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Peter Thum

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Founder, Ethos Water, Founder and CEO, Liberty United and Fonderie 47 and Recognized Social Entrepreneur

A recognized enterprising pioneer who has used his keen entrepreneurial skills to build several businesses founded on advancing a social mission, Peter Thum is a humanitarian who shows that business can do good while doing well.

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Peter Thum Profile Photo

As the founder of Ethos™ Water, Peter Thum turned his idea of getting clean water to children into a successful social venture that has changed an industry, generated millions of dollars and changed lives. In building a brand, a business and a self-funding philanthropic engine directly connecting consumption to a related social mission, Thum forged new ground and created a model that others could follow. He is founder and CEO of Liberty United and Fonderie 47; ventures that transform illegal guns into jewelry and art to fund programs to stop gun violence. Liberty United programs protect thousands of at-risk children in dangerous US neighborhoods from gun violence. To date, Fonderie 47 has destroyed over 55,000 assault rifles in African war zones. From thriving in a competitive business environment to showing the importance of finding your passion in life, Thum inspires audiences with his remarkable story of seeing wrongs in the world and using his drive and business acumen to right them.

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Peter Thum Profile Photo
Peter Thum

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Peter Thum’s Speech Topics

  • The Imperative to Reduce Gun Violence

    Each year more than 17,000 American children fall victim to gun violence. It’s an epidemic.  Peter Thum tells the harrowing story of tackling one of the worlds’ most complex and difficult issues.  Thum tells the story of working war zones of Africa and the most violence neighborhoods in America to build the two brands and a consumer movement to address these problems.  By transforming thousands of illegal guns from battlefields and police forces in America into high-end jewelry, watches, accessories and art Thum has created a path toward peace. Since 2009, his companies have funded not for profits working help thousands of at-risk children in America’s most dangerous communities and they have funded the removal and destruction of over 70,000 assault rifles in African war zones.

  • Leading Forward: Social Responsibility in the Corporate World

    As corporations play an ever-expanding role in our lives, it is imperative now more than ever that they take the steps necessary to improve the lives of their employees, their consumers, their communities and of society at large. A dedicated social entrepreneur who has successfully established businesses that are driven by a social mission of helping those in need, Peter Thum delivers lessons on the importance of corporate social responsibility from which any organization can learn and benefit.  From ethical branding and leveraging philanthropy, to emboldening a corporate message, to building a culture where giving back is a standard operating procedure; Thum helps companies of all sizes to understand the steps they need to complete to put social responsibility at the core of their mission and performance.

  • The Ethos Water Story: The Keys Behind To Social Entrepreneurship

    Countries all over the world are experiencing a water crisis. Millions of people in developing countries lack clean and safe drinking water. As the founder of Ethos™ Water, Peter Thum turned his idea of getting clean water to children into a successful social venture that has changed an industry, generated millions of dollars and changed lives. Thum talks through his odyssey from the townships of South Africa to brokering an acquisition by Starbucks, and finally to running Ethos as an international brand and social movement. Thum’s story is one of passion, perseverance and success. His story motivates people to dream big and turn thoughts into action. He takes audiences on a tour of the world and shares the importance of addressing the world water crisis, how to build a brand from the ground up and the personal rewards of working toward the common good.

What other organizations say about Peter Thum

Peter provided an enthusiastic and relevant presentation at our conference. Peter took the time to understand our members and his message resonated with the audience.

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What other organizations say about Peter Thum

Peter was, simply put, inspirational. His candor, entrepreneurial acumen, and passion for seeing positive change in the world connected deeply with our team. His talk left a lasting impact, with echoes across multiple initiatives in the months and years following. Thank you!



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