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Jennifer Moss

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Journalist, Author, Speaker, Workplace Expert

"The best moment to make a move is when everything is up for grabs. It's time to turn the change that was inevitable into the change that was always possible. Starting right now." – Jennifer Moss

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Jennifer Moss is an award-winning journalist, author, international public speaker and workplace culture strategist. Her most recent book, The Burnout Epidemic, was named 10 Best New Management Books for 2022 by Thinkers50 and shortlisted for the 2021 Outstanding Works of Literature Award. Her first book, Unlocking Happiness at Work, received the distinguished UK Business Book of the Year Award.

To acknowledge her contributions to business and public service, Jennifer was named a Canadian Innovator of the Year, an International Female Entrepreneur of the Year, and recipient of the Public Service Award from the Office of President Obama.

Jennifer is a nationally syndicated radio columnist and writes for Harvard Business Review. Her work has appeared in TIME, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.

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Jennifer Moss’s Speech Topics

  • Preventing Burnout in Changing Times

    Since the pandemic, we've been operating in crisis mode. It took 41 percent of the global workforce to resign for us to finally admit, crisis mode may not be sustainable. And yet, here we are in 2023, growth expectations have not slowed, workloads are still unmanageable, and people keep on burning out.

    Despite burnout suddenly trending, the problem is far from new. The lack of stress testing before the pandemic caught organizations completely off guard. It wasn’t just that there was more work – there was – but there were also changes in process, new technology to master, ever-increasing meetings, new modes of working, and an explosion of inefficiencies that felt like pouring glue into an already sluggish wheel.

    Although we all want to put our pandemic memories into the rearview, Jennifer believes that’s a mistake. Employees have changed – three years of living in fight/flight/freeze changes people. And the world is different. We can’t go back. But, maybe that’s a good thing?

    While employees moved from a transactional to a social contract with work, their needs have shifted. Employees don’t necessarily want more – that would be the wrong assumption – they want different.

    We need to ask ourselves; do we want a jam the toothpaste back in the tube strategy, or do we want to make work, finally work? 

    Jennifer Moss, globally recognized as an expert in workplace wellness, and author of the book, The Burnout Epidemic, published by Harvard Business Press, can show us how to capture those lessons from the pandemic. She will walk us through our current realities and provide tangible solutions to increase psychological fitness for a healthier and happier today, and in the new future of work.

    Takeaways include:

    • How leaders can measure burnout in their own organizations
    • How to finally tackle unmanageable workloads
    • The six root causes of burnout—and what organizations can do to prevent it
    • Why traditional corporate wellness initiatives may worsen the problem
    • How companies can build an anti-burnout strategy based on prevention, not perks
    • Leading in the age of quiet quitting, rage applying, and future work trends
    • Ways to shape a better hybrid/remote/in-person strategy to prevent burnout
    • How organizations can lead with empathy and why that matters right now 
  • Regaining Well-Being in the Future of Work

    While we look towards the future of work, we need to consider what’s next for well-being in the workplace. We all want to be happy, engaged, and satisfied and yet, during this time of continued change, these emotional states are at risk. Despite feeling overwhelmed, there is an opportunity for growth. By developing psychological skills, we can take the lessons learned during the pandemic and carry them into our post-Covid-19 reality, and be well-prepared to handle current and future stress. ​

    Award-winning journalist and author of The Burnout Epidemic, Jennifer Moss, will share important strategies for building a happier, healthier and higher-performing professional and personal life. She will help us to develop strategies to deal with stress and support our well-being as we move into the new future of work.

    Takeaways include: 

    • Taking the lessons learned during the pandemic and applying them to our post-pandemic life
    • A deeper understanding of neuroplasticity and how to leverage it for a happier personal and professional life
    • How to practice “active listening” a tenet of empathy to increase trust and a sense of community at work
    • How to turn positive actions into habits into permanent traits of wellbeing
    • The tools to reframe stressful experiences through cognitive resilience building
    • A set of easy-to-apply, five-minute daily habits that can increase psychological fitness
  • Combating Burnout to Reach our Goals

    For over two years, we’ve all experienced extraordinary change and uncertainty. It’s led to an increased sense of urgency and heightened stress. It can feel like we’re working harder and longer to meet our goals. Add in exhaustion and brain fog – symptoms of chronic stress – and we’re suddenly overwhelmed. If this is how you’re feeling, you’re not alone. We are facing a burnout epidemic. But there are strategies to combat chronic stress and adopt new patterns that enhance our well-being. 

    Jennifer Moss, globally recognized as a well-being expert, and author of the book, The Burnout Epidemic, published by Harvard Business Press, will share how to identify chronic stress and offer strategies for future prevention. She will walk us through our current realities and provide tangible solutions to increase psychological fitness for a healthier and happier life.

    Takeaways Include:

    • The myths and facts about burnout
    • How to identify when we’re burning out
    • How to reach out to help others in need
    • Building resilience – to protect our well-being during times of change
    • Current realities of learning and achieving goals while combating stress
    • Easy-to-implement five-minute daily habits for improved well-being
  • Jennifer Moss Workshops

    Jennifer offers seven virtual workshops for leaders as a follow-up to keynotes. These workshops focus on the basics of burnout, each of the root causes of burnout, and how to solve each of them. Each session is 60 minutes, and you can book one, several, or all of the workshops.


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