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Ian Khan

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"The Futurist"; Technology Futurist on Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability, and Future Human Potential; Featured on CNN, Fox, BBC, Bloomberg

Ian Khan is the author of the latest Generative AI explainer The Quick Guide to Prompt Engineering, and Host of "The AI Revolution" episodic series on Amazon Prime. From AI and blockchain to the metaverse and beyond, Khan is a multiple-time author, media personality, and critical thinker and Future Readiness pioneer, creating KPI's to measure Future Readiness and an AI Readiness Index. Ian has an explosive stage presence and has been called a "tour de force".

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Ian Khan Profile Photo

Ian Khan, a.k.a “The Futurist”, is an emerging technology futurist featured on CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, Fast Company. Ian is the author of the highly anticipated Metaverse for Dummies the first comprehensive explainer for the Metaverse. Ian also created the Future Readiness Operating System (FROS™) and the Future Readiness Score(FRS™), used by leading organizations as a tool for Future Readiness. He is also an authority on Web3, Metaverse Security and speaks about Digital Transformation through Algorithms, Robotics, Automation and Blockchain. Ian has also produced several critically acclaimed documentaries available on Prime Video, Emirates Airlines and leading streaming platforms. A highly sought after Future Readiness pioneer, Ian is an energetic keynote speaker sharing his insights with audiences worldwide, virtually and in person.

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Ian Khan

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Ian Khan

Ian Khan on Showing Up For Your Life Mission & Purpose

Ian Khan’s Speech Topics

  • New Foundations, Frameworks, and the Future for the Education Industry

    An existential crisis seems to be sweeping across the entire educational industry. From the chaos that Generative AI such as ChatGPT is creating with students writing answers, essays, and finishing assignments to educators not knowing how to battle the flood of technologies able to generate content, imagery, and video at the click of a button. If students refuse to learn the way the educational system is designed, how can educators, curriculum developers, and institutions ensure that future generations can learn? This can lead to knowledge deficiency across all professionals and can lead to the collapse of future professions. Let us fix it before things get out of hand. Futurist Ian Khan shares the current state of emerging technology and its upcoming impact on the education industry. Covering the gains and gaps emerging due to the disruption of education across the board, Khan discusses what we will see over the next decade and why educators must consider becoming the future ready for a new AI-driven tomorrow. Disruption, Solution, Framework, and the Future, are all covered in a high-impact keynote.

  • Emerging Tech Trifecta and the Value Creation Explosion with IOT, AI & Blockchain

    Learn about the three transformative technologies that will reshape 99.9% of what we do and how we do it. “Internet of Things”, “blockchain”, and “artificial” form the technology trifecta that is slowly leading the path to unlock a tremendous amount of value. These three technologies are revolutionary in nature and will shape positive outcomes in the era of the 4th Industrial revolution. Learn the how and why of the technology trifecta and apply the knowledge to your business to inspire, grow, and become successful.

  • Why the Blockchain Revolution Changes Every Transaction Forever

    Distributed ledger technologies such as blockchain have changed the very fundamentals of how transactions work. No longer deemed a disruptive technology but a fundamental technology, blockchain or as it is also known the “distributed ledger” is going to be one of the most profound technologies of our era. With a highly complex method of storing information and guaranteeing secure transactions, blockchain is changing the very face of banking and financial transactions. More industries that need governance and privacy are looking at blockchain as a savior and enabler of privacy and accountability. In this session, learn why blockchain is so massively impactful and how this will change the essence of every transaction.

  • The Metaverse Finally Explained

    Learn about the impact of the metaverse on industries such as retail, eCommerce, manufacturing, and others. Khan brings clarity to understanding the role the metaverse plays and the impact it can have, including the risks and challenges.

  • The Access Economy with Crypto, NFT, and Web3

    Learn about the emerging access economy by understanding the convergence of non-fungible tokens, cryptocurrencies, and Web3. Khan unpacks what these technologies offer and how the future of many industries will emerge in the next decade.

  • What is your Future Readiness Score?

    Ian Khan unlocks over 175 data points for your organization’s Future Readiness. Research-based insights that can help businesses become future-ready and improve their chances of becoming undisputable and resistant to negative change, this talk covers the fundamentals and exact steps to make your organization future ready. 

What other organizations say about Ian Khan

Ian also delivered a keynote at the American Supplychain Association in Chicago last week and delivered a highly resonating keynote on the future of the Supply Chain Industry and the Role of Artificial Intelligence.


What other organizations say about Ian Khan

Ian was an outstanding keynote speaker at FinovateSpring; he is a tour de force! His understanding of how technology will change the world and his ability to communicate that captivated the audience.  



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