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Kimberly S. Reed

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Award-winning Global Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Belonging Executive and Advisor; Best-selling Author, Optimists Always Win!; Cancer Ambassador; Top Chief Diversity Officer, The POWERLIST 2023

Kimberly Reed teaches organizations the importance of optimizing the DEIB (Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, and Belonging) Synthesis using game-changing insights that will drive breakout innovation in your organization. Her inspirational, results-driven approach combines the need for creating more inclusive workplace cultures, increased employee engagement, and generating long-lasting and sustainable results.

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Kimberly S. Reed'S SPEAKING FEE Under $25,000

Kimberly S. Reed Profile Photo

Kimberly S. Reed, M.Ed., CDE®is a skillful and strategic advisor, and leader who leverages her more than 25 years of experience in HR, talent acquisition, diversity, equality, inclusion and belonging and diversity & inclusion training to transform leaders, and cultures into high- performing organizations. She has worked with numerous organizations in global professional services, health care, financial services, consumer products, and pharmaceutical industries. Her inspirational, results-driven approach combines the need for creating more inclusive workplace cultures, increasing revenue growth, and generating long-lasting returns on investments.

Kimberly is a true global diversity revolutionary in this space, by creatively revitalizing organizations that are dealing with cultural and diversity fatigue.

She has revolutionized the way organizations approach developing sustainable strategies using a customized and robust DEIB organizational assessment and modifying DEI language by adding the “B” for Belonging by helping develop inclusive leaders, dialing up empathy and connectivity in uncertain times which are critical to building a solid culture. 

Kimberly teaches organizations the importance of optimizing the DEIB (Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Belonging) Synthesis using game-changing insights that will drive breakout innovation in your organization. She is also the creator of the revolutionary Organizational Diversity Visioning Board© 2023 and Beyond, where ‘visionaries’ are guided through a process on how to set their DEIB priorities to empower and implement change. We get organizations back on track with powerful and transformative tools to revitalize and accelerate their strategy.

Kimberly was the 2023 The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce Leadership Conference Opening Keynote Speaker for thousands of attendees.

Kimberly is also a national collaborator, thought leader, and co-developer of the American Cancer Society’s (ACS), ASPIRE Leadership Academy, the first-ever competitive six-month, comprehensive leadership program for diverse leaders.

Kimberly is a best-selling author of Optimists Always Win! – Moving from Defeat to Life’s C- Suite (Simon Schuster/HCI Communications) where she shares personal stories and advice on overcoming life’s most difficult challenges. As an inspirational speaker, she imparts her optimism in overcoming life’s adversities. She serves as an “Ambassador for Cancer Warriors and Thrivers” and draws from her own battle with Stage IV breast cancer, now ten years cancer-free.

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Kimberly S. Reed Profile Photo
Kimberly S. Reed

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Kimberly S. Reed Profile Photo
Kimberly S. Reed

Kimberly S. Reed on Why Optimists Always Win

Kimberly S. Reed’s Speech Topics

  • Redesigning the Future: Your Organizational Diversity Visioning Board 2023 and Beyond

    As we continue to unscramble the Rubik’s Cube at the top of 2023, the emphasis on people leadership, culture, emotional intelligence, talent, and mental health has risen on the list of C-suite concerns. Dialing up empathy and connectivity in uncertain times is critical to building a solid culture — DEIB is change. 

    In this session, participants will be guided through a “vision board” exercise on how to improve and set their DEIB organizational priorities to empower and implement change through each area of organizational ecosystems for sustainable growth and results. 

  • Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, and Belonging Requires Authentic and Innovative Leadership

    If leadership is about getting results through people, authentic leaders will be successful every time! Authentic leaders consciously create and foster genuine connections with others, and they are committed to building trust, optimism, hope, and commitment within their teams.  

    In this interactive and energetic keynote or workshop, leaders will learn tips and techniques to leverage the power of leading with authenticity and integrity to foster greater employee engagement, DEIB, and sustain an environment where everyone feels they can succeed and thrive.

    After hearing this keynote/session, participants will:

    • Understand what authentic leadership entails, and how to bring the full power of their authentic self to their leadership role;
    • Learn how to communicate and align their teams behind a shared, ambitious, and ethical vision that supports the organization’s goals;
    • Explore ways to create and sustain deeper connections with the people they lead and inspire them to achieve greater results;
    • Understand the importance of creating a leadership philosophy that supports the long-term success of the organization with value-based, courageous leadership.
  • The Evolution of DEI and “B” — What It Means to Our Nation and the Workplace

    We all know that the world is becoming more diverse; post-millennial generations entering the workforce will be the most diverse in history, according to research from the Pew Research Center. Given this reality, many organizations want to proactively leverage the power and benefits of a diverse workforce. During this keynote/session, we are going “back to the basics” to learn more about diversity, equality/equity, inclusion, and belonging, and how incorporating these important concepts into your day-to-day life and professionally, benefits everyone in your organization and ultimately creates a culture where everyone can succeed. The future of work will require us to educate ourselves, and adopt more innovative approaches to sustaining a culture of inclusivity and diversity.

What other organizations say about Kimberly S. Reed

Kimberly S. Reed dropped the mic and left everything she had on the floor with her closing keynote at our 36th Annual Conference ? Unifying our Purpose through People, Passion, and Optimism! It was the trifecta of winning the race with people, purpose, and passion. She had our attendees spellbound, resonating deeply with the stories of her parent’s struggles, victories, and the lessons learned from their shining example to create the courage Kimberly has carried through her own life. Kimberly delivers in a way that is unmatched by many speakers, and I am so grateful for her shared time and wisdom. I would highly recommend Kimberly for anyone looking for a keynote experience with my very best wishes to her continued success.

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