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Richard Fowler

Keynote Speaker

Host of The Richard Fowler Show, FOX News Contributor, Democratic Messaging Expert, and Millennial Engagement Specialist

Positioned at the intersection of news, politics, and the cultural issues facing everyday Americans, Richard Fowler's fresh style and out-of-the-box thinking spurs audiences across the country to action and pushes all ages and demographics to ask more of themselves.

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Richard Fowler Profile Photo

When we strip away all the labels, we all want the same things: to be able to provide for ourselves and our loved ones, to live without fear, and to ensure that our kids have better opportunities than we did. Richard Fowler is a fresh voice that gets that.

As a nationally syndicated radio host, Fox News Contributor, and millennial messaging expert, Richard’s non-traditional spin on populism has taken audiences by storm. He spends his time working to find the middle ground and real solutions to complex problems facing this nation. As a gay man, Fowler understands this fight more than most, having fought for equality his entire adulthood.

From his campaign work uncovering the deplorable school conditions in the Detroit Public School system to his effort training and equipping hundreds of millennials to run for office and take charge of their community, Richard brings a sense of realness to everything he does.

When asked what drives him, Richard says, “Talk is cheap. Our country needs real solutions, and they will come from our greatest resource – our people.”

Richard believes that through real conversation, we can tear down many of the walls that divide us. He fulfills this promise each week on his radio show by informing, empowering, and helping folks understand one another from all walks of life.

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Richard Fowler Profile Photo
Richard Fowler

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Richard Fowler’s Speech Topics

  • Never Lose A Debate Again: Arguing Smart with a Professional Pundit

    Winning is everything. If it wasn’t they wouldn’t keep score. And those words could not be truer in the world of debate. Whether it is in the boardroom, the classroom, or at the dining table, Fowler will give you the tools and tricks to master any argument. Over the past six years, Fowler has engaged in over 400 televised debates and has prepped dozens of public leaders and trained over 2,000 young professionals in the art of the argument.

    During this talk, Richard’s audience will get indoctrinated in all the skills necessary to argue smart, not hard. This talk is great for college assemblies, corporate conferences, and audiences seeking professional development in public speaking.

  • Branding Yourself: Building a Personal Brand with No Budget

    The Richard Fowler Show is one of the top progressive syndicated radio shows in the country, and you would be surprised to know that it is run on a shoestring budget. Building a brand is not easy and comes with its fair share of blood, sweat, and tears, but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and leg.

    During this talk, audiences will learn how to turn their vision boards, dreams, and goals into a thriving personal brand. Do not believe the naysayers, haters, and those that want to charge you an arm and leg; your dreams and personal brand can become a reality, and Richard is here to show you the way.

    In this down-to-earth and refreshing talk, Richard tells audiences the four “nevers” to building a personal brand with no budget:

    (1) Never let money be an excuse

    (2) Never give up

    (3) Never take no for an answer

    (4) Never wait in line

  • Messaging, Media, and Millennials

    Millennials are the largest generation on our planet. As the baby boomers taught us, the larger the generation, the greater the influence over norms, expectations, media behavior, and political messaging. And with 10,000 millennials turning 21 every day in the United States, now is time to figure out how they think and what that means for our nation and the globe.

    Richard Fowler is one of the leading experts on communicating to millennials. Being one himself, Richard has helped political organizations, local governments, elected leaders, and corporations figure out their messaging around millennials, and now he wants to help you. During this talk, Richard gives insights from the media and some messaging tips that baby boomers and other generations need to know to improve millennial relations. This talk is great for corporate conference, staff retreats, and multi-generational audiences.

  • Practical Progressivism: Rising to the Challenge of a Healthier National Discourse

    Richard Fowler regularly appears in front of television audiences to offer his perspective on the most important issues of the day. Yet while others build their careers by tearing others down, Richard’s stands out as a voice of inclusion, starting with those with those who disagree with him.

    Across this country, young and old alike are yearning for a different tenor to address the challenges of our time. Proudly progressive, Richard will help outline the important differences between the solutions proposed by progressives versus those proposed by conservatives for audiences. At the same time, Richard insists that while we may disagree about the best way forward, those of opposing political stripes love their country in equal measure. Only when we acknowledge this basic tenet of our democracy can we begin to heal the nation’s wounds in an age of cynicism and come together to build a better future for the next generation.


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