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Reince Priebus
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Reince Priebus

Pulling back the curtain on Washington to provide a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of American government and politics.

White House Chief of Staff (2017), Republican National Committee Chairman (2011-2017)

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  • American Politics
  • Election Forecast and Analysis
  • Leadership
  • Patriotism
  • U.S. Current Events

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  • Global Audiences
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A savvy political consultant and consummate insider, Reince Priebus knows how to navigate lawmaking and political processes – from the private sector to the White House.

Reince Priebus is a decisive and pragmatic bridge builder, who reformed and modernized the Republican National Committee, and managed the White House as the first Chief of Staff to President Donald Trump.

A skilled negotiator who knows how to persuade competing factions to unite behind a common goal, he is credited as one of the chief architects of the historic Republican victory in 2016. Named White House Chief of Staff within days of Trump’s win, Priebus managed daily operations, collaborated with Members of Congress, and worked to advance the President’s agenda.

Prior to his White House service, Priebus served three terms as RNC Chairman, emerging as one of the longest serving and most successful leaders in party history. First elected in 2011, he helped rescue the RNC’s finances, repair its operations, and rebuild their ground organization, priming the party for their momentous win.

 “I took the RNC from oblivion,” says Priebus, “without drama, mistakes, or infighting.”

Admired by his GOP colleagues for offering hard work, determination, and trust, Priebus put out administrative brushfires as well as articulated strategic vision.

Before breaking onto the national scene, Priebus honed his skills working his way up through the leadership ranks of the Wisconsin GOP, becoming its youngest Chairman in 2007 at age 35. During his tenure as Chairman, the Wisconsin GOP won control over both chambers of the state legislature, reclaimed the governorship, and scored two additional congressional seats, as well as a Senate seat.

Priebus grew up in Wisconsin and volunteered for his first political campaign at age 16. He attended the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, where he served as student body president. Later, he attended the University of Miami law school, where he earned cum laude honors and was elected student bar association president. 

Priebus currently serves as Political Analyst for CBS News and is an officer in the U.S. Navy Reserves. Prior to his role at CBS News, he served as a visiting Fellow at Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School. Priebus was recognized as a "Rising Star" in 2009 by Super Lawyers magazine. In 2016, Time magazine named the then RNC Chairman to their "100 Most Influential People" list.

With audiences, Priebus is a compelling and energetic storyteller. The former RNC chief shares stories from behind-the-scenes at the White House, the machinery of insider Washington, and triumphs and failures from his long career. He articulates his opinions with frankness and candor, and keeps the conversation lively and entertaining.


The former White House Chief of Staff recognizes that in politics, success comes in many forms. “We can’t be chasing the perfect all the time. Sometimes you have to take good and put it in your pocket and take the win,” Priebus says.

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The longest serving RNC Chairman believes that current political trends may be unpredictable, but should be embraced. “There's disruption all over the world – it's what people are gravitating towards,” he explains. Priebus believes politicians have to be in touch with the pulse of the people to win their support.

Relevant to:
  • Global Audiences
  • The Professional Services Industry

Featured Videos

Reince Priebus' Speech Topics

A 360° View of Washington

Former White House Chief of Staff, and the longest-serving Republican National Committee chairman in recent history, Reince Priebus has a broad perspective of the current state of affairs in Washington. He offers insight into the inner workings of the Trump White House, including lessons he learned behind the scenes.

“The President is a person who wears his opinions on his sleeve. He wants to respond unfiltered to the American people and for him it’s worked,” Priebus explains.

A legislative expert with strong ties to some of the most influential leaders on Capitol Hill, Priebus identifies the progress that is possible during the current Administration. And as the architect of some of the Republican Party’s biggest victories of the last several campaign cycles, he explains not only where the GOP has been but also where it’s going, including the lead-up to the 2020 election.

American Foreign Policy Today

The geopolitical landscape has shifted dramatically – and so has Washington’s approach to International alliances, global trade, and multinational business. Former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus shares an insider’s perspective into President Donald Trump’s worldview, with unmatched personal insight and anecdotes.

“Trump is a man who fears no one and nothing, and there is absolutely nothing he’s intimidated by,” says Priebus. “And that’s very rare in politics.”

Priebus can focus on the issues that matter most to audiences, including fair foreign trade agreements, equitable involvement in NATO and the United Nations, immigration policy, political polarization, and other pressing topics. Priebus’s access and experience offers audiences rare insight behind the curtain of the Trump White House.