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Jamie Clarke

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Professional and Olympic-level Performance Coach; Expedition leader; Business builder and master motivator

Thirty years of mountaineering experience, exploring through more than forty countries, creating and selling both an online and brick and mortar business and mindset coaching for both Stanley Cup winning and Olympic gold medal winning teams – Jamie knows about achievement and living one's life as an adventure. A master storyteller, Jamie mesmerizes his audiences while sharing from his heart with humor and passion.

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Jamie Clarke Profile Photo

Jamie Clarke works with elite teams who win: Olympic teams, NHL teams, sales teams, leadership team, and start-up teams. What connects them all is pressure.  With his own hard-won philosophy of decision-making in extremis— and a storytelling technique that can take you from laughter to tears in minutes — Jamie recharges audiences with fresh perspectives on success and failure, and risk vs. reward.

Creative, humorous, passionate, and on-point, Jamie walks you through his successful planning process for expeditions and business. Essential tips on risk assessment. Check. How to listen for cracks in the ice — and the team. Check. Weathering storms, literal and metaphorical. Check.

Through heart-stopping challenges, Jamie has reached the peak of his profession as climber and expedition leader.  After failing twice, Jamie regrouped to reach Mt. Everest’s death-zone summit, twice. He’s trekked 1,000 miles across the most inhospitable desert on the planet and is one of the few alpinists to reach the “Seven Summits” – the highest peak on each continent. As a successful entrepreneur, Jamie learned lessons the hard way as the CEO of an e-commerce retail start-up. 

His high-energy message takes you to dangerous places, real and imagined. He’ll guide you to the edge and bring you back safely. You’ll learn that the highs and the lows are both great teachers. While not on the road speaking or trekking in the Canadian Rockies, Jamie is an Adjunct professor at the University of Calgary where he teaches and mentors in the Centre for Advanced Leadership.

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Jamie Clarke

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Jamie Clarke’s Speech Topics

  • The Map is Not the Terrain: Charting a New Course for Leadership

    Jamie Clarke knows a lot about leadership and uncertainty. He has spent his entire adult life embracing the unknown. From his days as a world-renowned adventure leader and elite climber to becoming a successful business builder and professional sports consultant to a Stanley Cup winning hockey team, Jamie has navigated through countless high pressure and challenging landscapes. What is always certain, yet finds individuals and teams consistently unprepared for is this: Uncertainty leads to indecision. Indecision leads to fear. Fear leads to chaos. Chaos ends in failure.

    This program is more than 30 years in the making. It takes you inside the mindset and the leadership qualities that build team cultures that don’t shrink from uncertainty, but succeed when others fail. What to do when your terrain map no longer works? These cultures are everything from teams of business professionals, expeditions struggling to survive negative 70 degree blizzards in the death zone of 25,000 feet, or professional sports teams finding their collective way to break through past failures and become champions.

    With an infectious sense of humor and palpable, authentic passion, Jamie challenges his audiences to think differently about success, failure, hard work and fear. In his visually stunning and always charismatic and inspiring style, audiences will learn how to:

    • Adapt to forces outside of one’s control.
    • Uphold one’s mission despite the unknowns and the lack of perfect information.
    • Learn from failure quickly and adjust your plans in real-time.
    • Conquer fear through focus and practice.
    • Reframe leadership through the lenses of trust, humility, reliance and empathy.
  • Above All Else: The Power of Passion

    With humor and palpable passion, Jamie Clarke challenges audiences to think differently about success, failure, passion, hard work and fear, as he shares insight from his journeys scaling the world’s highest mountains, trekking through the most dangerous places and starting his own successful retail business. Perfect for audiences seeking expertise on risk-taking, project management, and team building, Clarke’s customized presentations deliver powerful perspective on learning from failure, the art of grunt work, conquering fear through focus, and above all—living life with passion.


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