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Elatia Abate

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Founder, future of now; Futurist in Residence, Paylocity

Elatia Abate is a powerful and dynamic speaker who leaves audiences engaged, inspired and ready to take powerful and impactful action.

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Elatia Abate Profile Photo

Elatia Abate, creator of the Future of Now, is an entrepreneur whose mission is to revolutionize the way trailblazing leaders understand, train, and fuel their leadership. Named a Forbes leading female futurist, she is a globally recognized expert on the futures of work and strategy and currently serves as Futurist in Residence for Paylocity, a billion-dollar HR tech firm.

Her Future-Led Leadership™ learning and development content has been utilized in organizations including PwC, Verizon, UniGroup, RMI – Rocky Mountain Institute, Grupo Globo, CME Group, GMAC (Graduate Management Admissions Council), and The College of William and Mary Raymond A. Mason School of Business.

Elatia is a sought-after keynote speaker on the topics of the future of work, leadership, and resilience, sharing her message for audiences of tens and auditoriums of thousands including, Citi, NY Life, VRBO, Deloitte, Honeywell, Belcorp, SHRM, among many others. She has a TEDx talk entitled, “Pioneering the Future of Work.”

In a former life, she served as Global Director of Talent Acquisition with Anheuser-Busch InBev and Vice President of Human Resources at Dow Jones & Company.

She has been featured in Fast Company, Esquire, Chief, Forbes, Exame, and La Voz, as well as in work with Trevor Noah and Tony Robbins. She was the only woman to contribute to the Tony Robbins 2020 Business Resiliency Expert series.

She is an instructor for LinkedIn Learning, in the Continuing Studies Department of Stanford University, and the Executive Education Department of The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. She received her BA and MBA from the University of Chicago.

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Elatia Abate Profile Photo
Elatia Abate

Elatia Abate Speaking Reel 2022

Elatia Abate Profile Photo
Elatia Abate

TEDxOgden: Pioneering the Future of Work

Elatia Abate’s Speech Topics

  • Future-Led Leadership™: A Futurist’s Model for Accelerated Success in a Radically Changing World

    Step into the future with this riveting keynote that redefines leadership for the Age of AI, by equipping audience members to adapt, innovate, and dance with today’s relentless pace of change.

    Banish the stale, either/or thinking that stagnates growth. Instead, learn to generate present- focus and future-led awareness to design robust, emergent strategies. Through innovative insight into futurist thinking, you’ll gain a roadmap to transform today’s trends into tomorrow’s triumphs.

    This talk empowers leaders to harness the whirlwind of change, transforming disruptive energies into strategic gains. Adopt the futurist’s lens to amplify present success and proactively sculpt future opportunities, securing your organization’s relevance and resonance in the age of acceleration.

    Audiences will learn how to:

    • Escape the confines of binary thinking -Merge immediate and future-focused goals to create resilient, agile strategies that promise sustainable success
    • Turn disruption into opportunity – Proactively shape the future, transforming potential threats into compelling strategic advantages
    • Access the future today – Master five potent tools of modern leadership to navigate today’s complexities and command tomorrow’s opportunities
  • Regenerative Resilience™️: Leading in a Future Plagued by Disruption

    The velocity of change in our world has moved from incremental to exponential to instantaneous. New tech, which once took decades to integrate into society, is now taking only a matter of days or weeks to reach millions of people – and it’s not slowing down.

    AI and machine learning are both transforming society as we know it, including our understanding of business and how we work, and they’re only two of many disruptive technologies.

    This moment invites us to step into leadership like never before and learn the tools to both navigate and shape the future in the face of accelerating change.

    Regenerative Resilience™️ is a dynamic talk designed to arm you to thrive in today’s unpredictable world. Learn to sculpt disruption into transformative power. This keynote shares tools made in, from, and for a world in constant flux. Move through this time, not with caution, but with confidence and vision.

    Audiences will learn how to:

    • Navigate From Chaos to Clarity: Reframe your perception of disruption. Turn it from a chaotic threat into a map for growth and progress.
    • Evolve From Fear to Fearlessness: Replace trepidation with an eagerness to explore uncharted territories.
    • Move From Isolation to Connection: Explore the importance of community and communication for thriving today.
  • Disruption-Proof: A Trailblazer’s Compass for Navigating the Future of Work

    Step into a world where disruption becomes your greatest ally, and the future of work is an exhilarating journey of limitless possibilities. As a visionary futurist, Elatia transcends the boundaries of conventional thinking, revealing a roadmap to navigate the ever-changing landscape of tomorrow.

    In this captivating keynote, Elatia fuses theory with practicality, presenting three transformative strategies that will empower audiences to not only survive but thrive amidst the chaos of the present and the unknown of the future:


    Discover the pivotal choice that unlocks your true potential, propelling you forward as a force to be reckoned with.


    Embrace the exhilarating dance of expanding knowledge and understanding while you shed outdated practices, redundant skills, and limiting beliefs.


    Embark on a collective journey where collaboration is the lifeblood of success. As our world grows increasingly interconnected, discover the transformative force of community and human connection. By synergizing our efforts, we unlock unparalleled opportunities and pave the way to a future brimming with promise.


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