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Ram Charan

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World-Renowned Business Advisor, Execution Expert and Best-Selling Author

A business icon, Ram Charan has an uncanny ability to merge fresh, high-level thinking with the hard-nosed drive for results in the real world.

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Ram Charan'S SPEAKING FEE $40K - $70K

Ram Charan Profile Photo

Ram Charan, a globally acclaimed business advisor, author, and speaker, possesses a unique ability to decode complexity and offer clear, actionable insights into leadership, disruption, and corporate strategy. With decades of experience advising top CEOs and boards, Charan brings an unmatched depth of knowledge on driving business success in rapidly changing environments. His presentations are rich with real-world examples, drawing from his extensive work across industries and geographies.

Charan’s approach is pragmatic and direct, focusing on delivering practical solutions to business challenges. He addresses topics such as digital transformation, growth strategies, and building organizational agility, providing audiences with frameworks that can be applied immediately to catalyze growth and innovation. Charan’s engaging style and profound expertise make his sessions invaluable for leaders looking to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape and drive sustained performance. Attendees leave equipped with the tools and perspectives needed to lead their organizations to new heights.

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Ram Charan Profile Photo
Ram Charan

FICCI: Leadership lecture Series: Professor Ram Charan

Ram Charan’s Speech Topics

  • Leading Your Business Through the Global Tilt

    It is quite obvious the business world is in a state of flux. We have plummeted from the highs of the last economic boom into the most troubled economy of the past fifty years—an economy that is now globally interconnected and immensely complex. Businesses are frantically trying to find their way in the newly reworked landscape, where the rules of the game seem unclear and sometimes unfair. Drawing on his experience with businesses worldwide, Ram Charan offers perspective and insight for business leaders operating in this new competitive arena, where the balance of economic power has dramatically shifted. The audience will learn: 

    • The profound shift in economic power that is underway and the opportunities it presents
    • How to formulate a clear-headed strategic response to new kinds of global competition
    • What resources, skills and talent will be needed to respond to the global tilt
    • How to reorient the organization’s psychology and decision making
    • Specific companies in the North and the South that are succeeding in today’s challenging environment
  • Execution

    The wide gulf between strategizing and getting things done is a growing problem in today’s increasingly complex business world. For businesses to prosper and grow, particularly in a challenging business environment, the gap between promising results and delivering them must be closed. Charan argues execution takes place as a result of robust dialogue that links people, strategy and operations.  What’s more, he contends that leading the three core processes of an organization (people, strategy and operations) is the real job of running a business and espouses the need for deeply and passionately engaged leaders. The audience gains:

    • Recognition that execution cannot be delegated
    • Insight into how companies like Wal-Mart, Dell, and GE use execution to outcompete
    • The framework of flawless execution
    • Tools to develop the discipline of execution
    • Ability to use a robust, reality-based process for thinking about business in an integrated way
  • Growth

    Growth is vital to economic recovery and is among the most pressing issues facing companies today, but growth doesn’t happen because managers decide to broaden the product line, spend more money on technology, beef up the sales force or acquire another business. Instead, growth starts with a mindset and insatiable curiosity about the world’s needs. This speech helps the audience:

    • Understand if the business isn’t growing sustainably and profitably, it’s dying
    • Learn how to fund growth, the corporate mindset required to grow, and the factors that must be considered to achieve balanced growth
    • Grasp a method of looking rationally at the risks involved in growth
  • Talent

    The need for talented people in the right jobs can be summed up in a simple way: no talent, no numbers. Talent is a leading indicator of whether the business is headed up or down. Smart leaders put people before numbers, because it is talent, in the end, that delivers the numbers necessary to keep a business strong and healthy. The audience will gain:

    • Insight into how world-class companies find and nurture leadership talent
    • Understanding of why intimacy with your talent and a repetitive rhythm of reviews are the foundation for creating a steady, self-renewing stream of leaders for all levels of an organization
    • Recognition that while financial results, market share, brand and legacy products all have a half-life that seems to grow shorter by the year, talent is the only competency that endures
    • Ability to pinpoint and build an individual’s leadership strengths
    • Specific guidelines for assessing and improving your company’s talent mastery capabilities
  • Innovation

