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Nick Tasler

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Organizational Psychologist and Author

As an organizational psychologist and keynote speaker, Nick Tasler has inspired tens of thousands of leaders to apply a simple decision framework for transforming seasons of change into periods of unprecedented growth.

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Nick Tasler'S SPEAKING FEE $25K - $40K

Nick Tasler Profile Photo

Nick Tasler is an internationally acclaimed thought leader and organizational psychologist who shifts leaders from a “change is hard” mindset to a “growth is happening” mindset. 

From storefronts to the C-suites — whether you sell software or soft drinks — Nick’s message elevates the mood of your meeting and transforms the thinking of its participants. Hand-wringing uncertainties morph into eye-opening discoveries. Paralyzing fears become frontiers to explore and dreams to fulfill.‍

An esteemed expert on change leadership and professional growth, Nick has been a leadership columnist for the Harvard Business Review, a guest lecturer at the Wharton School, and is the #1 best-selling author of four books on the art and science of change and decision-making.

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Nick Tasler Profile Photo
Nick Tasler

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Nick Tasler’s Speech Topics

  • Your Year of Wonders: How Changes Around Us Unleash the Growth Instinct Inside Us

    Ever wondered why some leaders leave extraordinary legacies of impact and growth…while others leave a trail of emotional exhaustion and mediocre performance?  

    External changes — like reorgs and supply chain disruptions to labor shortages and stifling new regulations — trigger an instinctive response in every leader’s brain. The first instinct is the Loss Instinct. It tells leaders to pay 3x more attention to threats than opportunities….which leaves their teams feeling mentally drained, emotionally exhausted, and very often eager to find a new job.

    But one of the magical gifts of the highly evolved human brain is that leaders also have a second Instinct — the Growth Instinct. The second instinct tells leaders that “growth is happening” even when it feels like “change is hard.” Leaders who listen to their second instinct energize their teams, grow their businesses, and leave a lasting impact on the people around them while rediscovering the joy of leading.  

    From the storefronts to the C-suites — whether you sell software or soft drinks — Nick’s message will elevate the mood of your meeting and transform the mindset of your audience. They’ll discover… 

    • How speaking the language of the second instinct can transform this season of change into a Year of Wonders for themselves and their teams. 
    • A refreshing new way to reframe their current challenges & reimagine future possibilities. 
    • Why feelings of confusion and uncertainty are actually a fantastic sign that you are on the verge of your next big growth spurt–no matter your age or job title.

    Whether you want to boost morale, rally your team for a digital transformation, or think more innovatively about this year’s challenges and opportunities, there is no better way to kick off your next meeting than with the Year of Wonders message.

  • One Decision at a Time – How Change Agents Bridge the Gap Between Strategy & Execution

    Decisions are the most basic building blocks of growth and innovation. In these times of disruptive change, the more strategically and courageously you stack your blocks, the faster and more effectively you’ll seize opportunities, implement creative solutions, and find new ways to accelerate the growth of your career, the transformation of your team, and the prosperity of your organization — one decision at a time. 

    This is Nick’s flagship presentation, which has been experienced as a keynote, a workshop, or a webinar by tens of thousands of leaders and teams around the globe, ranging from Fortune 500 executives and top-producing sales teams to healthcare providers and entrepreneurs. You’ll discover how to…

    • Instill a growth mindset by dispelling self-defeating myths about organizational change and human growth potential. 
    • Unleash courageous leadership by bridging the gap between big strategies and bite-sized execution.
    • Use a Decision Pulse to instantly align & inspire your teams for growth.
    • Leverage an Anti-You to quickly and easily make good decisions faster. 
    • Maximize agility & creativity by learning to Rent the RV before you buy it. 
    • Optimize your resources by cutting, killing, or tweaking “important” projects that block today’s most promising solutions.
  • Think Strategically & Act Decisively — Interactive Workshop

    88% of managers who are merely above average at strategic thinking and decisive action are among the top 10% of highest-performing change leaders overall. Why? Because decisions are the most basic building blocks of change and innovation. The more strategically and decisively you stack those blocks, the faster and more effective growth and innovation happen in your team and your organization.

    Think Strategically & Act Decisively is Nick’s flagship workshop. It has been experienced as a keynote or an interactive workshop by tens of thousands of leaders and teams around the globe including everyone from Fortune 500 executives to local healthcare providers. In this experience, you’ll discover how to….

    • Bridge the gap between innovative strategy & agile execution.
    • Make good decisions faster all day with an elegantly simple Know-Think-Do framework.
    • Use a Decision Pulse to instantly align your team for change.
    • Leverage an “Anti-You” to quickly and easily improve snap judgments.
    • Keep yourself in a confident, creative, and decisive mindset all day, every day.
    • Use a Sprint and Waitlist to clarify direction and see results faster.
    • Identify and kill “important” projects that distract from your most innovative solutions.
    • How to use a Value-Variance Matrix to channel innovations that make your team truly unique to your organization and your customers.
    • How to use “priori-time” to regain control of your schedule.


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