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Jason P. Chambers

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Expert on Entrepreneurship; Diversity Leadership; African American Consumer Market; Change Agent; Author

Dr. Jason Chambers is one of the world's leading experts on the African-American consumer market. His work has been published in books and journals worldwide. In addition, he has consulted with national nonprofit organizations and Fortune 100 companies, as well as advertising agencies on matters of diversity, stereotyping and various consumer issues.

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Jason P. Chambers Profile Photo

Jason P. Chambers is an associate professor and the Associate Department Head in the Charles H. Sandage Department of Advertising at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He currently teaches courses on advertising history, classic advertising campaigns, and the foundations of advertising philosophy. He is also the incoming Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for the College of Media at the University.

A graduate of The Ohio State University, Dr. Chambers has presented his research into the African American consumer market both nationally and internationally. His work has been published in books and both academic and trade journals in the United States, Asia, and Europe. He has been invited to speak to gatherings of practitioners and academics throughout the United States, Canada, and Asia. He has also appeared on The History Channel discussing advertising history and his opinions have been sought by a variety of media sources including Advertising Age, Adweek, CNN, Forbes, Black Enterprise, the New York Times, National Public Radio and Newsweek, and the Washington Post. He has served as the head of the Advertising Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (AEJMC), one of the largest bodies of advertising educators in the United States. Dr. Chambers has also served as a consultant on advertising history programs appearing on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). In addition, he has consulted with national non-profit organizations, Fortune 100 companies as well as advertising agencies on matters of African American history, diversity, stereotyping and various consumer issues.

The University of Pennsylvania Press published his first book, Madison Avenue and the Color Line: African Americans in the Advertising Industry. It was called “A major contribution to the history of advertising, consumption, and African American history,” by historian Lizabeth Cohen of Harvard University. His second book, co-edited with Dr. Robert Weems, Jr., Building the Black Metropolis: African American Entrepreneurship in Chicago was published with the University of Illinois Press in 2017. Historian Quincy T. Mills of Vassar College described it as “A major contribution on the black metropolis as a black business movement, a black public sphere, and visions of freedom in the city.”

Dr. Chambers recently completed a biography of advertising legend Thomas J. Burrell currently titled, An Advertising Revolutionary: The Life and Work of Tom Burrell. This book is currently under contract with the University of Illinois Press.

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Jason P. Chambers Profile Photo
Jason P. Chambers

Jason P. Chambers on Transcending Advertising

Jason P. Chambers Profile Photo
Jason P. Chambers

Jason P. Chambers on The Evolution of Race in Advertising

Jason P. Chambers’s Speech Topics

  • Beyond Subtle Discrimination: Why Your Diversity Efforts Have Stagnated (or Even Failed)

    “I’m a good person, so I can’t discriminate against other people.” Many of us may have friends or co-workers who’ve uttered the aforementioned statement. Or, perhaps we’ve had a similar thought cross our mind as well. This speech is designed to get the audience past their personal feelings and into the landscape of unintended actions and policies that are in effect racist.

  • Leading Culture Change: Building the Soft Skills to Genuinely Alter Your Organization

    Asking people to alter what they do is one thing. Asking them to change how they think is quite another. Additionally, asking them to consistently take the small, but persistent steps that lead to true culture change can be exceptionally difficult. As a result, even the most well-meaning organizations can fall back to the status quo on diversity matters. This presentation is designed to provide you with the steps necessary to engender the constant actions and daily dedication from your employees that lead to a high-functioning organization and truly changed workplace culture.

  • Maintaining Diversity: Getting Beyond Labels, Titles, and Buzzwords

    There are a lot of buzzwords and phrases to consider in relation to diversity: “bringing your whole self”, “agency,” “speaking your truth.” This speech is designed to take your organization past those words and phrases and into the space where true action takes place. Moreover, it is designed to bring your organization past the phase of creating a diverse environment and into the much harder work of actually maintaining one.


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