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Michael Breus

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Psychologist, Sleep Expert, Web MD Sleep Expert for 15 years, Best Selling Author

Michael Breus is blazing a new trail of not just evaluating sleep disorders, but actually teaching Sleep Optimization. Using research from his work with Professional Athletes, Corporate Executives, and Genetic Sleep Screening, his non-pharmacological techniques — collected from all over the world — have a rapid effect on your current sleep quality, without compromising your lifestyle.

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Michael Breus'S SPEAKING FEE Under $25,000

Michael Breus Profile Photo

Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist and both a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He was one of the youngest people to have passed the Board at age 31 and, with a specialty in Sleep Disorders, is one of only 168 psychologists in the world who passed the Medical Sleep Specialty Boards without going to medical school. Dr. Breus is on the clinical advisory board of The Dr. Oz Show and is a regular contributor on the show.

Dr. Breus has been in private practice for 19 years and recently relocated his VIP Concierge Sleep Service practice to Los Angeles. Dr. Breus lectures all over the world for private groups and well- known organizations including: AT&T, YPO, Milken Institute, Google, The World Aviation Training Summit, Princess Cruises, hospitals, and financial institutions. Dr. Breus does over 200 interviews each year with various digital, television, and radio media outlets including: Today Show, The Dr. Oz Show, Rachel Ray Show, The Doctors, KTLA, Headline News, CNN, GMA, NY Times, WSJ, Time Magazine, including many repeat appearances.

Dr. Breus’s direct, no-BS style is not for everyone, but for the people he does work with, he creates unprecedented results.

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Michael Breus Profile Photo
Michael Breus

Michael Breus on the perfect hormonal time to sleep, eat, and have sex

Michael Breus’s Speech Topics

  • Sleep better, Do More (For Workplace Productivity- All Employees)

    Chronotherapy: There is a Right Time to do Everything Here, Dr. Breus introduces an old idea in a very new way. It turns out that each of us has a unique bio-time for our circadian rhythm (Chronotype). You may already know about two of these: early bird and night owl. Did you know that actually FOUR exist? These types are hard-wired into our biology and hormones. With over 300 evidence-based studies, Dr. Breus gives a fun and enlightening journey through the basis of his book: The Power of When. Wouldn’t you like to learn “When” to:

    Brainstorm and come up with the ultimate idea

    Take your medications for maximum effectiveness

    Have your coffee at its highest level of effectiveness

    Drink alcohol and not feel it the morning after

    Make a deal with the highest profit…and so much more!


    Learn when to brainstorm and come up with the ultimate idea

    Make a deal with the highest profit potential

    When to drink coffee for the greatest mental effectiveness

    When to do anything based on your unique chorontype for the very best result

  • Sleep Is Your Secret Weapon (FOR SALES LEADERS)

    Your attendees will get an in-depth look at how elite athletes and C-level executives use sleep as their secret weapon, including how they deal with jet lag, catch up on sleep, and reduce their need for sleep.


    Learn how to identify your personal bedtime and rise time

    Apply 5 habits during the day that will improve their sleep at night

    • Get a free personalized jet lag protocols for your next trip abroad
  • The Exhausted Executive

    This insider’s view of Sleep Coaching is filled with case studies and real-world examples of how Dr. Breus “tweaks” sleep for his highest net-worth clients. It all begins with a proprietary Sleep Assessment, which includes personalized genetic testing, blood work, medication/supplement review, in-home sleep testing, Chronorythm identification and current sleep tracking. You will follow John, a 45 year old, fatigued CEO, who can’t turn his brain off at night, travels weekly, and reports feeling terrible in the mornings, but needs to push on through his day. Together you’ll review how he is now getting a “Sleep Edge.” Sharing this is a never-before-seen aspect of Dr. Breus’s practice.


    • Shut off their brain and sleep better
    • Understanding how to manage your hormones and biological rhythms
    • Best practices for good sleep every night, even when traveling

What other organizations say about Michael Breus

Dr. Breus was a huge hit at our recent speaker series, which was held at locations around the country. His presentations were consistently fun, informative and highly engaging. Although his topic was largely focused on sleep, our highly diversified audiences were wide awake and really captivated by every moment of his talks!

Financial Services

What other organizations say about Michael Breus

Sleep turned out to be the “HOT” topic at our global Edge conference this year, when the Fire Marshal required us to close the doors at Dr. Michael Breus’ lecture, as the audience was literally overflowing. Those who could stay awarded Dr. Brues with high ratings for engagement, humor, and education as he did anything but put us to sleep, with his topic. Dr. Breus’ passion was evident by all as he stayed afterwards and answered every single question for our members. Since his lecture, Dr. Breus has become an amazing resource for Young Presidents Organization (YPO) members worldwide.

YPO/WPO/Young Entrepreneurs

What other organizations say about Michael Breus

The lecture was beyond our expectations. It was absolutely one of the most engaging events that we’ve had in our YPO chapter. My phone has been blowing up all morning with positive feedback. I look like the hero, although I didn’t deliver the talk. I just brought the best speaker in the world to our venue. I can’t wait to explore how we can bring Dr. Breus back.

YPO/WPO/Young Entrepreneurs

What other organizations say about Michael Breus

Dr. Breus has transformed my ability to get results in my business. My whole life had been one long, tired story until I heard him speak and started working with him one on one. In just a few months’ time, I am now experiencing a level of restful sleep I had previously resigned myself to believing was impossible. I highly recommend Dr. Breus to anyone who wants to get the most out of their own performance.

Executive Development/Coaching

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