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Mike Robbins

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Expert in Teamwork, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence; Author; Former Professional Baseball Player

As someone who works with today’s most dynamic and cutting-edge organizations, Mike Robbins blends storytelling from his own life, his background as a professional baseball player and his experience working with some of the top companies in Silicon Valley and around the world, to inspire leaders and teams to build high-performing cultures and authentic connections – both internally and externally.

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Mike Robbins'S SPEAKING FEE $25K - $40K

Mike Robbins Profile Photo

Mike Robbins'S SPEAKING FEE $25K - $40K

Mike Robbins is an internationally recognized expert in teamwork, leadership and emotional intelligence. For the past 20 years, Robbins has advised many of the world’s leading brands on how their leaders and teams can engage with each other effectively, lead with authenticity and create a culture that is conducive to success, loyalty and trust. His entertaining and engaging presentations bring a unique perspective on the importance of humanizing the workplace which allows people to connect more deeply with each other and themselves. Robbins offers actionable content and down-to-earth techniques that lead to results.

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Mike Robbins’s Speech Topics

  • Authentic Leadership

    Leadership can be challenging, especially in today’s fast-paced, globalized world. Leaders with a strong sense of emotional intelligence (EQ), a willingness to be courageous and vulnerable, and the capacity to inspire others in a genuine way, have a distinct advantage. This program, which is based on the core principles of Mike Robbins' work and books, delves into practical ways for leaders to enhance their impact and effectiveness by leading with authenticity.

    This program:

    ·        Teaches leaders how to connect at a deeper level with their teams and build real trust

    ·        Exemplifies the importance of authenticity and even vulnerability

    ·        Shows how appreciation positively impacts productivity, loyalty, and engagement

    ·        Encourages leaders to be transparent in a way that’s both liberating and inspiring

    ·        Teaches leaders key elements for enhancing their EQ

  • Nothing Changes Until You Do

    Wherever we go in life, there we are. We usually can’t change others or even the circumstances around us, we can only change ourselves. The one constant in the midst of all of the change, stress and uncertainty we face in business and life is us. When we take ownership and responsibility for our experience, we not only make it easier to navigate the changes we face, we can empower ourselves and those around us to be authentically successful, regardless of the circumstances. This program, which is based on key aspects of Mike Robbins’ research and experience over the past 20 years, illustrates exactly how individuals, leaders and teams can navigate change successfully and thrive in the process.

    The program teaches people to:

    • Take ownership and responsibility in an empowering way
    • Enhance their emotional intelligence (EQ)
    • Deal effectively with change and uncertainty
    • Have more compassion for themselves and others
    • Enhance the culture around them through authenticity and appreciation
  • Keys to Creating a Champion Team

    A “championship team” is a group of people who can effectively handle adversity and conflict, trust one another, communicate clearly and authentically, and appreciate each other in a positive way. In this program, which is based on key principles from all four of Mike Robbins’ books, as well as his background as a college and professional baseball player, he teaches people, leaders, and groups the fundamental aspects of creating successful teams that truly win.

    This program:

    • Teaches people how to build more authentic relationships with their teammates
    • Unifies and inspires teams around their common goals and purpose
    • Shows how appreciation positively impacts both morale and productivity
    • Encourages people to be authentic in a way that builds trust
    • Challenges team members to take ownership for both personal and team success
  • Bring Your Whole Self to Work

    For us to truly succeed, especially in today's diverse and ever-changing business world, we must be willing to bring our whole selves to the work that we do. And, for the teams and organizations that we lead or are a part of to thrive, it’s essential to create an environment where people feel safe enough to bring all of who they are to work, as well. When we operate with courage, trust, and vulnerability, we’re able to unlock innovation, connection, and performance at the highest level for ourselves and those around us.

    This program, based on Mike Robbins’ work and books:

    • Teaches people how to build more authentic relationships with those around them
    • Exemplifies the power of appreciation
    • Shows ways to enhance emotional intelligence
    • Encourages people to operate with a growth mindset
    • Challenges team members to work together and collaborate


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