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Dan Ariely

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Best-Selling Author, Payoff, The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty, The Upside of Irrationality and Predictably Irrational and Professor, Duke University

Dan Ariely embodies an unusual balance of a serious academic, business professional, and engaging storyteller. He leads cutting-edge research in behavioral economics and social science and readily incorporates its application into institutional bottom lines and governments. To date, he has used findings in behavioral economics to help hundreds of companies, several governments, and many NGOs.

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Dan Ariely Profile Photo

Dan Ariely’s immersive introduction to irrationality took place many years ago while he was overcoming injuries sustained in an explosion. The range of treatments in the burn department, and particularly the daily “bath” made him confront a variety of irrational behaviors that were immensely painful and persistent.

Upon leaving the hospital, Dan wanted to understand how to better deliver painful and unavoidable treatments to patients so he began conducting research in this area. After completing this initial research project, he was hooked and became engrossed with the idea that we repeatedly and predictably make the wrong decisions in many aspects of our lives and that research could help change some of these patterns.

His research, books, and talks are attempts to describe his research findings in non-academic terms so that more people will learn about the main findings regarding the nuances of human nature, discover the excitement of social science, and find ways to use some of the findings to enrich their professional and personal lives.

Dan enjoys exploring different parts of the world, hiking, and of course, studying the irrational ways we all behave.

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Dan Ariely

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Dan Ariely

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Dan Ariely

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Dan Ariely’s Speech Topics

  • Human Motivation and Human Capital

    Human capital plays a larger role in a company’s value than we give it credit for. In this talk, Dan will discuss lab research, research with individual companies, and research looking at the stock market, in general. With formed conclusions, he’ll offer ways to measure and improve motivation, human capital, and internal culture. 

  • How Do We Understand the World of Misinformation and Misbeliefs

    One can look at misinformation and misbeliefs as simple mistakes. In reality, they are psychological responses to a basic state of deprivation. In this talk, Dan will describe the conditions that lead people to lose faith in standard views of the world, begin looking for alternatives, and the mechanisms that guide people to further levels of misbelief, eventually seal the deal, and make it hard for people to return. All hope is not lost: there are a few things we can do to mitigate the damage as long as we do them early. 

  • How We Use, Misuse, and Make Mistakes About Money

    Dan will discuss how we should deal with money and how we actually deal with money including the mistakes we make when we spend and save. Some of the topics we will touch on include why we have such a hard time thinking about money, what is the role of relativity when we make financial decisions, how different payment modalities change how we spend, and finally what can we do to improve our approach to money.  

  • Changing Behavior Using Behavioral Economics

    Dan will discuss some of the challenges (and some of the benefits) of our irrationalities as they play out day-to-day in both the workplace and in our personal lives. Some of the topics we will touch on include why it is so hard for us to make good decisions, what is the role of emotions, and what can we do to make decisions that are in our best long-term interest. By the end of this talk attendees should be able to modify their current offering so that their customers will be better able to make the right choices for themselves.  


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