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Michelle Caruso-Cabrera

WSB Exclusive Speaker

CNBC Contributor and CNBC’s 1st Latina Anchor

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera explores the intersection of economics, policy, and politics – and its bearing on the human experience.

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Michelle Caruso-Cabrera Profile Photo

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera is a CNBC contributor and was the first Latina anchor at CNBC. She appears on the network to discuss issues in international finance, with a particular focus on China and its impact on the US economy. Also an experienced board member and former political candidate, Caruso-Cabrera has particularly good insight into the intersection of finance, politics, and policy.

Previously, Caruso-Cabrera spent more than 20 years at CNBC, most recently as chief international correspondent, and co-anchor of “Power Lunch.” Throughout her career, Caruso-Cabrera has covered a wide range of stories including the 2008 financial crisis, U.S. elections, the Greek debt crisis, the Brexit vote, and Russia’s first invasion of Ukraine in 2014. She has traveled the world reporting live from Cuba, Iran, Ukraine, Iraq, Italy, Russia, Venezuela and Latin America, among many others.

She joined CNBC from WTSP-TV in St. Petersburg, Fla., where she spent four years as a general assignment reporter covering crime and hurricanes. Prior to that, Caruso-Cabrera was a special projects producer for Univision where she gained experience covering Latin America. She began her career in 1990 while in college, as a stringer for The New York Times, reporting for the education section.

Caruso-Cabrera wrote her first book, “You Know I’m Right: More Prosperity, Less Government,” in 2010. Previously, she wrote a personal finance column for Shape en Español and People en Español.

She has also been awarded Broadcaster of the Year by the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and was named one of the “100 Most Influential Hispanics” in the country by Hispanic Business magazine.

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Michelle Caruso-Cabrera Profile Photo
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera

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Michelle Caruso-Cabrera Profile Photo
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera

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Michelle Caruso-Cabrera Profile Photo
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera

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Michelle Caruso-Cabrera Profile Photo
Michelle Caruso-Cabrera

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Michelle Caruso-Cabrera’s Speech Topics

  • The Intersection of Economics, Policy, and Politics

    A broadcast pioneer with both reporting expertise, and political experience, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera confronts the complex interplay of domestic politics, geopolitics, and its effect on US policy and the American people.

    Over her 20 years at CNBC, she gained unprecedented access to some of the biggest political and economic occurrences on both sides of the Atlantic, and the people involved. She covered everything from the great recession of 2008, the Greek debt crisis, Russia’s first invasion of Ukraine, the economic rise of China, as well as corporate mergers and presidential elections.

    Caruso-Cabrera’s unique position allowed her an intimate understanding of the impact politics and policy can have on people’s pocketbooks – and the more serious threats to the human experience. “We use antiseptic terms to describe world events, but what we’re talking about can be unbelievably painful,” she says.

    In this talk, Caruso-Cabrera zeroes in on geopolitical issues and how they affect the American economy. She offers fast analysis and detailed commentary on complex topics affecting the U.S. and the world, to help audiences decipher a better way forward. 

  • Building Women Leaders

    As the first Latina anchor at CNBC, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera is a pioneer in the field of broadcast journalism. When she embarked on her career in finance reporting, she was one of the few female – and Latina – anchors on-air. 

    With dogged determination, she developed a strong voice in the world of political and business commentary, sharing her sharply-focused views and deep insights with characteristic candor. Her work had massive impact on the industry. Admired by finance leaders and journalists alike, she inspired many – and women, in particular – to follow in her footsteps.

    “The news business is competitive, often cut-throat, and managing it was tough. But the lessons I learned will be useful to women everywhere, regardless of what business they are in.”

    Named one of the “100 Most Influential Hispanics” in the country by Hispanic Business Magazine, she broke away from the crowd early in her career. But her path wasn’t easy. In this conversation, Caruso-Cabrera details the story of how she got to where she is today, and how she uses her position to empower more Latina and women entrepreneurs.

    With passion and veracity, she teaches audiences tactical tips for building themselves as better leaders, revealing harsh truths that must be confronted. “Women tend to sell themselves short,” she says. “I want to help them be their best advocates.” 

  • Moderating the Conversation

    As a long-time journalist and commentator in the field of political and finance reporting, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera is uniquely positioned to navigate complex conversations.

    Over the years, she confronted a multitude of pivotal and polarizing topics. And she’s interviewed some of the world’s most compelling newsmakers, with subjects ranging from influential C-Suite leaders to ruthless and cunning heads of state.

    As a moderator, Caruso-Cabrera leans on her deep experience from the field. Able to proctor the conversation quickly and with depth, she provokes discussion and debate – and with balance. She quickly and directly uncovers different perspectives, getting to the heart of the topic and the root of its impact.

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