at work and soar your KPIs. A must for all companies looking to get ahead in the market.

  • The Power of Me

    A humanistic and captivating keynote about the science-based possibilities that each of us has to feel happier and fuel our success. Just as we are redefining work, Silvia discovers how to use resilience tools to recover happiness, and she’s got the toolbox ready for anyone who wants to increase their satisfaction at work, improve their relationships or live a happier life. “The Power of Me '' is a call to arms for resilience, for trusting the intellectual and the emotional in us, for reclaiming the science-based methods that have helped many become happier and successful. You will be taken on a journey that is also deeply personal for Silvia, and her views of what a truly humanistic world can and should look like. A must for all companies looking to provide their employees with science-based tools to maintain emotional wellbeing at work.

  • The Power of a Positive Team

    The world’s largest organizations call in Silvia Garcia to guide them restoring confidence and forwarding progress. Hard times and change make many managers succumb to helplessness, with their teams and clients quickly following. Silvia inspires how to maintain high levels of success and leadership during any challenge. And no, this is not a keynote about being optimistic. Instead, it is a collection of cutting-edge discoveries on how to bring the positive genius inside of each of us and accept the negative as a part that is also necessary. Entertaining the audience with real case studies and interactive experiments Silvia makes strategy come alive.

  • “What Do They Want?” How to Attract and Retain Talent

    The great resignation is, for better and for worse, a wake-up call for anyone who wants to understand the future of business, politics, culture and of course all things talent. In this keynote the analysis of why most people leave and how you can retain talent will strike any listener as mind-blowing. In her presentation, Silvia explains the success of Southwest Airlines versus Delta, Costco versus Walmart, as she also delivers insight into the eight ingredients that science has found to be the building blocks of the preferred companies to work for. This is a presentation you do not want to miss if you are on a quest to attract and retain the best talent!


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