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Jeremy Stein

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Governor, Federal Reserve Board (2012–2014); Professor of Economics, Harvard University

A leading academic and dedicated public servant, Jeremy Stein brings a unique perspective to some of the most pressing monetary and financial issues of our time.

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Jeremy Stein Profile Photo

A leading academic economist specializing in financial markets and monetary policy, Jeremy Stein is currently the Moise Y. Safra Professor of Economics at Harvard University. He is a former governor of the Federal Reserve Board, appointed by President Barack Obama in 2012. He has also previously served as president of the American Finance Association, co-editor of The Quarterly Journal of Economics and The Journal of Economic Perspectives and as a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Financial Advisory Roundtable. A fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences, Stein’s research has covered topics such as:

  • Behavioral
  • Finance
  • Corporate Investment and Financing Decisions
  • Risk Management
  • Capital Allocation Inside Firms
  • Banking
  • Financial Regulation
  • Monetary Policy

Recognized by The Washington Post as an “influential voice within the central bank,” and with a reputation for straightforwardness and candor, Stein offers audiences his insights into some of the most important issues for the global economy.

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Jeremy Stein

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Jeremy Stein

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Jeremy Stein

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Jeremy Stein’s Speech Topics

  • The Central Bank and the Financial System

    A former Fed governor and leading financial economist, Jeremy Stein brings together his academic expertise and his policymaking experience to discuss a wide range of issues facing the world economy, market participants and policymakers: lessons learned from the global financial crisis; the costs and benefits of unconventional monetary policy; the process of policy normalization and the associated spillovers and communications challenges; emerging risks and vulnerabilities in financial markets; the interplay of monetary policy, macroprudential regulation and financial stability and the management of the central bank’s balance sheet.


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