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John Register

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Paralympic Silver Medalist and Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)

When we develop a new normal mindset, we can overcome any obstacle. John Register shows your organization how to hurdle adversity, amputate fear, and embrace a new normal mindset to win life's medals.

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John Register Profile Photo

For organizations on the brink of transformation, looking to rally their teams and overcome current challenges, John Register represents a unique and compelling opportunity. His approach goes beyond mere speeches about overcoming adversity; he demonstrates resilience and lessons learned from walking through the fires of life’s toughest moments.

Today’s leaders face not just the uncertainty of changing times but also the resistance from employees wary of reverting to pre-pandemic norms. Common complaints include feelings of being overwhelmed, burned out, and exhausted. In this new era, as John articulates, a return to the “normal” we once knew is impossible.

John Register doesn’t merely talk about resilience and transformation; he lives these principles every step of the way. His journey is a masterclass in turning adversity into triumph. From being an award-winning speaker to a beacon of strength, John’s life story inspires everyone he meets from U.S. Presidents and Foreign dignitaries to celebrities and C-Suite executives.

John’s story is one of remarkable triumph over adversity. As a celebrated athlete, Persian Gulf War U.S. Army veteran, amputee, and Paralympic silver medalist, John has faced and overcome unimaginable challenges. His athletic career faced a pivotal moment with a severe injury leading to the amputation of his left leg. However, John chose not to be defined by this incident, instead redefining victory itself. By embracing a “new normal,” he not only returned to competitive sports, but also achieved Paralympic glory, forever marking his place in sports history.

John’s spirit has extended far beyond the track. He founded the U.S. Olympic Committee Paralympic Military Sports Program, inspiring the creation of the Department of Defense’s Warrior Games and Prince Harry’s Invictus Games. This initiative reflects his unwavering commitment to uplifting those facing their darkest moments.

With a wealth of experience advising U.S. Secretaries of State on foreign policy and leading the Amputee Coalition as the acting CEO, John stands as a guiding figure for leaders everywhere. His narrative, characterized by overcoming adversity, resilience, and the courage to push beyond limitations, engages audiences through his transformative model encompassing The Reckoning, the ReVision, and the Renewal. His prestigious Certified Speaker Designation places him among the elite speakers worldwide, a recognition earned by less than 10% in the field.

John’s insights on leadership and overcoming adversity are not just theoretical but are drawn from his lived experiences, as shared in his acclaimed book, 10 Stories to Impact Any Leader: Journal Your Way to Leadership Success. These lessons, which were written to uplift U.S. Ambassadors at the beginning of the pandemic, are invaluable for anyone navigating the complexities of professional life with grace and determination.

Engaging John Register for your event is not merely about booking a keynote speaker; it’s about sparking a transformative shift. He encourages teams to confront their challenges head-on, cut away their fears, and strive for excellence in all areas of life.

Invite John Register to share his extraordinary journey at your next event. Let his transition from adversity to the pinnacle of Paralympic success inspire your team to see every challenge not as an obstacle but as a steppingstone toward greater achievements.

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John Register’s Speech Topics

  • Amputate to Amplify: How to Transform Adversity into Advantage

    It seems as if there are so many reports that stress, burnout, and isolation have become the hidden adversaries of progress; how do we cut through the noise and transform adversity into our greatest advantage? This question lies at the heart of an epidemic plaguing leaders and teams in today’s high-stakes business environment. Despite efforts to bridge the gap, a profound perception divide persists, underscoring a critical disconnect between executive actions and employee realities.

    Enter “Amputate to Amplify: How to Transform Adversity Into Advantage,” a keynote designed to address this chasm and provide a potent solution. Come on a journey with award-winning keynote speaker John Register, CSP, who embodies resilience, transformation, and triumph. This presentation is a masterclass redefining the narrative of mental preparation and fortitude in the face of burnout, exhaustion, and extreme overwhelm.

    Why do leaders often miss the mark on acknowledging the severity of workplace mental health issues? How can they effectively close the perception gap that undermines the very fabric of a healthy, sustainable organizational culture? These pressing questions form the crux of a timely and necessary discourse.

    John Register’s journey is nothing short of extraordinary. From an Olympic-class hurdler and Army combat veteran to becoming a Paralympic silver medalist following a life-altering amputation, John’s narrative is a testament to the indomitable spirit of human will. His keynote draws from this wellspring of personal challenge and triumph, offering an actionable blueprint for navigating the tumultuous waters of uncertainty, stress, and anxiety.

    Through a compelling three-stage process—The Reckoning, the Revision, and the Renewal—John lays out a roadmap for embracing adversity as a catalyst for acknowledging our prior state, honoring our present situation, and committing to growth through innovation and adaptation. His approach dismantles the barriers of fear and resistance, urging leaders and employees alike to adopt a “new normal mindset” that views change not as a threat but as an invaluable opportunity.

    Session Outcomes:

    • Develop a “New Normal Mindset”: Participants will gain insights into embracing change as a cornerstone for personal and professional development, armed with the tools to turn the tides of uncertainty to their advantage.
    • Transform Adversity into Advantage: Through the three-stage process of reckoning, revision, and renewal, attendees will learn to reframe challenges as opportunities, fostering a culture of agility, innovation, and success.
    • Build Resilience and Perseverance: The keynote emphasizes the power of resilience—the courage to seek help—and perseverance as vital components for overcoming obstacles and achieving enduring success.

    This is more than just a keynote; it’s a call for a performance shift in confronting and navigating adversity. John Register invites you to a journey of transformation where today’s trials are tomorrow’s triumphs.

