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Justin Berg

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Creativity & Innovation Expert; Management & Organizational Behavior Professor, University of Michigan Ross School of Business

Sharing cutting-edge techniques in creative forecasting, Justin Berg helps companies predict market trends and innovate proactively, securing a strategic edge in their industries.

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Justin Berg Profile Photo

Justin Berg, a distinguished Michigan professor and an innovation specialist, stands at the vanguard of creative forecasting and organizational innovation, making his expertise more crucial than ever in today’s fast-evolving business environment. His pioneering work, including in collaboration with renowned psychologist and author Adam Grant, has significantly advanced our understanding of how to foster original thinking and predict the success of innovative ideas within organizations. This unique blend of insights is particularly relevant as companies worldwide strive to navigate uncertainty and cultivate environments where groundbreaking ideas can flourish.

For organizations aiming to infuse their corporate events with transformative insights on fostering innovation, creativity, and strategic foresight, Justin Berg offers invaluable perspectives. His expertise in creative forecasting and job crafting—crucial skills in today’s unpredictable markets—equips companies with essential strategies to identify and cultivate transformative ideas, driving sustainable growth and securing a competitive advantage.

By inviting Justin Berg to speak, audiences will gain:

  • Strategic Insights into Creative Forecasting: Learning how to effectively anticipate which innovative ideas will succeed, enabling more strategic allocation of resources and better planning.
  • Frameworks for Fostering Innovation and Originality: Insights into creating a culture that not only generates but also accurately assesses and implements groundbreaking ideas, inspired by his cutting-edge research featured in Adam Grant’s bestselling book, “Originals.”
  • Leadership Strategies for the Future: Approaches to leadership that embrace uncertainty, champion experimentation, and facilitate the evolution of business models through creative forecasting and job crafting.

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Justin Berg Profile Photo
Justin Berg

Justin Berg: Focus on Quality, Not Success

Justin Berg Profile Photo
Justin Berg

Justin Berg: How to Start a Novel Idea

Justin Berg’s Speech Topics

  • The Science of Creative Forecasting: Navigating Innovation with Confidence

    Unveiling the methodology behind predicting the success of innovative projects, blending research-backed insights with practical tools for informed decision-making on future innovations.

  • Cultivating a Culture of Sustainable Innovation

    Exploring the organizational mindsets and structures that nurture a steady flow of viable ideas, detailing how to sustain an environment where creativity meets business acumen for long-term success.

  • Unlocking Hidden Potential through Job Crafting

    Harnessing the power of job crafting in this interactive workshop, attendees optimize their roles to leverage their unique strengths, sparking greater originality, adaptability, and satisfaction from within their current jobs.


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