    We live in a world of unprecedented change and massive volatility. What remains constant is the capital most companies hold in terms of innovation and creativity. “Innovation,” says Charan, “is the world’s best and perhaps only way to win in the face of fast commoditization.” Using examples such as Procter & Gamble, Honeywell, Nokia, LEGO, GE, HP and DuPont, all of which harnessed the power of innovation, Charan offers both an instructive and inspiring look at transforming today’s companies and remaining profitable in the face of economic uncertainty. The audience will gain:

    • How to put the customer at the center of innovation
    • The building blocks of innovation
    • How to view innovation as a social process
    • Insight into reducing the risk of innovation failure
    • The knowledge to become a leader in innovation
  • Profitability /Selling

    The twin components of making a company profitable are a keen understanding of the operational underpinnings of the organization and creating a world-class sales team. Charan imparts the basics of business, the universals of success that apply whether you are selling fruit from a stand or running a Fortune 500 company. From this foundation, he then explains in detail how to run a company that is customer-centric—an absolute must in a world where pricing has collapsed and the consumer’s ability to comparison shop is unprecedented. Charan strips back the functions of running a company and making its sales team high functioning, no matter the size of the organization or the current business climate. The audience will gain:

    • Ability to get deeper and richer knowledge of your customer’s need and process for making purchase decisions
    • Insight into how to help your customer improve margins and drive revenue growth
    • Knowledge of how to connect sales with other key functions, such as finance and manufacturing
    • Insight into how to design new, customized offerings
    • Understanding of how to de-emphasize price in the selling process
  • Corporate Boards

    In 30 years of helping directors deal with the practical challenges of governing well, Charan has become a leading authority on corporate boards. Directorship magazine named him “one of the most influential people in corporate governance and the board room.” He facilitates board self-evaluations, peer reviews, strategy retreats, and CEO evaluations, and advises on recruitment of new directors and compensation. Charan has served on several boards and on the National Association of Corporate Directors Blue Ribbon Commission on Corporate Governance. Participants will learn:

    • Specific ways boards can add or destroy value
    • How to define roles and assess performance for committees and the full board
    • How to set the board agenda in a way that moves the business forward
    • Principles of succession planning for the board
    • How to make the board a competitive advantage
  • Leadership

    Fortune magazine calls him “the most influential consultant alive”—a reputation earned through more than 30 years of wise counsel to top business leaders around the globe. Charan has a unique perspective on how great leaders differ from the rest. He breaks through the façade of leadership to explain the capabilities leaders must possess, how to build a leadership-driven company, how to lead in economic uncertainty, how to develop and grow your own leadership capability, and finally, how to plan for smooth succession. The audience will gain:

    • Insight into what those teaching leadership tend to miss
    • Knowledge of when and how personality matters
    • Insight into how to build a pipeline of leaders who deliver
    • Understanding of how a company can develop leadership at each level of the organization
    • Ability to implement the “Apprenticeship Model” to grow new leaders


  • Success in Business through The Amazon Management System

    Ram Charan’s 27 books have sold over three million copies and include the New York Times bestseller Execution. He is a world-renowned advisor to CEOs, business unit managers, and boards of directors who value his practical solutions to complex business problems. Drawing from his latest business book, The Amazon Management System: The Ultimate Digital Engine that Powered Amazon’s Unprecedented Growth and Shareholder Value Creation, Charan teaches organizations around the globe how to digitize their businesses, optimize results, become customer-oriented, and reach new levels of performance.

    Here are the six building blocks Ram will discuss from his book:

    • Customer-Obsessed Business Model 
    • Continuous Bar-Raising Talent Pool 
    • AI-Powered Data & Metrics System 
    • Ground-Breaking Invention Machine 
    • High-Velocity & High-Quality Decision-Making 
    • A Forever Day-1 culture.

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Business acumen – Ram Charan’s term for using the universal laws of business – is the name of the game today.

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