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Mel Robbins

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Serial entrepreneur; Best-selling author; Internationally recognized social media influencer; Founder and CEO of 143 Studios, Inc.

Mel Robbins creates an emotionally and visually stunning experience for audiences that is never canned and is always deeply personal and highly actionable. She loves making a real difference in people’s lives by teaching them to believe in themselves and inspiring them to take the actions that will change their lives.

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Mel Robbins'S SPEAKING FEE Over $70,000

Mel Robbins Profile Photo

Considered one of the most sought after motivational speakers in the world, Mel Robbins is one of the leading voices in personal development and transformation, as well as an international bestselling author. Her work includes the global phenomenon The 5 Second Rule, four #1 bestselling audiobooks, the #1 podcast on Audible, as well as signature online courses that have changed the lives of more than half a million students worldwide. Her latest international best-seller, The High 5 Habit, was released around the world in September 2021. Her groundbreaking work on behavior change has been translated into 36 languages and is used by healthcare professionals, veterans’ organizations, and the world’s leading brands to inspire people to be more confident, effective, and fulfilled. As one of the most widely booked public speakers in the world, Mel coaches more than 60 million people online every month and videos featuring her work have more than a billion views online, including her TEDx talk, which is one of the most popular of all time.

Mel Robbins’ is the Founder & CEO of 143 Studios, Inc., where she and her team create, produce, and publish first-of-its-kind audio and visual content for a digital audience of ~60 million per month. 143 Studios produces and manages content across all social platforms for the Mel Robbins brand. They are also the team responsible for the four #1 Audiobook productions for Audible.

On stage, Mel is a riveting, fun, and unforgettable speaker, teaching audiences a wide range of science-backed strategies with life-changing impact. Mel has spoken to executives at some of the world’s leading brands, including Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, Optum, Cisco, and AT&T.

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Mel Robbins’s Speech Topics

  • The 5 Second Rule – Achieve Breakthrough Performance In Your Career & Life

    Three million people have learned the secret to reaching their true potential -now it’s your turn. You are meant to do extraordinary things in your career and your life and the 5 Second Rule will help you achieve it.

    In her viral, globally praised TEDx talk, Mel demystifies neuroscience research on the brain and the latest social science research to explain why and how you screw yourself over every day. You’ll learn how to identify the mistakes you’re making and learn how to create lasting behavior change within yourself. You’ll also discover one radical idea that will forever alter how you approach life.

    Mel uses riveting videos, case studies and hilarious personal stories that will amaze and entertain you, all the while giving you the resources you need to soar. She leverages audience participation to demonstrate behavior change. The lessons and tools can be applied immediately and your audience will leave feeling deeply inspired, empowered and equipped to tackle their professional and personal dreams.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Be inspired and motivated to reach your true potential.
    • Discover the two modes in which your brain operates.
    • Learn the three ways your brain uses “trickery” to stop action.
    • Practice the higher brain function that enables breakthrough performance.
    • Witness Mel turn fear into action.
    • Learn To Use the 5 Second Rule To Alter How You Approach Life.
  • The High 5 Habit: How To Inspire Yourself And Those Around You To Be Their Best

    The most pressing question leaders everywhere struggle with is this: How do I motivate and inspire my team to be their best? 

    In this visually rich and memorable experience, Mel will share what it takes for any leader to create a driven, connected, collaborative, and cohesive team. Your audience will be shocked and delighted to learn that the secret to motivating others is right in front of their face. Inspiring others begins with learning how to inspire yourself. In this speech, Mel shows your audience HOW to light the fire of motivation and inspiration within themselves first, so productivity, action, and accomplishments flow naturally. Your audience will then learn how to ignite a chain reaction to inspire not only their teams, but also their spouses, their kids, and the people around them. Mel explains the surprising research from her international best-seller The High 5 Habit, about what truly motivates us and those around us, and it’s revolutionary.

    It all begins with the relatable and funny story of how Mel discovered The High 5 Habit one morning in her bathroom, and how this simple habit has spread around the world, transforming the lives of people of all ages. She’ll also share what she discovered after a year-long research project on the science of what motivates people. The answer is a management approach called “The High 5 Leader.” It’s the secret to inspiring top-tier performance in yourself and others. Your audience will learn what it takes to be a High 5 Leader in life and at work, and the five habits that make up the high five attitude of celebration and support.

    The tactics and strategies for mastering your mindset and taking control of your life are the gamechangers you and your audience have been looking for but never seemed to find. It’s what’s missing in their lives and in your organization. 

    The insights and inspiration your audience receives will create meaningful change as Mel teaches them HOW to show up like a modern leader, HOW to motivate and inspire others every single day, HOW to navigate change with unwavering certainty, and HOW to find opportunity no matter how dire things look. 

    It’s all supported by profound research and Mel will share the real-life results that her tools are creating in the lives of millions of people around the world. So be prepared to laugh, learn, and envision yourself as a High 5 Leader.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Learn a simple habit and how to use it to change your mindset and approach to inspiring yourself and others.
    • Understand the new science of leadership and how to show up as a High 5 Leader.
    • The surprising secret to job satisfaction and motivation.
    • Why the first 2 mins and 37 seconds of your day determines what kind of leader you’re going to be.
    • The 3 fundamental needs all people have––and why you can’t empower people unless you tap into them.
    • Understanding mirror neurons and how to use them to your advantage.
    • The science behind spotting opportunity and how you can train your brain to see the path forward in even the worst of circumstances.


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