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Ron Insana

As the U.S. and global economies move toward recovery, Ron Insana applies his journalistic perspective to how Wall Street, Main Street and Washington shape what the new normal means for all of us.
Senior Analyst, CNBC, Financial Industry Expert

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As the U.S. and global economies move toward recovery, Ron Insana applies his journalistic perspective to how Wall Street, Main Street and Washington shape what the new normal means for all of us.

A financial journalist who stands alone among his peers in having the experience of working for and running his own hedge fund, Ron Insana offers clear, unvarnished insights on the ever-changing status of the economy. Currently host of a nationally-syndicated daily radio show and a senior analyst and commentator for CNBC, Insana has access to all of the top financial players in Washington and on Wall Street and translates the market signals and political maneuvers into information everyone understands. His hands-on experience in the financial industry—through some of the markets’ most turbulent times—gives an added depth of perspective that few analysts can match. He offers practical advice on what individuals and businesses can and should do now to protect what you have and to find opportunities in any type of market condition. Insana is the author of Traders’ Tales, The Message of the Markets, TrendWatching and most recently How to Make a Fortune from the Biggest Bailout in U.S. History: A Guide to the 7 Greatest Bargains from Main Street to Wall Street.

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Is Your Business Prepared For An Unwelcome Surprise? The Message Of The Markets

Markets are anticipatory and their messages may serve as important warnings. Are you ready to listen? Whether a two-front trade war; peak economic growth worldwide; strong profit growth here at home, or political upheaval in the White House, the financial markets are clearly growing uncomfortable with event risks on the horizon. In the global bond markets, there are some signs that suggest global economic growth may have hit the ceiling, while also warning of signs of strain in the financial system. Ron Insana reads the message of the markets and tells you what is on the horizon for your organization.

The State of Fortress America

For several years, Ron Insana has been touting the rise of “Fortress America,” even as others have heralded the emergence of the Asian Century. The Fortress appears to have some cracks, as radical shifts in U.S. foreign, fiscal, and regulatory policies could make it less impregnable than ever before.

With the gutting of the U.S. diplomatic corps, the American withdrawal from—or renegotiation of—key multilateral agreements, from the Paris Climate Accord to TPP to NAFTA, the United States is risking its leadership position in the world, its ability to aid its allies, and its credibility in admonishing its adversaries. While the elimination of costly regulations has been a boon to businesses and stock prices, the long-term consequences of these changes are not yet known.

What happens if the pillars of Fortress America—energy independence, manufacturing, technological innovation, demographic and political stability—begin to weaken? Ron Insana explores how the shifting domestic and global political environments could strain the economy, disrupt certain industries, and affect financial markets in the relatively near future.

FinTech and the New Financial Order

The telegraph, telephone, and ticker tape. Radio, TV, and internet. AI and algorithms. All of these innovations have been financed by Wall Street, but they have also profoundly affected financial markets over the last century.

It’s ironic that the center of the financial universe, historically the provider of capital to disruptors, is in the midst of historic disruption itself. From high frequency trading and automated advisory services, to Bitcoin and blockchain technologies, these massive changes are challenging legacy financial firms.

How do these firms embrace change, utilize new technological tools, and enhance their relationships with their clients? What can be done to meaningfully enhance results for the investors who rely on Wall Street to help them finance their ambitions, meet their daily financial needs, and plan for an ever-increasing number of “golden years” for which they seek safety and security?

CNBC’s Ron Insana maps out how the latest changes in technology can be harnessed by, and not just financed by, Wall Street to prepare itself to interact with a new generation of investors who expect an entirely new level of service and success. Insana demonstrates how those who adopt new technologies and adapt to these new revolutions will become the backbone of the new financial order.

2018: Time for a Black Swan?

The world has gone almost seven years without a major event roiling the financial markets. That’s an unusually long time for stocks to go without falling at least 20% or more. Since 1987, markets have experienced a so-called “Seven Sigma,” “Black Swan,” or similarly unexpected event about every two to three years. However, the U.S. market, for its part, has not even seen a 3% pullback in a full year, an unprecedented stretch of rising stock prices and extraordinarily low volatility. History has shown us that such conditions rarely last that long.

In this riveting presentation, Ron Insana explores several different scenarios in which the economy, businesses, and markets could get rocked by unexpected events, including:  

  • The economy in overdrive
  • A fight at the Fed
  • From Kim to Khameini, the risk of war