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Filipe Masetti Leite

Keynote Speaker

World-renowned Adventurer; Multi award-winning Filmmaker; Best-selling author of Long Ride Home, Long Ride to the End of the World, and Last Long Ride; Calgary Stampede Grand Marshal (2020); Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society 

The youngest person in the world to cross the Americas on horseback, Filipe Masetti Leite shows us that no dream or goal is impossible when we plan, focus, and live with purpose.

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Filipe Masetti Leite'S SPEAKING FEE $25K - $40K

Filipe Masetti Leite Profile Photo

Filipe Masetti Leite is like no one you have ever met or will meet again. The youngest person to cross the Americas on horseback, he is also one of only three men, in the entire world, to complete the arduous 25,000 km (16,000 miles) trek from Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina. To have a better understanding of what that means, think about this: 12 men have walked on the moon. More than 5,000 people have summited Everest. Only 3 have crossed the Americas on the back of a horse. Filipe is one of those Long Riders and his ability to connect with audiences through his humor and humility, sets him apart from any other speaker.

“You don’t have to be extraordinary to take the first step, but you do have to take the first step to become extraordinary.”

Filipe Masetti Leite

In the midst of unbelievable stories like escaping from grizzly bears in the Yukon, being asked to carry a young woman’s ashes by her mourning brother, and sleeping in the home of drug lords in Central America, Filipe will leave his audiences catching their breath and wiping tears from their eyes. His talk has the power to inspire, teach, create change, and entertain

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Filipe Masetti Leite Profile Photo
Filipe Masetti Leite

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Filipe Masetti Leite Profile Photo
Filipe Masetti Leite

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Filipe Masetti Leite Profile Photo
Filipe Masetti Leite

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Filipe Masetti Leite’s Speech Topics

  • Leading with Resilience: Unleashing the Power of Teamwork

    In an inspiring and powerful presentation on leadership, resilience, and teamwork, Filipe Masetti, the youngest person to cross the Americas on horseback, shares invaluable insights gained from his extraordinary 8-year journey spanning 27,000 kilometers and 12 countries. Facing some of the most challenging situations imaginable, from extreme weather to navigating through drug cartels and perilous mountain crossings, Filipe draws parallels between his experiences and effective leadership.

    Through his encounters, Filipe highlights the profound lessons he learned from leading his team, his horses, through adversity. Facing daunting circumstances, he emphasizes the importance of resilience, adaptability, and strategic decision-making. The talk serves as a powerful testament to the qualities essential for effective leadership – courage in the face of uncertainty, the ability to navigate through difficult terrain, and the determination to lead others to victory. Filipe’s transformative journey offers a unique perspective on leadership and teamwork, showcasing the invaluable lessons derived from overcoming extraordinary challenges.

  • Adventures of the Soul: Navigating Resilience in the Face of Change

    Filipe embarked on the most arduous adventure of the 21st century — an epic 27,000-kilometer expedition on horseback marked by relentless uncertainty and dynamic change. Navigating diverse climates, challenging terrains, and encountering situations many only dream of, he was compelled to adapt continually. Amidst this adventure, Filipe obtained profound insights into the various cultures he encountered, but, more importantly, it served as a crucible revealing his true self. Adventure became the transformative catalyst through which Filipe discovered the depths of his resilience and the ability to manage change, shaping not just his journey but his very identity and the remained of his life.

    “At the end of my presentation you will understand that quitting is never an option,” Filipe Masetti.

  • A Long Rider’s Guide to Surviving a Post-Pandemic World

    For the past eight years, Long Rider Filipe Masetti Leite has lived in a kind of social isolation in wide-open spaces. Spending long periods of time, completely isolated from other human life, alone with his horses, the 35-year-old journalist had to manage his feelings and anxieties, while drawing on the knowledge acquired through years of planning, to keep himself and his animals alive. Filipe uses the examples of his Long Rides to share the best strategies and tactics to help individuals, teams, and leaders succeed in these uncertain times. Topics include strategic planning, leading under pressure, working with remote teams, managing stress, and more. Through “hard-to-believe” stories and important life lessons, the Long Rider will inspire, motivate, and show his audiences that they too can tackle any challenge they may face, no matter how difficult or impossible it may seem!

  • Life Lessons from The Long Rider

    “We all have fears, problems, and limitations, but when you focus on saddling your horse and riding 20 miles every single day, you can cross continents!” Filipe Masetti Leite, the youngest person in the world to cross the Americas on horseback, doesn’t believe in the word impossible. After graduating from Ryerson’s journalism program, thanks to a scholarship, he decided to live his life’s dream — travel the 10,000 miles that separate the Great White North from his native home in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Not by car, motorcycle, or even bicycle, but on horseback. At age twenty-three, the immigrant built a “war room,” in his stuffy apartment and began planning this near-impossible journey. He didn’t have anything he needed. No horses, saddles, equipment, or money. But with his cowboy mantra, “quitting is never an option,” after two years, he was given everything he needed. Not only did he arrive in Brazil healthy and alive with his three horses Frenchie, Bruiser, and Dude, 803 days after departing from the Calgary Stampede, he went even further. Filipe ended up undertaking two more journeys riding from Brazil to Ushuaia, Argentina, and then Alaska to Calgary, Alberta. Becoming the youngest person and only fourth in the world to have crossed the Americas on horseback. An 8-year project that took Filipe and his beloved horses across 12 nations, trekking more than 17,000 miles. Using anecdotes, photos, and videos from his epic adventures, Filipe has motivated crowds all over the Americas with his inspiring and emotional talk.

  • Agriculture and Ranching in the Americas — Similarities and Differences

    Filipe got a first-hand look at agricultural practices in the Americas from Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina. Traveling at 3 km/h and only 30 kilometers a day, oftentimes sleeping at farms and ranches, the Long Rider was able to learn about how each of the 12 countries he crossed, raises cattle, plants vegetables, and uses technology to harvest more, using fewer resources. During his talk, Filipe will prove that farmers and ranchers can be environmentally friendly from his experience while also discussing the similarities and differences he encountered along his journey.


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