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Medina Jett

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Attorney, Former Fortune 100 Executive, Diversity and Equity Strategist

As this country demands an end to racial inequality across many spectrums, Medina Jett emerges as a leading voice in the empowerment of African Americans, professionally and financially.

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Medina Jett Profile Photo

Medina Jett, JD, MBA is a mother first and foremost. Formerly married, she is a mom to young adults, Taylor, Dre, and Sydni. In addition to her role as a dedicated mom, Medina is a career-driven professional and a servant leader. She has achieved success in multiple professional areas. She was a senior executive at three Fortune 500 companies before the age of 40. She then founded an award-winning international business in the asset management industry which she scaled and eventually sold 13 years later. Medina is now pursuing her passion for real estate and the creation of a family business with her newest entrepreneurial venture, TDS Builders, a real estate development company that she co-founded with her youngest daughter, Sydni. 

Medina is a long-time social justice advocate. She has been the recipient of many awards and recognition for her advocacy most notably the Anti-Defamation League’s Torch of Liberty award for her advocacy in social justice and racial equality issues; the Urban League of Southern Connecticut’s Diversity Award; the Tri-State Diversity Council’s Influential Women award; and the Hartford Business Journal’s Top Women in Business award, to name a few.

Medina became an advocate for destigmatizing mental illness and raising awareness on this national epidemic after her son, Andre (Dre) Jett, was diagnosed with bipolar schizoaffective in October 2018.  Medina has become a trusted resource for parents across the country challenged with young adults who have developed mental health issues.  Peace Be Still: My Journey to Save My Son From the Grip of Mental Illness marks Medina’s debut as an author.

Medina’s mental health talk gives us an opportunity to experience up close and very personal the journey of a parent dealing with an adult child with a mental health condition. She takes audiences along on her journey from handling her son’s initial bipolar diagnosis through her struggle to get help from our flawed mental health system and her personal struggles coping with her son’s mania and her new normal. 

Medina breaks down the stigma around mental health and is starting a much-needed national conversation on mental illness. Her talk is powerful, inspirational, and informative. It would be of interest to every parent, everyone who knows someone challenged with a mental health condition, every mental health worker, and every human being who wants to be a part of the solution to the mental health crisis.   

Medina earned a BA from Wesleyan University, a JD from Georgetown Law School, and an MBA in finance from the University of Connecticut School of Business. She also is a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program at Babson College. Medina is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

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Medina Jett Profile Photo
Medina Jett

Medina Jett, JD, MBA on Improving Diversity in Corporate America

Medina Jett’s Speech Topics

  • Driving Change Through Awareness: A Conversation on What Racial Equity Looks Like

    As the only Black person in the room throughout most of her career, Medina Jett has faced many challenges and experienced first-hand how the corporate machine works. She shares her personal experiences and provides tremendous insight into the impacts of systemic racism in the corporate world; spotlighting what corporations need to come to terms with and identifying what should be done differently to bring about meaningful change.

  • Mental Illness in Young Adults — The Quiet Epidemic

    Young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 have the highest prevalence of mental illness in the US. What drives college-aged kids to suffer mental illness at such a high rate? What signs might they have exhibited at some point during their childhood that could have been indicators of a developing mental condition? As the mother of a bright college student who suffered a mental breakdown and a bipolar diagnosis, Medina shares her personal story, her observations about tell-tell signs that every parent should be aware of, and her checklist for parents on how to short circuit the young adult mental health epidemic. 

  • Mental Illness In the Black Community — An Outspoken Mother’s Story

    Medina shares her very personal story of her young adult son who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in college and her journey of compassion, advocacy, outrage, and hope to navigating the broken mental health system determined to get her son the help that he needs to triumph. 


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