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Manoj Saxena

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Chairman, Trustwise, an AI Safety Company; Former General Manager, IBM Watson; Former Chairman, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas/San Antonio, Serial Entrepreneur and teaching faculty on Trusted AI

Called the “father of IBM Watson” and a pioneer of “Trusted Artificial Intelligence” for his work on building ethical and responsible AI system, Manoj Saxena’s work ― as a leading practitioner and investor at the forefront of AI Safety ― reveals his knowledge of how AI represents both a new way of innovating and driving growth. His current work includes teaching at the University of Texas at Austin and Cambridge University on the future of leadership and on reimagining work in the age of AI. 

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Manoj Saxena Profile Photo

Manoj Saxena is the Executive Chairman of Responsible AI Institute a non-profit dedicated to certification of Trustworthy and Ethical AI. He is also Chairman of Trustwise, an AI safety startup on a mission to democratize AI that is safe, observable, and compliant.

Until recently, Saxena was Chairman of the board of CognitiveScale and of the US Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, San Antonio and served for six years in that role. 

Previously, he served as the first General Manager of IBM Watson, where his team built the first cognitive systems. Prior to IBM, Saxena was the founder and CEO of two venture-backed software companies which were acquired within a five-year span by Commerce One and by IBM.

Saxena is a Director of the Saxena Family Foundation and a Lecturer at University of Texas Austin where he teaches a course on Design of Ethical Artificial Intelligence systems. 

In his spare time, he is an avid auto racing enthusiast and has completed over 60,000 miles in track, endurance, and auto rally races around the world in his 1934 Alvis Speed 20, 1972 Datsun 240z, and 2009 Porsche 911 GT3RS.

Saxena holds a post graduate degree in business administration from Michigan State University, and graduate degree in management sciences from the Birla Institute of Technology & Science in Pilani, India. He is the holder of 34 software patents.

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Manoj Saxena Profile Photo
Manoj Saxena

Manoj Saxena on The History of IBM Watson

Manoj Saxena’s Speech Topics

  • Innovating Safely with ChatGPT and Generative AI in the Enterprise: Lessons from Early Adopters

    This is a general audience presentation on how enterprises are harnessing the full potential of Large Language Models like ChatGPT and Google Bard while maintaining a strong focus on safety and compliance, and enabling innovation and growth.

    Saxena will discuss practical examples of how companies are driving operational productivity and innovation with ChatGPT while mitigating risks around bias, explainability, model hallucination, data commingling, and regulatory compliance. 

  • Presentations by Manoj Saxena

    As technologies such as generative artificial intelligence, metaverse, cloud, and big data gain a foothold in the mainstream of business and entrepreneurship, we are gearing up for the most significant disruption in our approach to how we work, live and learn.

    This shift towards intelligent machines will create more value and disruption than the Web/Internet did 20 years ago. Manoj Saxena’s talks describe how these forces are already driving rapid business model innovation and outline how business leaders need to take a different, courageous approach to either disrupt or be disrupted from this technology super-convergence.

    Sample Speeches:

    • The Rise of ChatGPT and Generative AI: Understanding its Impact on Business Innovation and Creativity: General audience presentation on what is generative AI, its applications, pitfalls, and potential for driving business and societal change, and how a powerful new class of large language model based Generative AI Apps that make it possible for machines to write, code, draw, and create will be the next force multiplier for businesses.
    • Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Impact of Machine Intelligence and Digital Technologies for Your Business: C-level presentation on the disruptive impact and potential from the super-convergence of six digital technologies (generative AI, 5G, cloud, big data, social, and analytics ). Includes practical AI applications and pitfalls around black box AI and pragmatic approach for driving business and societal change with responsible and trustworthy AI.
    • Responsible AI is Profitable AI: Lessons from Early Adopters: General audience presentation on what is responsible and trustworthy AI, its applications, pitfalls and potential for driving business and societal change. This will include real-life examples on how to manage black box AI problems and mitigate unintended harm that is leading to increased financial risk, loss of customer trust, and regulatory challenges.
    • Courage to Fail Fast, Fail Forward: Managing Technology and Business Model Innovation in the Age of Intelligent Machines: How business and IT need to approach technology and business model innovation in this era of intelligent machines powered by mobile, cloud, big data, social, and analytics technologies.


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