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Reggie Butler

Founder & CEO, Performance Paradigm

Reggie Butler shares incredible insights for personal growth and enhanced organizational effectiveness through unique and transformative sessions.

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Reggie Butler is the Founder and CEO of Performance Paradigm, an executive education, human capital consultancy. A learning architect, former adjunct professor, and inclusion champion with an established record of delivering high-energy motivational experiences for both personal and team improvement.

He works with many clients across industries (financial services, tech, non-profits, consumer products, and professional services). His experience runs through equity, inclusion, diversity, racial justice, high-performing teams, executive coaching, and leadership effectiveness. 

He facilitates experiences and dialogues focused on how we can be better humans and collectively improve the human condition starting with the people we are most proximate to every day and the systems those humans create.

Reggie graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a double major in Theater and Music and holds a Master’s in Educational Administration from Xavier University in Cincinnati.

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Reggie Butler
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Reggie Butler
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Reggie Butler’s Speech Topics

  • Belonging

    This immersive keynote explores building a strong sense of belonging by increasing the psychological safety of those around us. The objective is to understand the foundations of human connection, apply conscious inclusion skills, and activate actionable strategies to create a sense of belonging. As an outcome of the keynote, attendees will learn strategies and frameworks to build an inclusive work culture and create psychological safety across dimensions of diversity. Attendees will also explore the foundations of their own perspectives and how that impacts their experience at work. 

  • R.I.C.H. Dialogues™

    Experiential in design, this keynote aims to accelerate human connection by exploring and acknowledging variations in points of view around race, identity, culture and heritage. Solving the human divide requires an acute focus on improving human connection and it starts with structured dialogue. Reggie creates a safe space for humans to navigate and explore current topics, increasing capacity and emotional muscle to dwell in discomfort. Through R.I.C.H. Dialogues, organizations will uncover how to increase communication skills to create and sustain change. 

  • Find Your Rhythm™

    Navigate the blended complexities of change management, personal and professional life domains by identifying the right cadence to reach your optimal performance. Finding your rhythm for change requires advanced level skills in several domains including inspiring others and motivation. Reggie takes traditional concepts of change management and integrates the idea of leading through change, to help advance self, team and business performance. 

  • Leadership

    This keynote is designed to enhance leadership effectiveness and develop skills that will motivate employees to create an authentic culture of high performance. Being a highly successful leader requires different skill sets than it did even five years ago. The pressures to do more and get more from each employee are increasing rapidly as organizations attempt to contain costs, retain talent and increase productivity. It can be difficult for managers, supervisors and leaders to think about being progressive and inspirational leaders when they are just trying to meet daily job demands. Reggie will help participants explore new ways to evolve their current leadership style to meet the demands of an ever-changing workforce population.

  • Return to Life

    From the impact of the pandemic to the acknowledgement of racial inequities, the world has changed dramatically over the past year and a half. Anxiety runs high as many contemplate the uncertainties of going back to work, school, places of worship, or pre-COVID social lives. While some may be eager to finally get out of their house, others are uneasy, not knowing what to expect. People are being empowered to lean into their paradigm shift to embrace perspectives of others and themselves. The past year has created unique opportunities to pivot, adapt, and learn to do things differently. As individuals and as a society, we have a chance to pause and take inventory, hit the reset button, and make different decisions on how we want to show up. How will you return to life? How can your organization work cohesively to create a new now? In this keynote Reggie will address these questions and provide methods to reframe perspectives about what it means to return to life.


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