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Julius Genachowski

Federal Communications Commission Chairman (2009-2013)

A visionary whose leadership has helped revolutionize the world of communications and media, Julius Genachowski looks to the future of technology—and how disruptive innovations in the U.S. and abroad will drive the economy forward.

Julius Genachowski Profile Photo

Widely recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts on innovation, communications technology and economic growth, Julius Genachowski shares with audiences how broadband Internet, mobile and other cutting-edge technologies are affecting the economy—and creating new opportunities among industries that are at the core of America’s future and global competitiveness. With a strong hand on the rudder, Genachowski’s tireless efforts while chairman of the FCC resulted in numerous groundbreaking advances in broadband access, consumer empowerment and increased the scope and availability of communications technology on a global scale. During his tenure, the U.S. regained global leadership in key areas of the broadband economy, and America saw record-setting private investment in broadband and unparalleled innovation in networks, devices and applications. An energetic, respected and versatile leader in both the public and private sector, Genachowski is known as an indispensable change agent whose efforts have had tremendous implications for the continued health and trajectory of the information superhighway and U.S. global competitiveness. He has overseen the review of numerous major mergers—including Comcast/NBC Universal—and was top lieutenant to Barry Diller at IAC/InterActiveCorp, where he played a key role in major corporate acquisitions and investments, the growth of Expedia and Hotels.com, the digital transformation of Ticketmaster and the development of USA Network and SyFy Channel. Genachowski has been listed as one of 100 people changing America by Rolling Stone; one of the seven most powerful people in new media by Forbes and under his watch the FCC was named one of the “seven top disruptions” by Wired. Today he serves as Managing Director/Partner for the Carlyle Group’s U.S. buyout team and is a member of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board.  In his presentations, Genachowski discusses the power and promise of technology, including the opportunities that lie in mobile and broadband as well as the perils of cyber security, what is required of the U.S. to remain competitive on the global stage and the impact that public policy has on private investment and innovation.

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Julius Genachowski Profile Photo
Julius Genachowski
A conversation with Julius Genachowski
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Julius Genachowski
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Julius Genachowski Profile Photo
Julius Genachowski
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski live from Vox Media in DC

Julius Genachowski’s Speech Topics

  • Disruptive Innovation in America: Maintaining an Edge in Global Competitiveness

    Describing the driving objective of his work with the FCC as “moving private capital from the sidelines to the streets,” former FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski knows all too well the challenge and importance of leveraging innovation to keep America in the race to stay competitive on the global stage. From developments in the mobile and app economy to pushing broadband access and increasing wireless, Genachowski’s leadership has helped the United States advance in the disruptive technological innovations that are unleashing opportunities both at home and abroad. As network, device and application development are at an all-time high, the implications for job creation and investments make technology the core of our future economy with game-changing influence on areas like health care, education and cyber security, as well as the U.S. and global economy overall. With a vibrant and youthful energy fueled by a passionate devotion to progress, Genachowski shares with audiences a behind-the-scenes look at the rapidly evolving world of technology and the momentous advances that are occurring today. Audiences will gain from Genachowski:

    • An insider’s perspective on the critical steps the U.S. took to become an international hub of technological innovation and why such continued commitment matters
    • What new innovations are on the horizon
    • What is required of the U.S. to maintain a competitive edge in the global arena
  • Where is Technology-Fueled Growth Coming From and When Is it Going to Get Here

    How far we will go as a society is directly related to the technological advances we make and the policies we put in place to secure such progress. No one knows this better than former FCC chairman, investor and entrepreneur, Julius Genachowski. While chairman, Genachowski kept his sights on the future and used his corporate savvy to help move the U.S. from laggard to leader in technological innovation and broadband communications, driving the U.S. to a day where, in his words, “bandwidth is abundant and broadband is ubiquitous, where innovation and investment flourish.” By recognizing the transformative impact of technology on the economy and society, Genachowski made numerous groundbreaking moves to secure progress and growth. In this enlightening presentation, Genachowski discusses the future of mobile, broadband and technology and lends his unparalleled insights to help organizations understand the complex picture of digital technology, its effects on many of the world’s most vexing problems and what precisely can be done to secure a stable and profitable upward momentum.

  • Other Topical Areas

    Given his breadth and depth of experience leading organizations in both the public and private sector, Julius Genachowski can also address:

    • Cyber Security—How to Stay Ahead and What It Means to the Future of America
    • Leadership in Complex Organizations
    • The Role of Public Policy in Driving Private Investment and Innovation
    • Technology and the Future of Education
    • How Innovation Will Drive Change in Health Care


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