Jim Dethmer
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Jim Dethmer

Jim Dethmer inspires and activates audiences through a rare combination of provocative insights, humor and highly relatable examples based on the latest leadership research and decades of coaching top leaders.
The Conscious Leadership Group Co-Founder, Author of The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership

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  • Corporate Culture
  • Corporate Governance
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges

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  • Corporations
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  • Senior Management Groups

Jim Dethmer inspires and activates audiences through a rare combination of provocative insights, humor and highly relatable examples based on the latest leadership research and decades of coaching top leaders.

Decades before co-founding The Conscious Leadership Group and co-authoring his best-selling book, The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, Jim Dethmer had years of experience speaking to crowds of thousands. His contributions in the emerging field of conscious leadership are catching on in the corporate world and beyond. He specializes in coaching leaders to create high performing teams who operate with trust, engagement and collaboration.  He educates leaders about how emotional intelligence trumps IQ in the workplace, and how deeply understanding and practicing integrity is a game changer for leaders and their organizations. His talks on these topics are audience favorites. Dethmer has the authority and experience to expertly deliver the message of conscious leadership so that audiences understand why some of the most prominent Fortune 500 CEOs in the United States count on him as their top advisor.

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Jim Dethmer's Speech Topics

Why EQ Trumps IQ in the Workplace

Investment banks are not exactly bastions of touchy feely sentimentalism. They are no nonsense, hard driving, competitive and bottom line focused. The people who live in these worlds are some of the highest IQ people on the planet.  So why did they invite Jim Dethmer to talk to a group of their high potential, next generation leaders about FEELINGS? Because they are part of an ever-growing group of leaders who know that IQ will only get you so far, and that EQ (emotional intelligence) can take you even farther. The EQ body of research has been around for several decades. Research has shown that EQ trumps IQ as a predictor of long-term success in a leader’s career. Dethmer not only walks audiences through the story of how and why EQ trumps IQ, but breaks down the mystery of emotional intelligence, literacy and wisdom so that during the talk people experience the power of EQ that they can take into their everyday lives.

What is Integrity Really?

Many leaders and organizations list integrity as one of their top values. When asked what integrity means, most say something similar to “doing the right thing.” This answer makes sense, but it’s a completely inadequate working definition. This presentation takes you inside board rooms where executives think they’re practicing integrity and all they have to show for it are lawsuits and office drama related to—you guessed it—integrity. In this presentation, the audience will learn how Dethmer and The Conscious Leadership Group understand and teach integrity to leaders and organizations across the country and around the world. Your attendees will walk away empowered and excited to create a list of the ways they may be out of integrity, and armed with tools to bring integrity back into all areas of their life. The reward is a lot less drama and freed up energy to direct wherever you choose.

The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership

Distilled through years of practice and experience advising CEOs and their organizations, the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership offers a roadmap to create leaders, teams and organizations that are based on trust, curiosity and learning. This talk leads audiences through the key competencies of sustained leadership success: self-awareness and learning agility.  With laser-like precision, Jim breaks down how these 15 commitments lead to trust-rich teams and organizations where full engagement becomes the norm. Audiences learn how to end blame and criticism, put an end to gossip, and how emotional intelligence is key to peak performance for leaders, teams and organizations.

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