    Book John for your next event and empower your team with the resilience, strategy, and vision to turn adversarial tides into advantageous winds. Let “Amputate to Amplify” be your guide to transforming the hardest battles into your most defining victories.

  • Champions Mindset: Olympic Lessons for Business Success

    Elite sports are a high-stakes world. Athletes are battling opponents and contending with the rigorous demands of mental preparation. This grueling journey involves overcoming isolation, loneliness, and the ever-looming specter of burnout. Imagine the relentless pursuit of excellence, where the thin line between triumph and defeat is physical prowess and robust mental fortitude. The path to the podium is fraught with challenges that test every fiber of an athlete’s being, requiring physical endurance and a resilient mindset equipped with strategies for prevention, reset, and recovery.

    Introducing “Champions Mindset: Olympic Lessons for Business Success,” a program where the gritty reality of athletic preparation meets the competitive business world. Led by keynote speaker John Register, a decorated athlete with an illustrious career spanning Olympic trials, All-American honors, and Paralympic victories, as well as corporate leadership expertise as a CEO of a multimillion-dollar non-profit organization, this session bridges the gap between the athletic arena and business success.

    John leverages his unique journey from Olympic hopeful to Paralympic medalist to corporate turnaround expert to shed light on the indispensable value of a preventive maintenance plan. Athletes, much like business leaders, must navigate the challenges of isolation and burnout with a steadfast recovery and refueling strategy. This program is designed to impart these critical lessons, translating elite sports’ discipline, resilience, and recovery tactics into actionable strategies for business excellence.


    • Analyze: Delve into the athlete’s journey, dissecting the mental and physical strategies culminating in podium finishes. Apply these insights to fortify your business culture and sales systems.
    • Identify: Uncover and address the disruptions that veer your business off course. Learn to anticipate and mitigate these disturbances to stay on the growth path.
    • Discover: Gain a competitive edge by embracing the concept of “plus one days” – a training philosophy that champions incremental improvement for sustained success.
    • Implement: Extract and apply the distilled wisdom from Olympic and Paralympic journeys to elevate your company’s performance, fostering a culture of resilience and achievement.

    Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to harness the Champions Mindset. By embracing the lessons from the pinnacle of athletic achievement, you can elevate your business strategies, drive growth, and achieve your own version of gold. Book John Register now and transform the way you approach business success. Let’s embark on this journey together, where resilience meets excellence, and challenges pave the way for triumph.

  • Bank Your Bottom Line: The Business Case for People with Disabilities in the Workplace

    In an era where diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are at the forefront of corporate agendas, there exists a pivotal yet often overlooked opportunity that champions social justice and significantly enhances business performance. This untapped potential lies within the disability community, a segment of the workforce that, despite possessing immense talent and determination, remains underrepresented and undervalued. John Register’s keynote, “Bank Your Bottom Line: The Business Case for People with Disabilities in the Workplace,” illuminates this path, marrying moral imperative with strategic business advantage.

    Misconceptions and missed opportunities mar the narrative surrounding employment for people with disabilities. With an unemployment rate that starkly contrasts with that of the non-disabled population, the disparity not only highlights a social equity issue but also signals a vast reservoir of untapped potential within our labor market. This gap represents not a challenge but an opportunity for businesses to lead with innovation and inclusivity.

    John introduces a transformative concept: “Innovatability.” This principle transcends the traditional notion of overcoming adversity, advocating instead for adaptation and innovation as a means to harness the unique perspectives and abilities of individuals with disabilities. Inovatablity is the alchemy of adapting to challenges with creativity, thereby unlocking new avenues for productivity, engagement, and growth.

    Keynote Insights:

    • Inclusive Culture Creation: Discover the imperative of fostering an environment where individuals with disabilities are included and actively supported through accessible technology, specialized training, and a culture of empowerment.
    • Strategic Recruitment: Learn the strategies for attracting this skilled and loyal talent pool, from forming partnerships with relevant organizations to targeted recruitment efforts that recognize and value diversity.
    • Financial Incentives: Uncover the financial benefits, including tax credits and grants, that reward businesses for their commitment to disability employment, enhancing the business case for diversity and inclusion.
    • Competitive Advantage: Accenture’s 2018 report is a compelling testament to the power of inclusion, demonstrating that companies committed to disability diversity outperform their peers significantly, yielding unparalleled shareholder returns.

    John’s message is not just a call to action; it’s a blueprint for innovation and progress. His unique intersectionality—as a person with a disability, a person of color, and a combat veteran—positions him uniquely to spearhead this conversation, bridging gaps and forging connections across various dimensions of diversity.

    By choosing to “Bank Your Bottom Line,” businesses can do more than just embrace DEI; they can redefine it, turning social responsibility into a competitive edge, and transforming goodwill into tangible growth. Book John now to lead your organization in this journey, driving both social and economic dividends through the power of diversity in disability.

What other organizations say about John Register

John delivered a keynote for our annual Strength in Security conference that was extremely motivating and well received by employees, clients, and students. He mixes fun and laughter with some difficult topics to create an uplifting and inspiring presentation. You will never hear the word tolerate again the same way!

Financial Services

What other organizations say about John Register

John, Thank you for the “gift” of your presentation today. Your words were impactful and inspiring. You’ve challenged us to elevate our game and shift our focus. Thank you again!

Financial Services

What other organizations say about John Register

Insightful, dynamic & thought-provoking. John Register spoke at our Extended Leadership Meeting and as he engaged the audience with humor and enthusiasm, the atmosphere shifted from business as normal to a “new normal”. He empowered us to aim high, change our mental model and be in charge of our leadership development. With the challenges that accompanied the loss of his leg, John illustrated how we can make a difference in the world by transforming our thinking to be better. Our audience loved him!



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