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Chad Foster

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Technology Executive; Entrepreneur; Blind Snow Skier

When Chad Foster speaks to audiences, he shares a powerful message: his loss of eyesight as a young adult didn't hold him back. Instead, he embraced obstacles as opportunities. Chad became the first blind executive to graduate Harvard Business School's leadership program and did what Oracle said couldn’t be done, becoming the first to create CRM software for the visually-impaired. Today, Chad teaches this same overcomer mindset to companies around the world, breaking down the anatomy of resilience using his tried and tested tools to empower people to emerge from setbacks stronger, sleeker, and resolute to succeed. He believes in helping others turn their challenges into opportunities, a mission that he values even more than his eyesight.

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Chad Foster Profile Photo

Chad E. Foster is a beacon of resilience and innovation. Blinded in his early years, Chad refused to let his lack of sight hinder his vision for success. He became the first blind executive to graduate from Harvard Business School’s leadership program and went on to thrive at a Fortune 500 company, turning adversity into advantage. Chad’s journey is more than just inspiring; it’s a roadmap for overcoming obstacles and achieving the impossible. His keynotes are a blend of heartfelt stories, entertaining delivery, no-fluff truth-telling, and practical strategies tailored to empower individuals and teams to transcend their limitations.

With Chad, audiences receive actionable insights on fostering a mindset of growth and resilience, driving them to redefine their boundaries. His speeches are not just talks; they are transformative experiences that ignite change, inspire action, and unlock potential. When you invite Chad to your event, you’re securing a catalyst for positive transformation, who will leave your audience motivated, equipped, and eager to tackle their challenges with newfound vigor.

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Chad Foster

Chad E. Foster Speaking Reel

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Chad Foster

Chad E. Foster on Being Accountable for Our Own Lives

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Chad Foster

Chad E. Foster on How To Go From Victim To Visionary

Chad Foster’s Speech Topics

  • Blind Ambition

    In this signature keynote, Chad will entertain, inspire, and move your audience, while teaching them how to shift their mindset from being a victim to a visionary. Going blind at 19-years-old and facing a life with seemingly limited opportunities, Chad had to reinvent himself before even having a shot at success. Turning obstacles into opportunities, he became a Harvard educated business rainmaker, created countless jobs, and now he teaches teams how to cultivate resilient mindsets, adapt and thrive in change, and set ambitious goals with the right mindset to achieve them.

    This program gives your people the tools and inspiration to overcome difficult circumstances to create a promising positive future. More than just a motivational talk, this session connects inspiration to implementation.

  • Diversity: The Engine for Innovation

    Chad was born part of the privileged white majority, but after going blind in college, he was treated differently as a disabled minority. After living over 20 years in both groups, his unique vantage points of both worlds allow him to equip your teams to think differently about diversity and inclusion (DnI) in the workplace.

    Chad goes beyond just valuing each person. He will show how DnI drives business innovation. We know that diversity of thought creates change, and when harnessed correctly, change drives innovation. How can we create a culture that invites diversity of thought to have a welcomed seat at the table so each individual feels valued to contribute? This session shows how you can unlock the value of DnI in your workplace to power the innovation your business needs to thrive.

  • No More Comfort Zones: Growth Through Adversity

    Life without obstacles removes opportunity for growth. For any of us to grow, we need to step outside our comfort zones. In this powerful keynote, Chad teaches how the obstacles that lie in front of us can propel us towards our goals.

    Every organization finds itself face-to-face with problems that seem insurmountable. Beyond Chad’s personal path of overcoming overwhelming odds, his business track record for moving through challenges and improving results gives a unique perspective on how comfort zones hold us back.

    Chad will talk about how he’s not successful in spite of being blind. He is successful because he’s blind. He embraced his problem and turned it into a solution. In this session Chad will teach your teams how to realize exponential growth through adversity.

  • Victim to Visionary: Resilience Program Workshop

    In this workshop, Chad E. Foster will lead you through the steps you can take to improve resilience. He teaches the practical tools you can apply to any situation in order to move your mindset from victim to visionary.

    During this session you will map out your resilience journey. After setting out your own personal vision of greatness, you will see your life more clearly than you ever have before. It can set you free to discover the amazing advantages that your disadvantages offer. You can then seek your own gifts that are disguised in terrible wrapping paper, and see how the unique perspectives you’ve gained from those disadvantages contribute to your vision of greatness.

    Nothing in life is permanent. Everybody and everything changes. The only certainty is change. The key is figuring out how you will adapt.

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