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Prashanth Challa

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Managing Director, Head of Wealth Management Cybersecurity, Morgan Stanley

Former NSA hacker whose innovative approach to cybersecurity has successfully generated revenue at all scales, Prashanth Challa is the leading expert and keynote speaker on cybersecurity, cybersecurity technologies, and emerging cyber threats.

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Prashanth Challa Profile Photo

Beyond traditional boots on the ground, our enemies abroad are constantly looking for ways to leave us compromised in more ways than one. Today, much of the attention has been turned to cyber warfare, with the focus on taking down critical infrastructure that every country utilizes to maintain their systems, whether it be electronically, militarily, or in some other way.

Meet Prashanth Challa, who began his career with the National Security Agency where he led a team that performed computer network operations, researched vulnerabilities, and delivered new and unique tools to enable foreign intelligence collection from the highest-value targets.

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Prashanth Challa Profile Photo
Prashanth Challa

Meet Prashanth Challa

Prashanth Challa’s Speech Topics

  • Crypto, NFTs, and the Metaverse: The New Frontiers of Cybersecurity

    Emerging Web3 technologies with exotic names like cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens, and the metaverse could be the next revolution in technology, but what do these terms mean, and how can you protect yourself while using them? Former NSA hacker Prashanth Challa will explain the cutting-edge in technology, and the ways you can explore these new tools safely.

  • Combating Cyber Fraud in a Digital World

    Every minute, consumers spend over $1,000,000 shopping on the Internet. Every year, people move over $1,000,000,000,000 using mobile money apps. If you’re a fraudster, this is a world of irresistible opportunities, and all you need to do is learn the basics of hacking to profit from them. Ex-NSA hacker Prashanth Challa will walk you through the ways fraudsters take advantage of the digital transformation, and how to safeguard your money.

  • Cybersecurity in the Age of AI: Power, Peril and Protecting Yourself

    In this presentation, Prashanth will discuss the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for cybersecurity – the good and the bad – and outline the practical steps you can take to secure your digital footprint. The rise of AI-powered technology is a game-changer. For cyber professionals, AI can help detect threats and devise sophisticated solutions. For cybercriminals, AI is a boon for business and is being utilized to craft ingenious attacks. Who will win out in this cat-and-mouse game of cyber defense and offense?

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Very impressive fellow ? the information and experience he has is overwhelming ? like him a lot. Such a quality guy as well as brilliant ? we need to bring in high-quality speakers more frequently to the…group.  


What other organizations say about Prashanth Challa

Prashanth did a great job, very interesting and informative, many thanks!  



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