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Brad Meltzer

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Host, History Channel’s Lost History and Brad Meltzer's Decoded; New York Times Best-Selling Author

Helped find the missing 9/11 flag the firefighters raised at Ground Zero as host of the History Channel’s Lost History and Brad Meltzer’s Decoded, #1 New York Times best-selling author of The Escape Artist and eleven other thrillers. And the inspirational author of the nonfiction New York Times bestseller, The First Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill George Washington.

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Brad Meltzer Profile Photo

What do you stand for? And let’s be clear here. The question isn’t: What would you like to stand for? What do you actually stand for? What do you represent? Or to ask it more bluntly: when you die, what will people remember you for? For twenty years now, Brad Meltzer has written best-selling thriller novels. And non-fiction. And comics books. And starred and produced his own TV shows. Indeed, it is tough to find anyone being so successful in so many different mediums of the popular culture. But why does Brad Meltzer thrive in all these different professions? Yes, it’s because he puts out quality (President Bill Clinton was one of his earliest fans). And yes, it’s because he fills his books with incredible research (President George HW Bush recently told USA Today, “All of Brad’s books are a fascinating read. He is a master storyteller who keeps all of us on the edge of our seats.”) But still, of all the fiction authors out there, why did the HISTORY Channel decide to give Meltzer a TV show—and why do nearly two million viewers tune in for each show—making him one of America’s most accessible historians? Because people know EXACTLY what Brad Meltzer stands for. “I believe ordinary people change the world,” Meltzer says. And that is Brad Meltzer’s core belief. He doesn’t care where you went to school. Or how much money you make. That’s nonsense to him. Brad Meltzer believes in regular people and their ability to effect change in this world. And it is that core belief that runs through every one of his projects.

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Brad Meltzer Profile Photo
Brad Meltzer

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Brad Meltzer Profile Photo
Brad Meltzer

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Brad Meltzer’s Speech Topics

  • Leadership Lessons From History’s Greatest Leaders

    The best Presidents in history aren’t the ones who make the best speeches or the most promises—they’re the ones who, when faced with a great disaster, can pivot, adapt, and deal with that disaster, making them the perfect person for that moment in time.

    #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Brad Meltzer has written non-fiction books about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt. Now, he’s teaching their most vital lessons. Best of all, Meltzer has studied them in a way few others have, at the earliest parts of their careers.

    • In his first battles of the Revolutionary War, George Washington was out-maneuvered by the British. He didn’t have the experience of the British generals. It’s a moment where George Washington should’ve died. Instead, Washington did the best thing any leader can do in an impossible situation: he improvised and pivoted, taking care of his men first…and then himself.
    • In his first days after being elected, Abraham Lincoln was the most hated man in America. But instead of dividing the country, Lincoln took key and vital steps to bring the country together.
    • During WWII, FDR’s greatest strength was his own belief in his ability to know and charm both his allies and enemies. That “charm offensive” is what untied Churchill, Stalin, and FDR as The Big Three, changing the world forever.

    As Meltzer proves, leadership isn’t about being in charge—it’s about taking care of those in your charge. Current former Presidents have invited Meltzer to private meals and discussions at the White House and to their residences. Now you’ll hear this lost history firsthand.

  • Don’t Let Anyone Tell You ‘No’

    Brad Meltzer’s family moved from Brooklyn to Miami with only $1,200 to their name. A decade later, he got 24 rejection letters for his first novel. A year after that, he started his climb to the #1 spot on the New York Times Best Seller list and his own television show. The adventure between is a classic tale with a truly incredible ending.

  • What’s Your Legacy?

    In these tumultuous times, when employees and top leaders are managing through exhaustion and burnout in a remote environment, this is one of the most important questions you can ask. Brad Meltzer uses his trademark storytelling to highlight the importance of this message on what really matters. It will leave the audience refocused and reenergized around the fundamental reminder of the very source of their resilience in the first place: their legacy.

    While saving the house where Superman was created, Brad Meltzer started a quest to find out what his legacy might be. Hear the funny, inspiring, and always entertaining story that will never let you look at your life the same way again. Weaving together the historical stories of Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earhart, and yes, Superman, Meltzer helps you reevaluate what’s truly important: family, friends, and those whole lives you touch by making an impact in your workplace. Are your employees and top leadership stressed out? Give them the one thing money can’t buy: Help them reveal their legacy.

  • The Greatest Risk You’ll Ever Take

    What’s the greatest risk you’ll ever take in your life? It’s admitting what you want. We all know what we want. But we rarely admit it. Why? Because putting yourself out there—especially emotionally—is scary. If you admit what you want, you risk not getting it. And failure terrifies us. So how do you actually pull it off? How do you take the greatest risk you’ll ever take in your life and admit what you want? You need to do three things: Remember what you love, remember what got you here, and most important, remember what terrifies you.

  • How To Be A Hero

    On the night Brad Meltzer’s first son was born, he began collecting heroes for his boy. And for nearly a decade, Meltzer studied
    these heroes throughout history. From Thomas Jefferson (who had the humility to never publicly take credit for writing the Declaration of Independence) to the Wright Brothers (who brought extra materials to every test flight, anticipating their own failure) to George Washington to Rosa Parks to Mr. Rogers, Meltzer reminds us that their stories are not about fame—they’re about what we are all capable of on our very best days. See why Meltzer’s book on heroes—from Jackie Robinson, to Abraham Lincoln, to Eleanor Roosevelt—shot up the inspirational bestseller list. Let Meltzer teach you how to find the real hero in your life. And the power of never letting anyone tell you ‘No.’

What other organizations say about Brad Meltzer

The New York Times best-selling author held an audience of over six hundred captive during the General Membership Luncheon held in connection with the Dade County Bar Association’s Bench & Bar Conference on Friday, February 8, 2013 at the Coral Gables Country Club. Meltzer was funny, inspiring and extraordinarily entertaining as he opened up about his life and shared intimate details of people who have influenced him. he shared his belief that regular people have the ability to effect change in the world, and went on to challenge the audience to make an impact on their family, friends, community and yes, even strangers. Meltzer’s speech was one of many highlights during this year’s Bench and Bar Conference.


What other organizations say about Brad Meltzer

Drawing on the conference themes of innovation, collaboration, and education, Mr. Meltzer inspired more than 2,000 attendees to contemplate their legacies. His thought-provoking and humorous presentation elicited a positive emotional response from the audience, resonating personally with each attendee. His performance was, in a word, outstanding.

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What other organizations say about Brad Meltzer

OUTSTANDING presentation was the unanimous result for Brad Meltzer’s presentation on the Guest surveys we received at the completion of our Executive Forum last week. There was not one rating below this – that’s a first in the 6 years I have been working on this event.

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