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Rebecca Patterson

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Economic and Financial Markets Expert, Former Chief Investment Strategist for Bridgewater Associates

Rebecca Patterson is a globally recognized investor and macroeconomic researcher with more than 25 years of experience studying how politics and policy intersect with economic trends to drive financial markets.

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Rebecca Patterson Profile Photo

Combining her vast experience in economics and investment strategy and her journalist ability to translate these issues to audiences from all industry backgrounds, Rebecca Patterson uncovers and explains the threads that intertwine and affect our domestic and global economies.

As the former Chief Investment Strategist for Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, Rebecca shaped the firm’s research agenda across geographies and asset classes, oversaw the development of new strategies to help large institutional clients solve their most pressing challenges, and shared her insights via Bridgewater’s Daily Observations publication.

Previously, Rebecca was Chief Investment Officer of Bessemer Trust, overseeing $85 billion in client assets. During her time there, Rebecca was a member of the firm’s Management Committee and helped launch their Diversity & Inclusion Committee. Before joining Bessemer in 2012, Rebecca spent more than 15 years at JPMorgan. There she worked as a researcher in the firm’s investment bank in Europe, Singapore, and the US. Rebecca also served as Chief Investment Strategist in the firm’s asset management arm. She ran the Private Bank’s global currency and commodity trading desk. Rebecca’s transition to finance came after several years of working as a journalist, covering financial markets, policy, and politics in the US and Europe.

Rebecca is currently a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Economic Club of New York and has served on the New York Federal Reserve’s Investor Advisory and Foreign Exchange committees.  She also chairs the Council for Economic Education, a non-profit focused on K-12 financial literacy.

Rebecca was included in American Banker’s list of Most Powerful Women in Finance for six consecutive years. She was featured in Forbes’ 50 over 50 in 2022.

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Rebecca Patterson

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Rebecca Patterson’s Speech Topics

  • Connecting the Dots: Understanding the US Macro Outlook by Looking Overseas

    Even if many countries are turning more inward, adopting reshoring and resiliency, global linkages between economies remain significant. In this talk, Rebecca Patterson brings over 25 years of experience researching and investing around the world to show how looking overseas – often at largely ignored “dots” can better predict where the US economy and markets are headed. Especially in today’s globalized world, Patterson argues that developing a US view focused primarily on domestic information can prove financially risky.

  • From Gold to the Dollar to Crypto: What are the Currencies of the Future

    From writing the Wall Street Journal’s daily Foreign Exchange column to co-anchoring the first-ever cable news show on currencies on CNBC to researching and investing in currencies, commodities, and crypto for decades, Rebecca Patterson has a deep and unique perspective on all things FX. In this discussion, she starts with the fundamentals: what determines a currency’s value, especially a global reserve currency. From there, she examines what may undermine the dollar’s role in the years ahead, what could challenge it, and why it matters. 

  • Global Perspectives: What’s Ahead for Major Economies in 2023 and Beyond

    After living, researching, and investing across three continents for more than 25 years, Rebecca Patterson brings a unique perspective to global macro forces, which she weaves into her views on major regions of the world and their economic and market outlooks for the year ahead and beyond. Some of the questions she will address include:

    • Can the global economy escape a recession in the year ahead, and where will inflation settle?
    • Will intensifying political polarization across countries have significant economic consequences?
    • What countries are best positioned to push back against demographic trends and why? What happens if they fail?
    • How will the US-China conflict flow through to economies and markets from here? 
  • How to Really Help Women Succeed in Finance

    Research shows that greater diversity and inclusion lead to more successful financial organizations. But many firms spend a lot of time and resources with little progress to show for it. In this talk, Rebecca Patterson pulls from decades of trial and error, participating in, developing, and overseeing efforts to increase diversity and inclusion in finance. She wants to help others learn from her experiences and show what works and doesn’t to help women at all levels succeed.


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