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Gary Heil
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Gary Heil

Gary Heil, an internationally recognized expert on service and leadership, helps organizations see things as they really are—not as people wish they were—in order to create lasting change.
Founder, The Center for Innovative Leadership and Author

Expertise In:

  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Professional Achievement
  • Personal Growth and Achievement
  • Innovation

Audience & Industry

  • Associations
  • Board Meetings and Executive Briefings
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Corporations
  • Sales Professionals

Gary Heil, an internationally recognized expert on service and leadership, helps organizations see things as they really are—not as people wish they were—in order to create lasting change.

Leaders must first change themselves before expecting their teams to change. Gary Heil pushes people out of their comfort zones, delivering a powerful call to action to stop talking about change and start making it happen. As an examiner for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, Heil studied what separates the best from the rest, and now delivers tested strategies regarding organizational change and growth. With long-term business growth at stake, it is vital that everyone works together to unleash the productive power of authenticity and truth telling at every level of an organization. Heil shows decision makers how to update their own mindsets, which, in turn, results in creating teams that are passionate about learning and improving. An internationally recognized expert on service quality, leadership and change management, Heil has co-authored numerous books, including an upcoming release based on over 700 interviews with leaders on their own efforts to create meaningful change in their organizations.

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Featured Experiences

For the Love of the Game: The Art of Leading an Inspired Team

Whether in the boardroom, on the shop floor or on the baseball diamond, the best leaders and coaches are remarkably similar. They are passionate, skilled, caring, tough and empathetic winners who attract the best people to play on their teams and demand that all members make maximum contributions. The best leaders and coaches are teachers at heart. From this presentation, you will learn:

  • How to define the game before you play, a task that is not as simple as it seems
  • Why teams cannot afford non-leaders
  • Why effective recruiting is more important than ever and how to improve the process
  • What the role of values is in team development and why it must be understood and lived by all 

Delivering Compelling Service in a Customer-Led World

We can be great only if we have a passion to be the best. The process must start with a commitment to create unique levels of value for our customers and to build the skills and processes necessary to make this goal a reality. This presentation hammers home a number of points, including why:

  • Every employee must understand the process from the customer’s point of view
  • Quality improvement and continuous improvement are critical to learning and success
  • Customer complaints are good news
  • Good tools are important but should not become the goal
  • The roles of sales and service change in a great service company 

Ten Leadership Lessons We Cannot Afford to Ignore

For more than half a century, leaders have been engaged in the study of the best ways to integrate individual and organizational actions. Yet, despite the energy spent on the issue, too few organizations have integrated the best knowledge into day-to-day activities. Oftentimes the best improvement ideas are not new, but are found in the effective implementation of timeless ideas. Heil will help your organization to:

  • Understand what demotivates people
  • Recognize the predictors of resistance to change 
  • Identify an organization’s DNA, implement ways to measure “culture” and learn why culture is critical to understand
  • Create a shared sense of purpose that is important to the survival of the organization
  • Uncover learning skills, understand why they atrophy and learn what leaders can do about it 

Tough Times: Opportunity for Innovation and Corporate Makeover

It has been said that tough times don’t build character. Rather, tough times expose character. Challenging times provide a unique opportunity for leaders to accelerate the very changes they seek. As the margin of error decreases, the effect of every decision a leader makes is magnified. In this practical presentation, given by a leading expert on innovation who has led his own team through challenging times as a director and executive, Gary Heil shares with audiences:

  • How to engage employees to help craft an organization’s future during challenging times and better prepare it when economic times improve
  • How tough times can reduce the resistance some people have to change, which can actually help create an atmosphere for innovation and improvement
  • Why leaders act more authentically in a time of crisis
  • How to help leaders make different choices, thereby allowing teams to make a better contributions
  • Why the values we choose are amplified in times of great challenge
  • How to craft a strategy with an optimistic attitude, humble heart and open mind in order to move past basic survival and prepare your business for the future 

Change Leadership: Creating a Different Tomorrow

Gary Heil inspires audiences with his passion for change, speaking about tested strategies for optimistic leadership toward a shared and attainable future. Offering practical, takeaway counsel on removing roadblocks, he shares proven guidelines for creating a different tomorrow that will lead to a win-win outcome for all team members while accelerating organizational change, such as:

  • How optimistic leaders who are passionate about creating change foster a sense of hope and cultivate a contagious attitude of success
  • Which reward structures enhance accountability and performance
  • Why it is vital to communicate compelling reasons for change and why leaders must advance reasons that are both significant and achievable
  • How effective leaders can lessen resistance, accelerate team responsibility for change and obtain an outcome that will be worth the effort 

Business Consulting from Gary Heil: Creating Lasting Organizational Change and Growth

Bringing in a business consultant can challenge you and your organization to think differently about your business. Whether you are a new leader seeking a renewed vision for your company or a seasoned C-Suite executive exploring new trends in the marketplace, they provide the deep, strategic insights and much-needed perspective to help you make confident and profitable decisions.

Gary Heil, Founder of The Center for Innovative Leadership, pushes people out of their comfort zones. Helping organizations gain critical insight through his time-tested strategies and techniques – the internationally-recognized expert on service quality, leadership, and change management, will show your executive leadership team how to update their own mindset and unleash their productive power to create lasting, meaningful change.

His advisory topics include:

  • Building Effective Teams
  • Business Growth
  • Improving Corporate Culture
  • Leadership
  • Leading Organizational Change