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Kate O’Neill

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Founder and Chief Tech Humanist at KO Insights

Helping humanity prepare for a tech-driven future; helping business make technology better for humans. Kate O'Neill is author of Tech Humanist, expert media commentator, early Netflix employee, Fortune 500 advisor.

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Kate O’Neill Profile Photo

Companies like Google, Etsy, Cisco, and more look to Kate O’Neill, the “Tech Humanist,” for optimism about the role of technology in the world along with a firm reality check. Kate is founder and CEO of KO Insights, a strategic advisory firm committed to improving human experience at scale. She regularly keynotes industry conferences and corporate events, advocating for the future of humanity in an increasingly tech-driven world. Her insights help corporate and cultural leaders re-think how to succeed long-term by taking a human-centric approach to digital transformation and readiness for the future. Her clients and audiences have included a wide variety of world-leading corporations, non-profit organizations, cultural institutions, professional associations, and industry conferences — as well as states and cities, such as Amsterdam, and even the United Nations.

Author of 4 books including her latest, Tech Humanist, Kate’s insights and expertise have been featured in WIRED, USA Today, and many other outlets, and she has appeared as an expert commentator on BBC, NPR, Marketplace, NBC, and a wide variety of other national and international news media.

Kate’s prior accomplishments include creating the first content management role at Netflix, developing Toshiba America’s first intranet, leading cutting-edge online optimization work at Magazines.com, building the first departmental website at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and holding leadership positions in a variety of digital content and technology start-ups. She was also founder & CEO of [meta]marketer, a digital strategy and analytics agency. Kate is a vocal and visible advocate for women in technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership — she was featured by Google in the launch of their global campaign for women in entrepreneurship.

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Kate O’Neill

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Kate O’Neill

Kate O’Neill Virtual Speaking Reel 2020

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Kate O’Neill

#CMWorld Chatter – Kate O’Neill, Founder & CEO, KO Insights

Kate O’Neill’s Speech Topics

  • A Tech Humanist Look At The Future Of Work

    From AI-enabled recruitment systems to virtual presence robots, even the workplace of the present can seem a little strange. But what do emerging and exponential technologies mean for the future of human jobs? It no longer sounds alarmist to say that at least some parts of our jobs are probably going to be replaced by automation or by cognitive computing. Depending on which forecast you consult, as many as half of all job categories risk displacement, if not complete replacement, by machines in the years to come. There will certainly be impacts on the economy, on production, on efficiencies of scale, and on innovation. But beyond the economic impacts, how will this shift our human understanding of meaningful work, of accomplishment, of achievement? And how can companies prepare for workplaces that increasingly blend human and machine contributions? This thought-provoking and ultimately inspiring talk from Kate O’Neill, author of Tech Humanist, offers clarity, encouragement, and a thoughtful approach for business leaders to adapt to the big changes ahead while grounding the discussion in the timeless fundamentals of humanity.

  • Tech Humanist: How Business Can Succeed By Making Technology Better For Humanity

    IDEAL FOR: corporate leaders, technology leaders, business audiences

    • Considers data analytics, connected devices and the Internet of Things, wearable technology, geo-tagged and geo-targeted social media, surveillance, sensors and beacons, and so on.
    • Provokes thinking beyond the customer context to a holistic human experience that blends online and offline interactions.
    • Advocates building lifetime value through relevant and respectful use of data.
    • Advocates strategic purpose as an aligning tool for the organization in modeling data and deploying technology for digital transformation.
    • Explores the relationship between meaning, intention, data tracking, and human experience.
    • Offers practical insights on how businesses can harness data and technology to create innovative experiences that form the basis of more meaningful and profitable relationships with customers.
  • AI, Automation, and the Future of Meaningful Human Experience

    AI and intelligent automation are evolving rapidly, but what does it mean for business? For associations and organizations? For us as a society?

    In this continually-updating keynote address, Kate O’Neill — widely known as the “Tech Humanist” — examines both the implications of adapting business strategy around exponential technologies.

    She also offers practical insights on how businesses can harness what is fundamental about data and technology to create innovative experiences that form the basis of more meaningful and profitable relationships with customers — and how they can avoid scaling the unintended consequences of poorly-thought-out designs and technologies.

  • Better Technology For The Future Of Humanity And Why We All Need To Build It

    IDEAL FOR: technology events wanting to emphasize diversity and inclusion; diversity and inclusion events wanting to emphasize technology

    • Considers that emerging technologies and the technologies of the future are increasingly immersive, and the data about us that shapes our everyday experiences, both online and offline, will increasingly affect our surroundings, our opportunities, and our well-being in seamless, holistic ways.
    • Advocates for women, People of Color, and others who have historically had less input into the direction of technology to be able to lead the way forward.
    • Argues for building the best futures for the most people.
    • Offers encouragement, clarity, and practical steps for a more diverse and inclusive group of humans to influence the future of human experiences.
  • Humanity At Scale: Data, Emerging Tech, And The Future Of Meaningful Human Experience

    IDEAL FOR: corporate audiences, industry conferences

    • Considers the emphasis in business on artificial intelligence, automation of various kinds, and digital transformation.
    • Proposes that the future of human experiences – and even the future of humanity itself – can feel uncertain.
    • Explores the relationship between meaning, intention, data tracking, and human experience.
    • Presents the case for why the future of humanity is in creating more meaningful, dimensional, and integrated experiences.
    • Offers practical insights on how businesses can harness data and technology to create innovative experiences that form the basis of more meaningful and profitable relationships with customers.
    • Demonstrates how emerging technologies like chatbots, wearables, IoT devices, and more can be included in this kind of human-centric strategy.


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