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Richard Lui

Veteran news anchor, businessperson, author, filmmaker, and campaign manager shares the ideas of our times - honed by three decades of exclusive access to the nation's decision makers in politics, business, and culture.

Anchor and Journalist, MSNBC / NBC News

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Veteran news anchor, businessperson, author, filmmaker, and campaign manager shares the ideas of our times - honed by three decades of exclusive access to the nation's decision makers in politics, business, and culture.

25 Years of Nonpartisan Reporting

Richard Lui's career in politics and political news spans 25 years, including news anchor for MSNBC, NBC News and CNN Worldwide. In 2007 he became the first Asian American male to anchor a daily national news broadcast in America. Most recently, Lui reported on the ground on the Paris and San Bernardino Terror Attacks and in Ferguson and Baltimore during heightened racial unrest. He's received Emmy and Peabody awards and the Champion in Media Award at the Multicultural Media Correspondents Dinner Award at the National Press Club. Lui was awarded Civil Rights awards, including the National Education Association's Human and Civil Rights Award, Asian American Journalists Association's Civil Rights Award, and the Asian Americans Advancing Justice Courage Award.

Launched 6 Tech Brands over 3 Business Cycles

Business Insider named Lui one of 21 careers to watch alongside Warren Buffett and Sheryl Sandberg. Over the course of 30 years, Lui has launched six technology brands over three business cycles, most recently with an artificial intelligence company in Silicon Valley. After MBA at Michigan Ross School of Business, he joined Citibank where he co-created a fintech payment model he holds a patent for. He was a management consultant at Mercer for an IBM joint venture. Lui sits on four boards of directors / advisers in spaces ranging from international relations to artificial intelligence.

Political Practitioner

During the last 15 years Lui's reporting has focused on politics, covering every U.S. national election since 2004. He has interviewed hundreds of politicians, from Detroit Mayor to U.S. President. He has been a contributing columnist for USA Today, Politico, Seattle Times, Detroit Free Press, Huffington Post, and others. Lui is a Policy Fellow at UC Riverside.

Lui's passion for politics started in the 70s, when he debated California's controversial Proposition 13 on bus rides to school. His interest turned into a job at the age of 19: campaign manager for San Francisco College Board incumbent Alan Wong. After the election, Lui returned to college. His plan was to write on policy and the affairs of state, subscribing to the Washington Post when it had to be mailed to the west coast.

Later in the 2000s, Lui reported from Asia during an increasingly heated political climate. Two Muslim countries in Southeast Asia transformed: Indonesia's Sukarno family was defeated after rule spanning over half a century; and Malaysia's prime minister, after almost a quarter of a century handed over power. Lui also reported on Taiwan's controversial election between pro- and anti- China political parties. He was at Channel NewsAsia, an English-only news network in 20 countries and territories.

Lui is Senior Fellow at the German Marshall Fund, a think tank focusing on transatlantic relationships including some 100 countries, where he explores the cross of public policy and media, Global Ambassador for Plan International, one of 200 active US State Department Traveling Speakers, and spokesperson for NGOs focusing on gender equality and human trafficking including the UN's HeForShe campaign.

Filmmaker, Author, Media Expert

In March 2021, his first book, Enough About Me, will launch with HarperCollins Zondervan focusing on the unexpected power of selflessness. In it, he addresses the “selfish pandemic” of our time and accessible ways we can personally counter the problem.

In addition, his first feature film, Sky Blossom premiered Veterans Day 2020 at the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and streamed and nationally broadcast in 2021. It has been called a Top 25 Awards Season contender by Variety, and supported by a bipartisan group of lawmakers including Speaker of the House Pelosi, and Senate Leaders McConnell and Schumer. Four years in the making, he directed and produced the film on student caregivers in Latino, Black, Asian, Native, and White American military families. The film was inspired by Lui’s long distance caregiving for his father over the last six years as he traveled 20 hours roundtrip three times a month from New York to California. Richard serves as an ambassador for caregiving for the Elizabeth Dole Foundation’s Hidden Heroes campaign, AARP, and the Alzheimer’s Association.

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Richard Lui's Speech Topics

Post-2020 Election: How to Ready Your Organization

'President Donald Trump owes no favors. He takes no prisoners. And he has no equal in modern politics.' So has been some descriptions of the 45th U.S. President on his game-changing campaign, one that's turned politics on its ear. Trump neo politics has been both conservative and not conservative, straining what establishment thinking means. Despite SOX and Dodd-Frank concerns ebbing while markets hit new highs, uncertainty remains. In this talk, Lui provides meat to the answer of "what's next" from President Biden as he forges ahead to unite the country and put an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. Pulling from his 15 years in business and his experience covering the last five US Presidential elections, hundreds of conversations and interviews with nationally elected officials, presidential candidates, and conversations with the country's leading decision makers and opinion makers, Lui takes participants behind the network factory doors, describing what happened in 2016, what is happening today, and what may happen through 2022 in politics and business.  

The State of Race and Politics

In 1964, general election voter turnout hit decade-long records. In 1992, it rose five percentage points from the election before. In 2016, primary turnout was on target to break 2008 records. In 2020, voting turnout broke records not seen in over a century. The common denominator? Each of these years follows historic racial unrest. In the aftermath of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ferguson, Baltimore, history shows that general voter turnout spikes. This topic has shaped Lui's career, from his reporting on the ground during the Rodney King riots in L.A., response to Michael Brown's death in Ferguson, and the passing of Freddie Gray in Baltimore. Drawing from two decades of civil rights reporting and work in minority communities, Lui shares research from his annual keynote report at The Aspen Institute's State of Race Symposium to draw parallels between the Civil Rights Movement and Rodney King and then dissect the current State of Race in America.

Moderator, Discussion Leader, Interviewer

"What is the single thing you want every audience member to think or do differently after the session?" That's one of Richard Lui's commitments to keep on-stage programming results oriented. As a network anchor and former business executive, Lui's style of moderation and discussion leadership is to stay on message, bring out personality and passion of interlocutors, get an answer, and of course when possible, laugh a lot.

Lui's quick-moving moderation often yields surprises and news making. From the highest level of government and business to everyday people, Lui has a comfort and tone that engages live audiences that has been sharpened over 500 on-stage events.

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