Liz Claman
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Liz Claman

With nearly 25 years of experience, Liz Claman—described by Vanity Fair as " of television's top business reporters and anchor"'—shares insights on leadership and the global economy gleaned from her access to the most influential and powerful business leaders in the world.
Anchor/Correspondent, FOX Business Network

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  • Personal Growth and Achievement
  • Global Markets
  • Financial Markets
  • Jewish Interests
  • Global Economy and Trade

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  • The Finance Industry
  • Jewish Interest Groups
  • The Professional Services Industry

With 25 years of experience, Liz Claman—described by Vanity Fair as “ of television’s top business reporters and anchor”—shares insights on markets, leadership and the global economy gleaned from her access to the most influential and powerful business and political leaders in the world.

The turbulence making its way through the global economy has many searching for answers—and there are few better authorities on where we are and where we are going than Liz Claman. An Emmy Award-winning journalist, author and one of the top anchors at FOX Business News where she anchors Countdown to the Closing Bell, Claman has traversed the globe—from Detroit to Davos—to get an in-depth understanding of today’s biggest stories from the stock market to the Federal Reserve to business and politics. Having worked her way from local news desks in Columbus, Cleveland and Boston to landing a reporter and anchor position at CNBC where she nabbed the first one-hour, live sit-down interview with billionaire Warren Buffett, Claman has earned a reputation as one of the most respected financial journalists in television for her tenacity, intellect and savvy in covering the financial issues of the day. In her keynote presentations, Claman delivers an up-to-the-minute analysis of the news—and people—moving the markets and what it all means for the future of the U.S. and global economy. The mother of two is a tireless advocate for wounded soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as for Jewish and Israeli causes. She is the author of The Best Investment Advice I Ever Received: Priceless Wisdom from Warren Buffett, Jim Cramer, Suze Orman, Steve Forbes, and Dozens of Other Top Financial Experts.

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Liz Claman's Speech Topics

Working Mother/Global Journalist

Liz Claman shares with audiences on how to soar both at professionally and personally in the new age of working mothers.

To Buffett and Beyond: Learning The Secrets Of Success From The Most Brilliant Minds In Business

Emmy Award-winning journalist Liz Claman and anchor of FOX Business’ Countdown to the Closing Bell and After the Bell has landed some of the toughest `gets’ in Business Journalism: She nabbed the very first hour-long, live network interview with one of the world’s richest men, billionaire Warren Buffett, and she’s picked the brains of some the most successful people on the planet, from Google’s Eric Schmidt to Microsoft’s Bill Gates. Each has shared his or her secrets to success, from the pure inability to see failure as a negative, to a ”never-say-die” attitude that has propelled them to the top. In an inspirational account, Claman, who authored the book The Best Investment Advice I Ever Received and described by Vanity Fair as “one of television’s top business reporters and anchors,” outlines the “special something” that famed CEOs and business luminaries possess—and how you can adopt some of their ideas to help you reach your own pinnacle. In her keynote presentations or as a moderator, Claman gets to the essence of what separates today’s best and brightest leaders from the pack.

The New Economy: Spineless Or Standing Tall: How And When Will America Soar Again If We're Hamstrung By Global Gyrations?

At the start of the new millennium, the excitement around a ‘global economy’ was palpable with sugar plums in the form of trading partners dancing around in world leaders’ heads. With the implosion of Greece, concerns about Italy, Spain and Portugal still hovering over the world economy’s head, can the U.S. stand a chance of recovering? The unequivocal answer from Liz Claman is YES and here’s how and why it’ll happen. Her access to the world’s biggest business leaders from Warren Buffett to Bill Gates to Google’s Eric Schmidt to Intel’s Paul Otellini to Alcoa’s Klaus Kleinfeld reveal the real and more optimistic answers.

Speaking Up and Speaking Out as a Proud American Jew

Liz Claman, born and raised in Los Angeles, first went to Israel as a child in 1977 when her father, world renowned surgeon Dr. Morris Claman was invited to teach at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. As an internationally known journalist, she has interviewed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on numerous occasions, former Prime Minister Ehud Barak along with many other Israeli leaders in both business and politics.

Making a Difference for Our Soldiers

Liz Claman has worked tireless to raise money for Building Homes for The non-profit builds mortgage-free, custom homes for the most severely wounded soldiers returning from service in Iraq and Afghanistan. She’s completed 6 New York City Triathlons along with other efforts to raise millions of dollars for the charity. Her unique perspective on giving back to those who given all.