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Ron Insana

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CNBC Senior Analyst and Commentator; Trailblazing Financial Journalist; Bestselling Author; Financial Professional

Ron Insana is a trailblazer; among the first group of on-air journalists who launched the financial news network (FNN) in 1984. In nearly four decades at CNBC, his name has become synonymous with financial news broadcasting. In Ron's speeches, he explains how Wall Street, Main Street, and Washington intersect – translating the market signals and political maneuvers into actionable information everyone can understand and use to protect what they have and find fresh opportunities in any type of market condition.

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Ron Insana'S SPEAKING FEE $25K - $40K

Ron Insana Profile Photo

Ron Insana, a highly respected financial journalist and commentator, offers a unique blend of frontline economic insights and a deep understanding of the forces shaping global markets. With decades of experience analyzing market trends, coupled with direct access to some of the world’s leading financial minds, Insana translates complex economic concepts into actionable intelligence. His tenure at CNBC and contributions to various financial publications have made him a trusted voice in financial media.

Insana’s presentations are not just forecasts but strategic guides through the labyrinth of global finance, offering clarity on current economic trends, investment opportunities, and the implications of political decisions on financial markets. His engaging delivery breaks down the intricacies of economics into understandable, relatable content, empowering audiences with the knowledge to make informed financial decisions. Attendees will walk away with a greater understanding of how economic trends can impact their businesses and investment strategies, equipped to navigate the complexities of the financial world with confidence.

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Ron Insana

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Ron Insana

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Ron Insana

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Ron Insana’s Speech Topics

  • The Economy Ahead: Opportunities Abound

    Where is this economy headed and how will it impact you and your business?

    Big picture: Ron Insana says it’s time to buckle up because the future may look a lot more like the past than anything we’ve experienced since the 1980s. A student of economic and markets history, Ron authored four books on these subjects. In his talks, Ron lays out scenarios for the economic, business, and investing future – looking at the macro forces currently at play and identifying what happened during periods in history when similar forces converged. While history doesn’t repeat itself, it rhymes, as the old axiom goes. This long view helps Ron, a pioneer in broadcast financial news since 1984, provide clarity when assessing complex economic environments – connecting the dots and creating a coherent and actionable set of insights for audiences looking to plan for the future. Ron tailors this presentation to suit each audience. Sample themes:

    • Finding optimism in an economy that feels so perilous
    • De-globalization update
    • Policy, politics, and geopolitics: What to know in the year ahead
    • The AI revolution: How the economy will be radically transformed
    • Investing in a post-zero interest rate world
    • The future of cryptocurrencies
    • How climate change will alter the economy
    • Cultural destabilization’s economic impact
  • Outlook 2024: What Threatens the Goldilocks Economy in the Year Ahead?

    Between now and next year’s presidential election, there is no end to the variables that can affect the economy, financial markets, and the geo-political landscape and each will have an effect on the others. In “Outlook 2024” Ron Insana reviews where the domestic and global economy stand today, how they’re likely to hold up for the remainder of the year, and how looming issues in 2024 could alter the trajectory of expected growth, inflation, and financial market performance. While it recently looked like a “Goldilocks” environment for the US economy, three bears could emerge to eat her porridge in the next 6-12 months.

  • Navigating the Not-Normal Economy

    As the world grapples with renewed global political instability, inflation, broken supply chains, economic turmoil, and living with Covid long term, Ron Insana is an experienced voice of economic reason. Properly assessing the current environment is vital to determining what to do next. A savvy trend-watcher, Ron looks at today through the lens of economic history. He offers insights to help business leaders and investors plan for the future in a world beset by constant change. 

    Ron tailors this presentation to suit each audience and can focus on:

    • How global political instability sparked a move to de-globalize and what does it mean?
    • The outlook for business growth; which sectors are winning, which are stuck?
    • Comparing prospects: Main Street vs. Wall Street
    • How to protect what you have and find new opportunities
    • Markets always send signals; what is the message of the markets right now?
    • Washington policy moves: how they’ll impact business and investments
    • The future of crypto and NFTs
    • The next wave of new tech: 5G, AI, robotics, regenerative medicine, and more

What other organizations say about Ron Insana

Ron Insana delivered the most insightful commentary across the political and economic landscape – all with great style and humor. Without slides or a script, he captivated the room – without exception, the audience absolutely loved him.


What other organizations say about Ron Insana

Our annual convention was a great success, thanks, in no small part, to Ron Insana’s involvement. Attendees were highly complementary, commenting on the relevance of your session.

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What other organizations say about Ron Insana

Simply put, we could not be more pleased! In addition to having the ideal insights in the financial markets, policies and global economic drivers, Ron Insana was truly a pleasure to be around and extremely gracious of his time with our conference attendees. He provided seemingly unlimited access to all attendees interested in speaking with him. He made this year’s conference the very best ever. I hope that he becomes a regular in our circuit of speakers at both the state level here in North Carolina, and perhaps also with NAIOP events in DC and throughout the country.

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What other organizations say about Ron Insana

Ron was perfect. No one could have done a better job. He was not only as good as I expected – he was even better. He’s a pro!

Universities & Colleges

What other organizations say about Ron Insana

Ron Insana was fantastic! Our conference this year was the best ever and Ron Insana was a huge part of the success. It was so great to work with you guys and your recommendation was perfect!

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