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David Gregory

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Renowned Journalist; Former Moderator, NBC's Meet the Press; Political Analyst, CNN

Renowned journalist David Gregory provides a firsthand analysis and running narrative of the Trump Administration, Congress and politics in America.

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David Gregory Profile Photo

David Gregory, current CNN political analyst former moderator of NBC News’ Meet the Press, shares with audiences his insights on the latest Washington headlines and the current events facing our country. He regales audiences with first-hand accounts of asking tough questions of some of the most powerful, influential—and infamous—people in the world. Prior to his Meet the Press duties, Gregory served as chief White House Correspondent for NBC News. Washingtonian magazine named Gregory one of Washington’s 50 best and most influential journalists, labeling him the “firebrand in the front row” for his tough yet fair questioning at press conferences. Before joining NBC News in 1995, Gregory served as a correspondent based in Chicago and Los Angeles covering the OJ Simpson trials and the trial of Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. He first came to Washington in 1998 to cover the Clinton impeachment story for MSNBC. Gregory has covered three presidential campaigns and reported extensively on the aftermath of September 11, 2001, including the run up to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq from both Washington and around the world. He recently released a new book, How’s Your Faith?, which focuses on how the spiritual journeys people take in their lives are always worthwhile.

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David Gregory Profile Photo
David Gregory

The Media’s Responsibility

David Gregory Profile Photo
David Gregory

How Trump Won The Election

David Gregory’s Speech Topics

  • Experienced Moderator

  • Today’s Issues, Presidential Campaigns and America’s Future

    David Gregory has covered the biggest stories of our time, from presidential politics to some of the country’s biggest courtroom dramas, to the policy fights around war and terrorism. He offers an unmatched insider’s account and shares with audiences personal anecdotes from what he’s seen up close of our leaders during times of war and national tragedy, as well as the humorous moments that occur outside of the camera range. What qualities are most important in a presidential race? How are campaigns changing in a dynamic media world? From covering the White House and moderating Meet the Press, Gregory has developed a passion for politics and garnered vast experience to draw on as he examines Presidential campaigns and today’s political landscape. He remains connected to the power players in Washington and captivates audiences as he takes them inside how campaigns unfold and how these contests are decided in this energetic, engaging presentation.

  • Presidential Leadership During Crisis

    David Gregory can provide an inside account of presidential leadership and decision making since the dawn of our modern political tribalism. 

  • The Election Media in a Polarized Age

    David Gregory will explore the evolution of media disruption and division and how it has changed political campaigns. 

  • Purpose and Finding Something Greater

    A President of the United States once asked David Gregory, “How’s your faith?” That question did not come out of the blue. George W. Bush asked Gregory this question while he was covering the White House after hearing that he had been studying the Bible for several years. Gregory’s book How’s Your Faith? An Unlikely Spiritual Journey chronicles the story of his return to faith as an adult to find deeper meaning in his life and make sense of some painful parts of his past. Unexpected experiences in his career will additionally surprise the audience. Gregory charts his personal journey towards finding something greater, speaking on what he learned of President Bush’s faith and what he learned about his own faith and purpose during the humbling experience of losing his job at NBC in this impassioned, sincere presentation.

  • The Mainstream Media Under Siege

    How are the current distrust of media and the proliferation of new media sources changing the way we get our news? Is there liberal bias in the media? What role does that play? Most importantly, is the information we are getting making us any better informed about politics and the world? After 25 years at the top level of the media world, David Gregory examines the issues that surround this dynamic and ever-changing world of media. In this thought-provoking and enlightening presentation, he shares fascinating insights with the audience from his extensive experience in the business and the work he is doing now in this disrupted media landscape.

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