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Roy Firestone

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Impressionist, Entertainer and TV Personality

More than just one talent—and one personality—Roy Firestone's presentations salute the best within us all.

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Roy Firestone'S SPEAKING FEE $25K - $40K

Roy Firestone Profile Photo

Roy Firestone, an Emmy Award-winning sports journalist and interviewer, captivates audiences with his unique blend of storytelling, humor, and insight. Known for his in-depth conversations with top athletes and entertainers, Firestone elevates the traditional keynote with his compelling narrative style, weaving together anecdotes, multimedia presentations, and even musical performances. His ability to connect on a human level transforms each engagement into an intimate and memorable experience.

Firestone’s presentations go beyond sports, exploring themes of resilience, success, and the power of human connection. His masterful storytelling brings to life the triumphs and challenges of his interview subjects, offering lessons that resonate across all walks of life. Attendees leave not only entertained but inspired, with a renewed sense of possibility and a deeper appreciation for the stories that unite us.

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Roy Firestone Profile Photo
Roy Firestone

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Roy Firestone’s Speech Topics

  • Roy Firestone . . . A One Man Show

    Roy Firestone’s show is a highly energetic mixture of storytelling, music, humor, uncanny vocal impressions, hilarious and unforgettably moving video clips and heart rendering observations. The show is a celebration of life not just through the prism of sports but in his 20-year association of the greatest names in American public life. Whether it’s Firestone’s witty and satiric look at American sports or his touching story telling that evoke both laughter and tears, Firestone delivers a standing ovation winning One Man Show that is truly unprecedented in both keynote speaking and entertainment circles. Roy Firestone’s One-Man Show . . . Up Close Live is like the champions he interviews . . . a winner!


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