Nancy Gibbs
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Nancy Gibbs

As the first woman to serve as TIME’s Editor in Chief, Nancy Gibbs is an internationally known commentator on American politics and society who has interviewed five U.S. presidents and reported extensively on the forces reshaping private and public life.
Former Editor in Chief, TIME Magazine

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As writer, editor, and ultimately Editor in Chief of the world’s most trusted newsmagazine, Nancy Gibbs has spent 30 years exploring the events that shape our social and political life. The most published writer in TIME’s 95 year history and a bestselling presidential historian, she has developed an unparalleled sense of the changing national conversation.

We are living through a period of Category Five disruption—of our politics, our communities, our families, and our private lives— much of it driven by technology, but also by immense social and economic forces. Gibbs has shown a unique ability to look beyond our increasingly tribal divisions to explore what we share in common and what that means for our future.

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Nancy Gibbs' Speech Topics

Leading While Female: A Confession and an Invitation

The evidence grows every day that organizations are more likely to succeed when they have diverse leadership. But what does this mean day to day, especially at a time when gender politics is increasingly visible and complicated? This lecture explores ways of understanding ambition, success, and personal and professional development to empower both men and women in a changing society. It draws on research and lessons learned from people Nancy Gibbs has met, leaders she has covered, and challenges she faced as the first woman to become Editor in Chief of TIME. As the nature of work changes and career paths become much less predictable, this is an opportunity to think creatively about how we balance our gifts, needs, and opportunities in pursuit of success and fulfillment.

The Presidents Club

No one who has not served in the Oval Office can fully understand what the job does to you. That simple truth helps account for the remarkable bond among American Presidents, who belong to the world’s most exclusive fraternity. Behind the scenes, the most unlikely political partners reached out to one another for help with problems no one else could solve: Harry Truman secretly enlisted Herbert Hoover on a post-war mission to save millions of lives; John F. Kennedy turned to Eisenhower after the Bay of Pigs invasion went terribly wrong, and Lyndon Johnson asked Ike to rush to Washington to help him bind the country’s wounds after Kennedy’s assassination. Bill Clinton used to call Richard Nixon late at night for advice. Presidential historian Nancy Gibbs, former Editor in Chief of TIME, is co-author of the bestselling The Presidents Club who has interviewed five US Presidents about their remarkable private relationships. This is an exploration of how the most powerful men in the world put country before party and gave each other the support they needed to do the world’s hardest job.

The Personal Presidency

No president in history has dominated the news or disrupted the national conversation more than Donald Trump. More than his policy positions or professional experience, it was his personality that shaped the campaign and the first year of his presidency in ways that are changing both the institution and the country. Why were so many experts in both media and professional politics so wrong about his chances for success, and what do the experiences of past presidents tell us about how his administration is likely to unfold? Bestselling presidential historian Nancy Gibbs, the former Editor in Chief of TIME, has interviewed five US presidents, including President Trump, who made no secret of his interest in TIME’s coverage. She interviewed him early in the 2016 campaign, then immediately after his election, and finally at a private dinner at the White House. This lecture explores his rise to power and the implications of his tenure as the most unprecedented of all modern presidencies unfolds.

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