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Dan Coats
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Dan Coats

Former national intelligence chief assessing worldwide security threats.

Director of National Intelligence (2017– 2019), Ambassador, and Politician

Expertise In:

  • National Security
  • Leadership
  • Diplomacy
  • U.S. Current Events
  • U.S. Foreign Policy

Audience & Industry

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Corporations
  • Non-Profits
  • The Finance Industry
  • The Technology Industry

Former Director of National Intelligence, ambassador, and two-time senator Dan Coats understands the power of delivering unvarnished truth to the corridors of power.

Dan Coats has expertly grappled with the complex challenges facing our country and world.

Having served in two Republican administrations and spent 24 years in the U.S. House and Senate representing the state of Indiana, he’s well-versed in the politics of the age and how to manage turbulent times in history.

Called “a player, a thinking man’s conservative” by The Washington Times, Coats speaks to the issues affecting our national security, providing cogent analysis derived from his years of public service.

While in Congress, Coats was a strong advocate of a bipartisan approach to national security issues, joining with Democrats in pursuing several defense reform and transformation initiatives. He served on several high-profile committees, including the Senate Armed Services Committee, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and the House Energy and Commerce Committee – positioning him to provide unique analysis on these issues from his tenured vantage point.  He was also a member of the Senate leadership, serving as Midwest Regional Whip. Additionally, he held the position of Chairman of the Joint Economic Committee, with focus on debt and deficit spending.

George H. W. Bush once described Coats as giving voice “to the values of the heartland.” In 2001, his son, then-President George W. Bush named Coats the U.S. Ambassador to Germany, where he garnered extensive foreign policy experience and played a critical role in establishing robust relations following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and in the construction of a new U.S. Embassy in Berlin.

Following this appointment, Coats returned to the U.S. Senate in 2011 to focus on reducing the national debt, promoting pro-growth economic policies to put Americans back to work, and protecting Americans from terrorist threats.

Appointed in 2017, Coats served for two and a half years as the first Director of National Intelligence for President Donald Trump — becoming only the fifth person to fill the role since it originated in the wake of Sept. 11. Charged with overseeing and coordinating the nation’s 17 intelligence agencies, Coats managed a vast network of intelligence professionals facing the myriad of threats to our country and its citizens.

In issues beyond national security, Coats is also widely recognized as one of America’s most original thinkers for his trailblazing endeavors in healthcare and education. He’s also known for being the author and champion of the Project for American Renewal – a comprehensive initiative aimed at shifting power and funding from Washington, D.C., directly to local and nonprofit groups that are successfully working to resolve many of the nation’s societal problems.

Coats has served as the President of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America and on the boards of many civic and volunteer organizations. He, with his wife, formed the Foundation for American Renewal, an organization that conducts research and awards grants to faith-based ministries.

With audiences, Coats is strategic, comprehensive, and informed. Dubbed “The Mr. Rogers of the Senate,” his genial, affable manner is always apparent as he weaves in stories about his life and work. Coats is well-versed in the issues impacting our people, businesses, and country. Discerning and candid, he always employs transparency and objective intelligence in his mission to inform the public.

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Dan Coats 's Speech Topics

A Conversation with Dan Coats

A longtime pillar of the Republican establishment, Dan Coats served most recently as the Director of National Intelligence for the Trump administration.

Charged with overseeing and coordinating the nation’s 17 intelligence agencies, he managed a vast network of intelligence professionals facing the myriad of threats to our country and its citizens.

The mission to protect and defend America has changed exponentially over the past few years, says Coats, and the threats against our nation are multiplying. “We are facing the most diverse and complex array of threats I have ever seen,” he adds. “Our world is changing dramatically because of technology.”

In this moderated conversation, the former Senator and Director of National Intelligence takes audiences around the world to the biggest global hotspots. Tailoring his talk for your unique audience, he provides snapshot of the biggest risks and opportunities as they stand today — providing raw facts and hope for a brighter future.