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John Brennan
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John Brennan

Blending wisdom, experience, and candor in a cogent analysis of dynamic trends in national security.

CIA Director (2013–2017), Senior National Security and Intelligence Analyst for NBC News and MSNBC

Expertise In:

  • Terrorism
  • National Security
  • U.S. Current Events
  • Patriotism
  • American Politics

Audience & Industry

  • Board Meetings and Executive Briefings
  • Senior Management Groups
  • The Professional Services Industry
  • Corporations
  • Lecture Series

A highly decorated intelligence professional and senior White House official, John Brennan draws on three-and-a-half decades of national security expertise to provide cogent analysis of a changing world.

John Brennan’s national security career spans 36 years, culminating in his tenure as director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Previously a deputy national security advisor and assistant to President Barack Obama for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, Brennan teaches audiences how to think about and act quickly in response to global events, terrorism and cybersecurity concerns. Drawing on his experience spearheading a comprehensive restructuring of the CIA, Brennan discusses the importance of organizational agility and what it takes to undertake, communicate and implement major change initiatives. He also explores the benefits of workforce diversity and how to institute a culture of teamwork and success in any organization. White House aides describe Brennan as possessing “moral depth leavened by a dry Irish wit,” and he brings a wealth of exceptional experiences as he blends wisdom with candor to offer a powerful, informative and pragmatic look at global trends, organizational change management and cybersecurity. Tune in to NBC News and MSNBC to hear insights delivered in Brennan's signature style, where he serves as Senior National Security and Intelligence Analyst.

Brennan’s presentations offer an insider’s look at the shifting global landscape and reveal what it takes to remain an effective player in business while keeping pace with the alarming proliferation of cyber threats. He has been honored with the National Security Medal, the Distinguished Intelligence Medal, the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal, two Director of Central Intelligence Director’s Medals and the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Director’s Award. Brennan also incorporates lessons from his private-sector experience in his presentations, as he is the former president and CEO of The Analysis Corporation (now Sotera Defense Solutions). 

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Featured Experiences

Transformation for Innovation: The Keys to Modern Business Leadership

How do you institute organizational change in order to keep pace with ever-changing markets? As the former director of the CIA who led the most comprehensive restructuring of the agency in its history, John Brennan cites specific examples of the mission-critical solutions he employed to boost leadership training and talent development, and shares how these efforts helped to create a more effective, efficient and productive workforce and management structure. Brennan speaks with fluency and brevity on how an organization’s flexibility and openness to growth can optimize its capabilities both internally and externally, and leaves audiences inspired to foster a culture of innovation.

The State of Political Discourse in America

Neither a registered Republican nor a Democrat, John Brennan has served administrations of both parties with equal dedication and distinction. Over the course of three and a half decades of service, he has further witnessed an alarming rise in partisanship and polarization in political discourse that he believes undermines American national security and future prosperity. In this trenchant discussion, hear Brennan’s unvarnished views on an issue that affects all Americans.

The Role of the Superpower: Global Trends and Perspectives

A thorough understanding of the trends and developments driving international relationships is essential to thriving in a rapidly transforming world. In this candid discussion fueled by his decades of experience in foreign affairs, John Brennan shares insights into evolving superpower relationships in the age of Brexit, the impact of technological and scientific innovation, sources of global instability and the refugee crisis, the rise and demise of nationalism, and what we should expect for the global economy. 

The Gritty Truth: Counterterrorism in an Era of Instability

Join John Brennan for a no-holds-barred discussion of the current geopolitical landscape. Equipped with 36 years of intelligence agency experience, Brennan offers the gritty truth about national security, terrorism hot spots and foreign affairs, including expert insight on how the War on Terror impacts our everyday lives and businesses. He will discuss the future of cybersecurity, the challenges posed by instability and biotechnology threats, and the necessity of meaningful intelligence sharing between allies. 

The Cyber Threat: Security Solutions for a Rapidly Changing World

As companies and organizations face the myriad threats driven by a rapidly changing and increasingly complex global environment, John Brennan dissects the role of private-public partnerships and discusses the evolving nature of cyber threats and options for protecting mission-critical capabilities as well as our privacy, national security and future prosperity.