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Brendan Hall

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​Leadership author; Winning skipper of the world’s most demanding sailing event – The Clipper Round the World Race

Brendan Hall is one of only 10 people in the world to lead the winning team in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race — an epic 40,000 mile ocean sailing race around the planet where the strongest teamwork always wins. Through that experience, he's become an expert at mixing psychology, teamwork, and leadership practice. His presentations are wrapped in an engrossing globe-spanning story that keeps his audience on the edge of their seat.

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Brendan Hall'S SPEAKING FEE Under $25,000

Brendan Hall Profile Photo

Brendan Hall is an award-winning speaker, author, coach, and consultant who helps create high performance cultures for teams and organizations. Acting as a creative catalyst, he unlocks the latent potential within teams, helping develop resilience, connection, collaboration, and better leadership.

Brendan is trusted to deliver inspiration and outcomes by some of the world’s most exceptional organizations – Price Waterhouse Coopers, Toyota, GlaxoSmithKline, Nestle, L’Oreal, General Motors, and Deloitte. He is an adjunct lecturer at Ashridge Executive Education and Cranfield Business Schools in the UK. 

In his speeches, Brendan explores the driving forces behind his team’s extraordinary result, including a focus on embracing change, psychological safety, emotional intelligence, autonomy, trust, and creating a culture of full ownership.

He is the author of Team Spirit: Life & Leadership On The World’s Toughest Yacht Race (Bloomsbury, 2012). Team Spirit has become a valuable resource for business leaders and has been featured in Economia, The Sunday Times, and shortlisted for the prestigious Mountbatten Book Award.

As well as keynotes and inspiring team talks, Brendan also runs highly interactive masterclasses, in which participants recontextualize the themes from his story into their own organization, build stronger connections, take concrete steps towards greater ownership, and collaborate to deliver excellence in the face of adversity and change.

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Brendan Hall Profile Photo
Brendan Hall

Brendan Hall on Stronger Teamwork in Adversity

Brendan Hall’s Speech Topics

  • Stronger Teamwork in Adversity & Change

    In this talk, Brendan shares the two keys to stronger teamwork he learned when sailing around the world. Both of them were learned in the aftermath of dramatic, near-death experiences, so expect an exciting story, with two practical takeaways for better teamwork.

    The audience will learn how to co-create a growth mindset in their team and how to accept the inevitability of problems during periods of change. 

  • Leading Teams Through Uncertainty

    In this keynote, aimed at audiences of leaders, Brendan will share the two most powerful strategies he’s learned leading his team to victory though life-and-death situations on the world’s oceans. He wasn’t the greatest leader from the outset, and experience is a harsh teacher – giving the test first and the lesson after.

    The audience will learn how to create a team that is biased towards taking action, rather than waiting for guidance or spoon-feeding. Teams where team members feel safe to operate autonomously, take calculated risks and innovate, freeing the leader’s time up to focus on adding value at a higher level, doing the stuff that only they can do.

What other organizations say about Brendan Hall

We used Brendan for 12 events this year ? each time a great performance with brilliantly applicable message.

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What other organizations say about Brendan Hall

Brendan brought an impactful real-world story that wrapped up our conference perfectly.


What other organizations say about Brendan Hall

The room was spellbound. You could hear a pin drop in the dramatic pauses.


What other organizations say about Brendan Hall

Brendan gave us a gripping story and three key ideas our team still refer back to, six months later.


What other organizations say about Brendan Hall

His style, approach and engagement had everyone gripped. The feedback has been brilliant.

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