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Manoj Saxena

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Chairman, AI Global, Former General Manager, IBM Watson; Former Chairman, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas/San Antonio, Serial Entrepreneur and teaching faculty on Trusted AI.

Called the “father of IBM Watson” and a pioneer of “Trusted Artificial Intelligence” for his work on building ethical and responsible AI system, Manoj Saxena’s work as a leading practitioner and investor at the forefront of AI reveals his knowledge of how AI represents both a new way of innovating and driving growth and how AI is a double edge sword that requires great care to manage potentially large AI business risk and reputational damage.

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Manoj Saxena Profile Photo


From successful serial tech entrepreneur to accomplished venture capitalist and now an academic and widely published writer, Manoj Saxena is an innovation agent who focuses on using AI for creation of business value while “doing no harm.” He also teaches a course on “How to design Ethical and Responsible AI Systems” at the University of Texas Austin.

Named one of the Fast Company “Most Creative People” and “Entrepreneur of the Year”, Manoj Saxena explains how to put AI to work in key industries to drive growth, reduce costs while managing reputational damage, revenue losses, regulatory backlash, criminal investigations, and diminished public trust due to AI systems privacy violations, discrimination.

Manoj draws upon his experience leading the world’s first and largest commercial initiative on Cognitive Computing as General Manager of IBM Watson business to provide crucial insights on how machine intelligence is rapidly impacting various industries and prescribes steps businesses will have to take to deploy trusted AI systems.

Manoj Saxena has been featured in hundreds of articles for publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Review among others. He has appeared on Television, National Public Radio, and other networks. He is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully built and sold two companies and an avid endurance race car driver

Manoj Saxena’s Speech Topics

  • Presentations by Manoj Saxena

    As technologies such as cloud, mobile, big data and artificial intelligence gain a foothold in the mainstream of business and entrepreneurship, we are gearing up for the most significant disruption in our approach to how we work, live and learn.

    This shift towards intelligent machines will create more value and disruption than the Web/Internet did 20 years ago. Manoj Saxena’s talks describe how these forces are already driving rapid business model innovation and outline how business leaders need to take a different, courageous approach to either disrupt or be disrupted from this technology superconvergence.

    Sample Speeches:

    • Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Impact of Machine Intelligence and Digital Technologies for Your Business
      C-level presentation on the disruptive impact and potential from the superconvergence of six digital technologies (mobile, cloud, big data, social, analytics and artificial intelligence).
    • Cognitive Computing: Humanity’s Next Big Leap
      General audience presentation on what is cognitive computing, its applications, pitfalls and potential for driving business and societal change, and how intelligence machines and cognitive computing will be the next force multiplier for businesses.
    • Courage to Fail Fast, Fail Forward: Managing Technology and Business Model Innovation in the Age of Intelligent Machines
      How business and IT need to approach technology and business model innovation in this era of intelligent machines powered by mobile, cloud, big data, social and analytics technologies.


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