Hans Nichols
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Hans Nichols

Hans Nichols is a political reporter at Axios and co-author of the weekly Sneak Peek newsletter. He covers the 2020 Biden campaign and national politics.

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Hans Nichols is a political reporter at Axios and co-author of the weekly Sneak Peek newsletter. He covers the 2020 Biden campaign and national politics.

Previously, he was a correspondent for NBC News where he reported on the Trump White House and breaking national political news. He began his time at NBC as the Pentagon correspondent and embedded with U.S. forces from Kandahar to the Western Pacific and delivered exclusive interviews with the Secretary of Defense and the Commanding General of U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

Before his tenure at NBC, Hans was an international correspondent based in Berlin for Bloomberg TV, leading coverage on a range of stories, from the Greek debt crisis to the Volkswagen emission scandal.

He also covered the George W. Bush and Barack Obama presidencies for Bloomberg News, with a focus on the economic policy and their response to the financial crisis.

Earlier in his career, he covered House Democrats for The Hill Newspaper, while picking up a law degree from The George Washington University. He was a Fulbright Scholar in Sierra Leone and hold holds a master’s degree in Political Theory from The London School of Economics. He graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University.

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Hans Nichols' Speech Topics

Economic Policy

Hans Nichols is focused on the amount – and kind – of stimulus that President Biden is going to pursue in response to the COVID crisis. As it pertains to the Biden administration, he has been reporting on the President's new economic team and what their immediate priorities will be. Moving forward, Biden will confront competing pressures within his own party on where – and how quickly – to spend. His ability to navigate these intra-party tensions will have implications for both his presidency, the Democratic party and the country. 

Foreign Policy

Hans Nichols has reported on North Korea denuclearization negotiations from in the region as well as the White House and the Department of Defense, with an emphasis on China’s role in the negotiations. With Biden in the White House, North Korea will be one of his most immediate challenges – and his potential first international crisis. And while Biden has pledged to engage with China he has also promised to hold them to a higher standard and demand that they do more for human rights within their borders. Overlaying these challenges is an older one: nuclear arms talks with Russia. 

Democratic Party Politics

Hans Nichols has been examining the kind of policies – and personnel moves – that Biden will not only pursue but prioritize as he seeks to keep the progressive wing of his party content. This dynamic will play out in debates about health care, climate, courts, defense spending and criminal justice reform. How Biden balances his centrist instincts with the progressive energy is his party will have immediate implications in the 2022 mid-term elections as well his party’s ability to control the White House in 2024.