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Molly Fletcher

CEO, Business Author and Former Sports Agent

Hailed as the “female Jerry Maguire” by CNN, Molly Fletcher inspires audiences to carve their own pathway to success and redefine how they do business.

Molly Fletcher Profile Photo

A trailblazer in every sense of the word, Molly Fletcher shares the business wisdom, relationship brilliance and unwavering optimism that helped her thrive as one of the first female sports agents and now as a successful entrepreneur. Molly’s fearless approach to business is illustrated in the engaging and entertaining stories about her rise to the top as a sports agent, an industry where there are actually more agents than athletes to represent. Always fascinated with how peak performers sustain success, Molly gives rare insight into the minds of some of sports’ biggest stars while sharing personal stories about her journey in a highly competitive, traditionally male-dominated industry.

In her talks, Molly earns rave reviews from audiences, who describe her as “a world-class speaker and businessperson” who is “true-to-life, uplifting and entertaining” and great at “connecting and delivering unique tools that captivate audiences.”

The author of three books, Molly tackles the topic of negotiation in her latest release, A Winner’s Guide to Negotiating. In it, she shares the innovative tactics she used to negotiate over $500 million worth of contracts in the high-stakes, big-ego world of professional sports. She’s been featured in ESPN, The Magazine, Fast Company, Forbes and Sports Illustrated, and has energized Fortune 500 companies, associations and teams across the country. Engaging, humorous, relatable and high energy, Molly lights a fire in any audience, inspiring fearless growth.

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Molly Fletcher
TEDxEmory: Unleash Your Potential
Molly Fletcher Profile Photo
Molly Fletcher
Molly Fletcher

Molly Fletcher’s Speech Topics

  • Transform Your Business Relationships

    Successful business development is rooted in relationships, and those who learn how to effectively cultivate relationships rise to the top. Working in an industry where there are actually more sports agents than athletes to represent, Molly Fletcher used the power of relationships as her differentiator. She shares her unique tactics that will help you build better and more productive relationships and transform the way you do business.   

    Learn how to:

    • Take creative approaches towards new business opportunities
    • Differentiate yourself from the competition
    • Grow your business by tapping into existing relationships
    • Close the deal in any business development cycle
  • Women Winning in Business…and Beyond

    A trailblazer in the male-dominated sports industry, Molly Fletcher empowers women to carve out their own path for success. Her message inspires, using humor and personal stories of her own experiences to connect. Molly shows how you can find fulfillment without sacrificing personal or professional goals.

  • Why Molly?

    Molly Fletcher is a high-energy, motivational speaker with an incredibly unique background, who inspires fearless growth in individuals, teams and companies. Molly’s keynotes have received comments like “a world-class speaker and businessperson” who is “true-to-life, uplifting and entertaining” and great at “connecting and delivering unique tools that captivate audiences.” As a keynote speaker, she has been honored to serve hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, national associations, corporations, sports teams and start-up organizations.

  • Unleash Your Potential

    It often takes a crisis to create change in our lives. How can we create transformational change in the absence of crisis and unleash our true potential? In this inspiring keynote, Molly Fletcher shares stories from her experiences as one of the only female sports agents in the industry as well as lessons from some of the top athletes and coaches in the game. She outlines the five-step process to unleashing your potential and achieving peak performance.

    Learn how to:

    • Move forward purposefully towards goals of your own making
    • Create lasting change and recover from adversity faster
    • Maximize your energy and execute against key priorities


  • Fearless

    We are all born fearless, but often don’t stay fearless. Molly Fletcher reignites your authentic fearless self to inspire you to define and reach your new level of greatness. Molly’s fearless message will have you ready to dream, live and grow fearlessly.  

    Learn how:

    • The best in their field face challenges fearlessly
    • Asking for what you need and what drives breakthroughs
    • Living authentically is the key to success
  • Negotiate Your Way to Success

    Effective negotiation is rooted in establishing trust and building relationships—one conversation at a time. Hailed as the “female Jerry Maguire” by CNN, Molly Fletcher shares her proven approach to landing more than $500 million in contracts throughout her career. Her tactical advice will give you the courage to ask for what you want in life—and get it! 

    Learn how to:

    • Avoid common negotiating pitfalls and set the stage for a deal
    • Negotiate with all types of people and in any situation
    • Overcome fear of negotiating and ask with confidence
    • Approach gender roles within a negotiation
  • Leading the Way: Inspiring Go-Getters and Game Changers

    In order to lead, you have to inspire people to want to follow. A true leader knows that leadership extends beyond self. From the arenas of professional sports to the boardrooms of major companies, Molly Fletcher shares what drives top leaders and how they inspire collective success.

    Learn how the best leaders:

    • Connect versus communicate and create a culture of feedback
    • Lead through change and adversity
    • Hire and retain talent with a focus on growth mindset
    • Inspire self-accountability and a culture of success


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