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John Register

Paralympic Silver Medalist

Overcoming adversity leads to empowerment, change, and a new normal. John Register shows your organization how to forge ahead to establish a new framework for success.

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From Olympic hopeful and Army Officer Candidate to amputee.

At 5:29 pm John Register was an Olympic hopeful and one of the fastest hurdlers on the planet. At 5:30 pm he would never run another hurdle in his life.

Life can change with one wrong step.

While training for his dream of becoming an Olympic hurdler, John Register, a United States Army Gulf War veteran, had one misstep over a hurdle in a practice session and was left with a life-changing choice: live the rest of his life in a wheelchair or amputate his left leg.

Register chose to amputate his leg and be fitted with a prosthesis. For any other athlete, this could have been devastating, but Register found a way to create a new normal. He rehabilitated by swimming. Twenty two months later he made the Paralympic swim team. It was at the Paralympic Games, in Atlanta, Register was introduced to Paralympic track and field. Four years later, he won the Paralympic silver medal in the long jump in Sydney, Australia.

His story has inspired tens of thousands, and he remains an inspirational catalyst to world leaders.

Register has been featured on television shows such as PAX’s It’s a Miracle, MSNBC’s Morning Blend, NBC’s The Weekend Today Show, and FOX’s The Edge. He has also been profiled several times in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and ESPN Magazine.

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John Register’s Speech Topics

  • Hurdling Adversity: How to Shift from Fear to Freedom and Embrace Your New Normal

    How does one bounce back from being an Olympic track and field hopeful and Army Officer Candidate one day to becoming an amputee the next?

    John Register knows the answer to that question all too well — it’s his story.

    Despite Register’s devastating setback, he hurdled his adversity. Within 22 months post-injury, he competed on the United States Paralympic Swim Team.

    Four years later he returned to his first love of track and field and in Sydney, Australia at the 2000 Paralympic Games, John won the silver medal in the long jump, setting the American record in the process.

    Register is the first to say that overcoming any obstacle, no matter how great or insignificant one thinks it is, begins with having a resilient and renewed mindset.

    But how do you get it? Where does it come from? And, can it be taught and learned so everyone can respond better when facing adversity?

    Whether you are an executive, a middle manager, or front employee, your life can change with one wrong step, but your life can also change with one right step.

    In this presentation, John Register shares the pathway and the steps to win, again.

  • Reach Your Peak: Championship Business Strategies Through the Lens of Olympic and Paralympic Athletes

    Citius, Altius, Fortius. These three Latin words are the foundation of the Olympic movement. They make up the mindset of Olympians and Paralympians to endure the day to day drudgeries of dream pursuits.

    Can we capture this spirit of determination, resolve and commitment to win the medals in our lives?

    If Olympic and Paralympic athletes are training four years from today the way they are training today, they have already lost the gold medal.

    If your company or organization is trying to compete by playing it safe, then you are on the path of going out of business.

    What lessons can be learned from an athlete's journey to winning an Olympic medal? How can you harness, in your business culture, the laser focus of the world's greatest athletes? What systems can be employed in reaching one's own podium in life?

    These questions and more are answered in this uniquely designed keynote that takes leaders inside the mind of an athlete.

    John Register walks you through his athletic journey, from Olympic hopeful to Paralympic medalist. He shares his insights on gaining the edge over competitors to always put him in a position to win.

  • Disability Inclusion: Elevating Past the American Disabilities Act

    The Americans with Disabilities Act is now 30 years old, yet the unemployment rate for people with disabilities still over 70% in the United States? How can we value this fastest growing population which represents 61M people in the US? How can we move our mindset beyond tolerating people with disabilities in the workplace, and actually value each person contribution? Disability cuts across all business resource groups or BRG's.

    In this highly interactive presentation, John Register, TEDx speaker on “Why Tolerance is Not Valuable,” discusses the stigma of attitudinal barriers which continue to hinder the hiring of a dedicated and dependable labor force as explores key indicators that may play a role in those outcomes.

    He unpacks the business model for profitability and the revenue lost not paying attention to the demographic. 

What other organizations say about John Register

John delivered a keynote for our annual Strength in Security conference that was extremely motivating and well received by employees, clients, and students. He mixes fun and laughter with some difficult topics to create an uplifting and inspiring presentation. You will never hear the word tolerate again the same way!

Financial Services

What other organizations say about John Register

John, Thank you for the “gift” of your presentation today. Your words were impactful and inspiring. You’ve challenged us to elevate our game and shift our focus. Thank you again!

Financial Services

What other organizations say about John Register

Insightful, dynamic & thought-provoking. John Register spoke at our Extended Leadership Meeting and as he engaged the audience with humor and enthusiasm, the atmosphere shifted from business as normal to a “new normal”. He empowered us to aim high, change our mental model and be in charge of our leadership development. With the challenges that accompanied the loss of his leg, John illustrated how we can make a difference in the world by transforming our thinking to be better. Our audience loved him!



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