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Lisa Bodell

Innovation Expert, Founder and CEO of futurethink and Author

A globally recognized leader, futurist and expert in helping companies find success through simplification, Lisa Bodell shows how simplifying can shake off the twin evils of complexity and complacency prevalent in today’s organizations.

Lisa Bodell Profile Photo

Lisa Bodell'S SPEAKING FEE $40K - $70K

FutureThink CEO Lisa Bodell ranks among the Top 50 Speakers Worldwide and is the best-selling author of Kill the Company and Why Simple Wins. She’s a global leader on simplification, collaboration, and innovation, whose keynotes leave audiences inspired to change and arm them with radically simple tools to get to the work that matters.

Bodell brings a compelling perspective to the sought-after topics of simplification and innovation to over 100,000 people each year. A thought leader and serial entrepreneur, her transformational message has inspired executives at top-ranked organizations such as Google, Cisco, Citigroup, and the U.S. Navy War College.

Based on her best-selling books, Kill the Company and Why Simple Wins, Lisa provides a provocative yet practical approach that enables organizations and individuals to eradicate the unnecessary complexity and time-sucks that hold them back from more meaningful work, and allow simplicity to become their new operating system.

Bodell has contributed her expertise to a wide variety of media. She is a monthly contributor to Forbes and has frequently appeared in other media including: Fast CompanyWIREDThe New York Times, Inc.Bloomberg BusinessweekHarvard Business Review, The Huffington PostFOX News, and CNN. She has also been featured in many major books such as Warren Berger’s A More Beautiful Question, Adam Grant’s Originals, and AfterShock, the upcoming 50-year celebration based on futurist Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock.

Bodell has taught innovation at both American University and Fordham University and has a TED talk on the topic. She has served on the board of advisors of several organizations, including the Global Agenda Council for the World Economic Forum, the United States National Security Agency, the Association of Professional Futurists, and the Novartis board of Diversity & Inclusion.

Most Inspirational Woman in Communications Strategy and Execution 2019 (Acquisitions International)

Most Innovative Business Workshop Training Facilitator 2019 (Acquisitions International)

Silver Medalist 2018 North American Book Awards – Why Simple Wins

Most Innovative Management Consulting Firm 2019 NY (CV Magazine)

Lisa Bodell’s Speech Topics

  • Do More Meaningful Work: Spend your time on the things that really matter.

    Innovative businesses have teams that consistently focus their attention on important projects and have employees that feel they make an impact. How do they do it? Get teams to understand where they spend their time, what’s valuable and what’s not, and define what meaningful work is and why it matters. During this talk, participants will reflect on their time sucks, and consider what type of work drives the most value for the business. Participants learn how to ‘get to the work that matters’ with mind-blowing techniques that give hours back to their life for more important things. Learn how to:

    • Uncover times sucks and shift to desired work
    • Improve daily communications
    • Shift to more productive meetings and interactions
    • Streamline processes and decision making
  • The Power of Perspective

    Innovation happens when diverse ideas are shared — and heard. How are your leaders creating an environment where more voices are included? In this talk, we learn how winning organizations creatively engage diverse audiences, unique perspectives, and build a culture where people can better express their thoughts. You’ll leave with unique techniques to engage a wider range of people and ignite the innovative ideas you need:

    • Set norms for effective collaboration
    • Learn how innovators partner within, adjacent and beyond their industry for new breakthroughs
    • Discover the benefits of including ‘unusual suspects’ in your efforts
  • Stop Meeting And Start Collaborating: Powerful ways to collaborate and make remote teams work.

    You’re WFH and want to better engage your team – but how? The new world of work has resulted in time-strapped teams being more burned out and unsure of how to collaborate beyond Zoom. But there are plenty of ways to shift from meeting to collaborating, so that teams can eliminate unproductive time. In this talk you’ll learn how to:

    • Normalize being virtual and get all people engaged
    • Use provocative tools that drive interaction in new ways
    • Avoid overload with a mini mindset
    • Inject actions and activities that go beyond information sharing to drive real-time alignment and decision making
    • Leverage people’s expertise to build innovation
  • 40 Ways to Reinvent Your Business: Get more value from your existing products and services and ignite new growth RIGHT NOW.

    The best organizations are geniuses at extracting untapped value from their existing offerings. They constantly look at their products, services and processes in new ways to maximize their investments. They also know that disruptive, ‘new to the world ideas’ don’t necessarily have to involve millions of dollars and massive amounts of resources. Sometimes, the solutions is right in our own backyard. Learn how orgs like IKEA, Cirque du Soleil, FIFA, Southwest Airlines, and others better leverage their existing offerings to create fresh opportunities. In this speech, you’ll discover:

    • How to pivot your business using a little known but incredibly effective technique called TRIZ – with a twist!
    • How others have used this approach in inventive ways to transform their companies
    • Find new ways to drive new value before you can finish a cup of coffee
    • Overcome lack of imagination and challenge existing norms
  • Curiosity as Your Next Competitive Advantage

    The most innovative orgs today have a culture where curiosity is not just invited but expected. Why? Curiosity is a power skill that shifts us from a closed mindset to an open one, and pivots teams from judging to learning. By instilling approaches that invite exploring we can uncover fresh perspectives, productively challenge the status quo and generate better solutions to problems. In this speech, participants will learn the importance of asking better questions to get better answers. You’ll learn to:

    • Ask thought provoking questions that reveal candid information and illuminate competitive opportunities.
    • Embrace new ideas and unconventional ways of thinking
    • Uncover hidden problems or concerns
    • Include ‘unusual suspects’ for better results
    • Build a true culture of curiosity and innovation
  • The Great Reset – Embracing a Constraint Mindset: The best innovations come from times of change and constraint.

    Never let a crisis go to waste. Whether you’re suddenly faced with a burning platform or taking this critical time to slow down and reflect; now is the perfect time to rethink not just how we work, but what we do. This speech helps leaders navigate times of profound change and rethink the work they do. Strong leaders use these instances to get ahead, challenge norms and fuel success. Learn easy methods for fast change, and turn problems into possibilities:

    • Use micro thinking
    • Turn impossibles into possibles by challenging the status quo
    • Become agile with wild card scenarios
    • Open up to new and innovative ideas
    • Set new norms of behavior for collaborating and working

What other organizations say about Lisa Bodell

Lisa’s message will not only open your eyes to what’s happening in our world, but will also provide you the tools to be able to take action. Her energy is contagious.


What other organizations say about Lisa Bodell

Lisa will show you how to get out of the status quo and grow into the role of a change-maker.

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