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Joan Lunden

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Award-Winning Journalist, Best-Selling Author, Moderator, and Health and Wellness Advocate

Joan Lunden has been a trusted voice in American homes and truly exemplifies today’s modern working woman, and shares her passion of creating a healthy lifestyle for a better tomorrow with audiences. Lunden was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer and she turned her diagnosis and subsequent cancer treatment into an opportunity to become an advocate to help others.

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Joan Lunden Profile Photo

Joan Lunden is an award-winning television journalist, New York Times best-selling author, breast cancer survivor and advocate, and highly sought-after motivational and keynote speaker. She is one of America’s most recognized and trusted television personalities, and one of the most visible women in the country. In her refreshingly straightforward style, Joan shares the candid advice that has motivated her throughout her career, led her down her path to success, got her through her recent battle with breast cancer, as well as what she learned along the way. Joan inspires audiences to take charge of their health, their happiness and their success. In her latest book, Had I Known: A Memoir of Survival (September 2015), Joan speaks candidly about her battle against breast cancer, her quest to learn about it and teach others, and the transformative effect it has had on her life.

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Joan Lunden Profile Photo
Joan Lunden

Joan Lunden Hosts the 10th Annual FNIH Awards Ceremony

Joan Lunden’s Speech Topics

  • Politics and the Media: How the Media Has Changed

    When Joan was host of Good Morning America, she never gave her opinion. For example, she was interviewing Tipper Gore (wife of ex-Vice President Al Gore) and rocker Frank Zappa. The topic was new music and how Tipper Gore said specific albums should be sold under the desk and not easily seen by younger kids. Frank Zappa, a famous rock star himself, was totally against that. When the interview was over, no one knew Joan’s opinion and that’s how she handled all interviews. Nowadays, it’s so different…depending on what you watch or read, you will usually get the opinions of the broadcaster or writer!

  • Had I Known: My Breast Cancer Journey

    Joan Lunden shares her personal experience of breast cancer and what she has learned through her journey about health, fitness and the importance of family, friends and community. She gives the patient’s perspective on her treatment from her own personal experience and from what she has heard from the thousands of women who write into her website. Joan includes advice on how to be the CEO of your own health.

  • How To Be the CEO of Your Own Health

    Joan Lunden speaks on how we need to reform the way we approach the management of our own health, and how we interact with our doctors and medical institutions. Joan gives strategies on how to take charge of your health as well as be a better patient, helping you to live healthier, happier and longer.

  • Secrets of a Successful Woman: Risk, Passion, Humor, and Perseverance

    Joan Lunden helped pave the way for working women in America. She broke into a male-dominated industry to become the longest-running female host of early morning television.

    Lunden shares valuable advice for success and inspiration for professional women, while also entertaining audiences with stories from her career that give attendees a candid behind-the-scenes look at some of the unbelievable realities women in the workplace experienced. In an industry well-known for being a “battle of the sexes,” Lunden shares how she navigated it all with optimism, determination, and of course, her witty sense of humor.

    If you have a client looking for an influential woman to speak at their next event, Lunden has a unique perspective on how far women have come today and leaves audiences laughing, applauding, and inspired by her “just say yes” attitude.

  • The Ten Best Secrets to Success

    Having interviewed top business tycoons and a myriad of world leaders over her three decades as a journalist, Joan Lunden shares what she has learned throughout her career along with advice from the most successful people in the world and their common traits. Joan shares her personal journey of making it to the top of the tough television news business as well as how she reinvented herself launching her own business based on her focus in women’s health and wellness. As one of the most well-known working moms in the country, Joan can also talk about balancing home and family—how to keep your family values while being a successful working woman.

  • Joan Lunden as Moderator & Event Host

    Joan Lunden is no stranger to the spontaneity of a live appearance. As the longest-running host of Good Morning America, Joan has over 30 years of expertise as a journalist, host, and interviewer. Lunden leads panels on a wide variety of topics, including the role of women in media, health & wellness, breast cancer & genetics, boomers, caregiving, and success & empowerment.

    Lunden is a seasoned veteran and is known for making panelists feel comfortable with her warmth and her natural way of guiding a discussion. If you have a client looking for an experienced moderator for their next event, Lunden has an unparalleled ability to bring her own insight to a panel discussion, while skillfully navigating the personalities of many experts on one stage.

What other organizations say about Joan Lunden

Numerous ladies have shared their enthusiasm and gratefulness for Joan’s incredibly meaningful and inspiring visit, along with her dispensing excellent advice! Our mammogram center has been flooded with phone calls! We all thank you for coming to Richmond and assisting us with raising important research funds while providing education – the BEST of both passions we all share! So very glad we met!

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What other organizations say about Joan Lunden

I would like you to know that Joan Lunden inspired one of the attendees at our Oncology Symposium to get her long overdue mammogram… lo and behold it was positive. She was an early stage but still need surgery [and treatment]. She is absolutely convinced that if she did not attend this symposium, she would not have gotten this exam… and who knows when she would have followed through. Joan makes a difference.

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What other organizations say about Joan Lunden

Joan was wonderful! I have been inundated with emails and phone calls since yesterday. Everyone is giving me positive feedback – Joan was engaging, funny, heartfelt, approachable, and so very nice! The entire day was a huge success.

Health Care

What other organizations say about Joan Lunden

I wanted to tell you how WONDERFUL Joan’s speech was yesterday! I am continuing to hear rave reviews from throughout our community, from healthcare professionals, cancer survivors, those currently in treatment and interested community members. She completely exceeded my expectations. I particularly enjoyed hearing about her 10 principles for happiness and all of the stories about her career trajectory as well as tips for working moms and work/life balance – very motivating for me as a working mom with a 5 and 7 year old. There were actually more men there than we expected and they thoroughly enjoyed it as much as the women!



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