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Marc Prensky

Education Leader, Author, Founder, The Global Future Education and Foundation Institute

"We all want our kids to be educated. What's changing is what an education is, and what 'being educated' means." – Marc Prensky

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Marc Prensky'S SPEAKING FEE Under $25,000

Marc Prensky shares an “Empowered-to-Accomplish” approach that directly improves our students’ world and bolsters individuals through a process of doing real-world projects. He outlines a a clear and better alternative to our current approach to academic education, and compellingly explains why we should adjust education to prepare students for where the world will be in 10-20 years.

Marc Prensky offers us a lucid, inspiring, optimistic, doable and crucial blueprint for how we can build the future with the schools children desperately need in our modern, high-risk, highly complex, fast-changing and imperiled world.

Prensky has taught at all levels, from elementary to college and has been acclaimed as a true “thought leader” -– a forward-thinking innovator with ideas for educating kids that are typically years ahead of the rest of the world. Marc is the coiner of the term “digital native”—now in the Oxford English Dictionary—and the award-winning author of 10 books. Marc’s 2015 book, Education to a Better World: Unleashing the Power of 21st century Kids won the Foreword Gold Prize in Education. His latest book EMPOWERED!: Re-framing ‘Growing Up’ for a New Age (2022) has been called “transformative,” “insightful,” and a “must-read.”

Why Book Marc Prensky for Your Event
Having helped popularize the term “digital native,” Marc Prensky often sees the world in ways others do not — or do not yet. He views education from new perspectives, most particularly from the point of view of students. He offers provocative advice for companies seeking to create new educational technology and individuals and educators eager to widen the way we all must continue to learn.

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Marc Prensky
Marc Prensky on the Future of Education

Marc Prensky’s Speech Topics

  • Unleashing the Power of Two Billion Kids: Empowering 21st Century Young People

    “HUMANITY HAS NOW OUTPACED EDUCATION,” says Marc Prensky. Putting kids in schools to learn in advance—in-person or online—once the great hope for all the world—is no longer right for our children’s future; rather, it is an artifact of our past. Reforming how we educate—as so many are trying to do—won’t help. Going forward, instead of putting things into kids’ heads, we now need to bring things out! Rather than educating or “socializing” young people, we need to be unleashing them!

    So helpless in the past, young humans can finally grow up empowered—something very new in the world. It can start in the earliest years, through REAL WORLD ACCOMPLISHMENT BY YOUNG PEOPLE, WITH MEASURABLE POSITIVE IMPACT ON THEIR WORLD. It is what Prensky means by EMPOWERMENT! 

    Marc’s inspiring talk—aimed at parents, employers, educators, and politicians—is about understanding the new opportunity for all young people in the coming New Age of Empowerment: SELF-DIRECTIONPLUSREAL-WORLDACCOMPLISHMENT WITH IMPACT. Arising from a totally new combination of empowering beliefs, symbiosis with technology, applied uniqueness, and real-world accomplishment, this new approach finally gives young people the means to take control of their world and improve it—something we all desperately need. Marc Prensky shows us—with numerous examples—how Empowerment is being implemented around the globe. He shows us why empowering our two billion young people is necessary and important, and how we can do it more quickly, through a new model of FINDING one’s uniqueness, APPLYING it to bettering your world, and, in doing so, REALIZING one’s dreams.

    In this entertaining, highly refreshing, one-of-a-kind keynote, Marc Prensky re-frames our kids’ world and takes the audience on a journey of discovery of the new alternative—already at work in many places—truly preparing young people for their future. Marc introduces EMPOWERMENT HUBS, now emerging around the globe—including inside companies—as an exciting new alternative to 20thcentury schools and classrooms.

    Prensky’s Audiences leave with: 

    • New perspectives on young people—what they can now do, and how that can help them.
    • An understanding of why humanity has outpaced education—and what to do instead that is better.
    • Knowledge of why Empowerment, Accomplishment and Impact are the crucial needs and journey for young people in the 21st century—and how to get there.
    • Ways to help empower tomorrow’s young people—no matter your role or job.
    • A process that has been effective with thousands of young people all over the world for doing world-improving projects with Measurable Positive Impact at all age levels.
    • Ways to sponsor or create an Empowerment Hub for young people in a workplace, home, organization or in the cloud.
  • SEEING BEYOND “JOBS” TO THE PROJECTS OF THE FUTURE – Changing work in a tech-filled, AI world

    As the world quickly moves into a tech-filled, AI future, the nature of work is changing dramatically. We will need to see work not as “jobs” that people get and hold as they do today, but as projects that people help accomplish. “We don’t do job descriptions anymore, we do project descriptions,” says an HR executive at IBM. Now more and more firms and—entire fields—are moving to this project—rather than job—organization. This means one now requires a specialty that can enhance many teams, and to be continually increasing one’s skill at that specialty, so one can move fluidly between projects at different organizations rather than climbing a hierarchical ladder of job promotions in any single one.  Everyone who now works in—or is considering— a so-called “permanent” job needs to understand this, and prepare for this new version of “work.”



    ·       Why and how work will be changing (and is already).

    ·       What the future model of work means for your kids and for you.


    We have gone beyond the terms “digital natives” and “digital immigrants” that Prensky coined two decades ago to massive generational change in attitudes and beliefs. Attitudes and beliefs are changing radically between the generations with regard to education technology, privacy, property, personal relationships, security, sexuality, power, kids, violence, god, justice, money, love, government, and even time and space. Today we are in the midst of a major transition from the beliefs and attitudes of the world’s “Last Pre-Internet Generation,” raised entirely in the 20th century, and the “First Internet Generation,” raised entirely in the 21st. The consequences are profound.



    ·       How beliefs differ between the generations.

    ·       What this specifically means for adults and for kids.

    ·       What are the best actions for us to take?

  • CHANGING BELIEFS – Why the BELIEFS DIVIDE is more important than the DIGITAL DIVIDE

    Beliefs about the world are changing, and it is about to have a huge impact. Our beliefs, embedded—often unconsciously—deep within our minds, determine all our actions. On a huge number of important topics, kids today often have very different beliefs than their Pre-Internet teachers and parents. Areas range from education, to technology, to privacy, property, personal relationships, sexuality, race, security, power, kids, work and jobs, empathy, violence, religion, justice and injustice, money love, government, and even time and space. It is now time, says Prensky, for all of us to re-examine and see beyond our own 20th c. beliefs—such as viewing kids as powerless and incapable of real-world accomplishment—because such beliefs hold our kids back on their journey to the world of the future. Marc shows both why this is key and how to do it.


    What are 20th c. vs. 21st c. beliefs?

    Why this understanding is key to teaching and raising young people.

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Marc Prensky offers us a lucid, inspiring, optimistic, doable and crucial blueprint for how we can build the future with the schools children desperately need in our modern, high-risk, highly complex, fast-changing and imperiled world.

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