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Connie Podesta

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Expert in Changing Lives and Author, Life Would Be Easy If It Weren't For Other People

Using a masterful combination of comic talent, dramatic flair and warm human insight, Connie Podesta tackles the make-or-break issues that control productivity and morale.

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Connie Podesta Profile Photo

Connie is not just a speaker—she is an experience! Connie is a game-changing ball of fire whose rare blend of laugh-out-loud humor, killer take–away strategies and interactive, no PowerPoint (How cool is that?) delivery style has made her one the most unique and memorable speakers on stage for the last 25 years. She is a Hall of Fame Speaker to over 1,000 organizations and award-winning author of seven books. Connie is an expert in the psychology of Human Behavior as it applies to sales, leadership, change, accountability and engagement. She appeals to all audiences with her comedic and entertaining delivery and her no-nonsense ability to tackle even the toughest of issues that organizations face in an ever-changing environment. Connie is an EXPERIENCE full of fun and amazing ROI that your audience will not soon forget.

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Connie Podesta Profile Photo
Connie Podesta

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Connie Podesta’s Speech Topics

  • StandOut Change: Helping People Navigate Culture, Conflict, and “the Crisis of the Day”

    If the last few years have taught us anything – it’s that ANYTHING can happen. To succeed in today’s world, you need the skills that allow you to expand, not decrease, your emotional and business bandwidth in times of stress. The truth is there will always be culture clash opportunities, conflict, and daily crisis. HOWEVER, they don’t have to define you, distract you, or distress you if you have the right tools, mindset, and strategies in your life to navigate uncertainty with confidence.

    That’s what Human Behavior and Change Expert Connie Podesta brings to the stage. With a fascinating look at what makes each of us approach change different, Connie brings recipes for resilience, strength, and a solid centered sense of self. If your team is navigating the “deep end” of change – Connie’s got the lifeline and life tools for leveraging change for ALL IT’S WORTH!

  • StandOut Communication: Cultivating Connection, Collaboration, and Negotiation

    Connectivity is vital to business (and life) success, especially in today’s world. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always come naturally, or authentically, or at all!

    That’s where Human Behavior and Communication Expert Connie Podesta comes in. With a healthy dose of psychology, humor, and an empowering understanding of human nature, Connie helps audiences connect in proven and powerful ways, and most importantly, instantly recognize the communication styles of both themselves and others – making navigating conversations and negotiating needs a thousand times easier. Want to bring your people together and give them the communication skills they need build relationship bridges and succeed faster? Connie’s got it covered.

  • StandOut Success: Delivering Reality CHECKS and BALANCE

    Success can look different for everyone. It’s personal, and it doesn’t always have to do with the bottom line in a bank account or the title printed on a business card.

    In this refreshingly candid presentation, Human Behavior and Success Expert Connie Podesta leads audience members through a serious (but really fun) reality check to first understand why they do and think what they do – then discover where they may be living out of balance and out of alignment for the kind of success that resonates most with them. 

  • StandOut Sales: Out-Think, Out-Negotiate, and OUTSELL the Competition

    “Sales” looks very different today. Clients don’t want to be “closed”, “techniqued”, or caught in a canned script loop they can’t get out of.

    And frankly, most sales professionals don’t want any part of any of that either. That’s where Human Behavior and Sales Expert Connie Podesta comes in. With proven sales tools and strategies based on the psychology of human behavior (why we do what we do and think what we think) and a healthy dose of humor, Connie has helped millions of people take sales to a whole new level…and have more fun while getting there

  • StandOut Leadership: Creating Teams Who are Ready, Able, and EXCITED to Get the Job Done

    From hiring to firing to INSPIRING – LEADERSHIP today is about being both the calm in the storm and the step-up example your team needs to succeed. Connie can help you to super-charge your connectivity, collaboration, and team building in energized new ways.

    With her signature blend of comedy and “tell-it-like-it-is” delivery, Connie takes you inside the minds of even your most difficult employees so you can turn negative attitudes into positive, entitlement into accountability, complacency into productivity, complaining into solutions and “that’s not my job” into ownership in ANY market condition or economy.

  • StandOut Relationships: Life Would Be Easy, If It Weren’t for Other People

    Imagine what you could accomplish if you could decode the mystery of human behavior and truly understand what makes people do what they do and say what they say (including yourself!). Research shows that the #1 key to SUCCESS is the ability to get along with other people, personally and professionally.

    With laugh-out-loud humor, killer take-away strategies and her amazing insights into others (including a few who “drive you crazy”), Human Behavior Expert Connie Podesta will both challenge you and empower you with the knowledge you need to get along better with the people in your life. Connie will take you right inside the minds and personalities of the people you deal with every day — bosses, colleagues, partners, customers, friends, and family so YOU can ACT, rather than REACT to whatever life throws your way. Ready to help your team have less stress and more success

What other organizations say about Connie Podesta

Connie Podesta’s performance was a home run. She was vibrant, engaging, entertaining and humorous. It is always a daunting task to engage a speaker that can capture the personality of our group, business people and their spouses. Connie was a rare find they were still talking about her performance the last two days of the meeting and there were many lessons learned that they took away with them, including myself. She’s a jewel.


What other organizations say about Connie Podesta

Connie Podesta definitely blew the audience away and was a true home run. Everyone walked away from the event with a new perspective and outlook on how to apply Connie’s message to their personal and business lives. People could not stop laughing!

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